10 Toddler memes to devour during nap time

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Hey mama. Are you stuck under a toddler while they’re taking a nap? Here are ten toddler memes to make it all better. Enjoy!

1 – We’re teaching important “life skills” over here.

2 – When I said I’ll encourage creativity, I should have been more specific

E3 - toddler memes

3 – But don’t tell anyone, K?

4 – Safety first!

5 – Don’t forget to yell NOOO and get ignored once in a while too

6 – YES. Finally someone understands why my house looks the way it does after a full days worth of cleaning

E5 - toddler memes

7 – It’s not THAT bad. They EVENTUALLY sleep…

8 – … or just cry…

9 – …and drive you nuts?

E6 - toddler memes

10 – … but it all works out in the end. You get your nap too, right?


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