9 more funny breastfeeding memes that will make your baby shoot milk out of their nose

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Hey, we mommas need to relate to one another. The first breastfeeding memes post was such a hit that I had to add some more. Hopefully your laughing won’t wake the baby up, or make the milk shoot out of baby’s nose! And remember. FED is best. We’re not here to judge.

Why choose?

I’m convinced that the cute image of the baby hugging mommy while eating is A LIE. I had to carefully tuck away my little one’s hands to avoid getting slapped in the face. And that was from day one!

Hey now, it’s not that bad?

Yeah, baby’s sleep can be precarious. Might as well just go to sleep with them.

This one’s a little sadist, isn’t she? Just kidding. All toddlers are.

Now here’s a baby that knows what’s up!

You do you babe.

Well, actually nursing fashion is a thing now.

Hahaha! That’s all moms all the time!

If you haven’t seen 10 hilarious memes to chuckle at while breastfeeding. You need to check it out.

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