Meet Mars and Stars baby

Hi I’m Maryna,

And I’m on a mission – to be as present, as joyous, and as playful as a mom can be. 

I’ve been a scientist, a teacher, a professional speaker, and a business owner, but nothing holds a candle to being a mindful mom. 

I’m also an adventure-seeker, a travel-lover, and an over-researcher – and it all comes together here, at Mars&Stars baby.

fathers day

Father’s Day 2023 Resources

Dads are great! We love them, we need them, and we appreciate them. And this year, we want to make sure he has a happy…

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7 Happy Father’s Day Coloring Pages

There are so many ways to wish dad a happy father’s day, but sometimes a simple coloring page says it all. Here are some fun images ranging from simple to complex that is sure to make dad feel appreciated. Just click on the image to get the PDF of these Happy Father’s Day Coloring Pages….


27 Happy Father’s Day Quotes

Below is a list of heartfelt Happy Father’s Day quotes, funny Happy Father’s Day quotes, as well as inspirational Happy Father’s Day quotes to add to your collection.  For many, fatherhood is a life-changing and eye-opening experience. Whether you’re celebrating your first Father’s Day or already have years of experience, each Father’s Day is bound…