8 toddler memes that will make your pint-sized dictator seem a little more loveable.

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Did you know that toddlers behave 85% better after a good laugh? Well actually, it just seems that way after WE have a laugh. Take a minute to check out these toddler memes and have yourself a better day.

C1a - toddler memes

1 – When you laugh at the parents who put on toilet locks and the karma bites you back

C1b - toddler memes

2 – I’ve seen what happens at the toilet

C2 - toddler memes

3 – Clearly those “engineers” have thought of everything

C3 - toddler-meme

4 – You do you, honest toddler

C4 - toddler-meme

5 – Give me some good news, Dave

6 – The toddler years truly are magical

C6 - toddler memes

7 – I need something a little stronger after a morning with a toddler. Is it noon yet?

C7 - toddler memes

8 – It’s not socially acceptable to let her out naked, but she’s pretty much always barefoot. A mom has her limits.


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