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by Jaclyn Herrmann

It can be difficult to make and keep friends after becoming a mom due to the major lifestyle changes that come with having a baby, but having friends who are also moms of kids close in age to yours can be a great way to keep a social life, which is an important aspect of self-care as a mother. Here are 5 ways to meet mom friends.

Go to a library or bookstore storytime event. Most local libraries and some bookstores like Barnes and Noble hold free storytime events where someone reads stories to a group of young children, followed by a period of free play where the children can socialize. This is a great opportunity for your child to get some social interaction while allowing you to converse with other parents. It is a fun environment that even babies can enjoy!

Go to a gym that provides childcare. Many gyms provide childcare to their members while they work out, allowing mothers to get a break from their children while they focus on their health. When you pick up your child from the childcare center, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other moms who are interested in fitness as well.

Join local mom Facebook groups. If you’re in a big enough community, chances are, there’s a local mom group on Facebook. This is a great way to connect with other moms and find out about kid-friendly events that are happening in your community. Many moms even plan play dates through these groups, skipping the need to find mom friends organically.

Attend swim lessons. Swim lessons for babies are a great way for your little one to get active and for you to meet other moms of children around your baby’s age. Classes like these allow for a more structured way of interacting with other moms and babies, which may be more comfortable for some parents. Other types of baby-oriented classes, like music classes and play and learn classes would work well too.

Join a mom friend app. Much like dating apps, there are apps that allow moms to meet other local moms from their smartphone. Some of these include Mom Life, Peanut, Hello Mamas, and MomCo, all of which prevent the need for awkward playground encounters. There’s no shame in meeting people online these days!

Every mom should have a solid group of friends in her life, and becoming friends with other moms who share your lifestyle is the perfect way to do it. Whether you prefer meeting people online or in-person, there are many ways for you to find your new best friend while giving your little one the social interaction that they need.

Jaclyn Herrmann is a contributing writer. She lives in Atlanta GA and loves all things creative. She can be found on Instagram @jaclynherrmann


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