Meet Mars and Stars baby

Hi I’m Maryna,

And I’m on a mission – to be as present, as joyous, and as playful as a mom can be. 

I’ve been a scientist, a teacher, a professional speaker, and a business owner, but nothing holds a candle to being a mindful mom. 

I’m also an adventure-seeker, a travel-lover, and an over-researcher – and it all comes together here, at Mars&Stars baby.


26 Gifts for 3 Year Olds to Stimulate Active, Creative, and Curious Toddlers

Ah, the toddler years! When your little ones start to assert their independence and want to do things for themselves. The best gifts for 3 year olds, and toddlers in general, are ones that can hold their focus as they play and master new skills.  The gifts on this list use kids’ hands, bodies, and…


William: Nicknames, Middle Names, and Unexpected Variations

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