9 funny pregnancy memes every mom (and future mom) can totally relate to

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When you find out you’re pregnant you have certain expectations. You’re a beautiful creator of life. You’re a glowing goddess. You have all the power in the world. Unfortunately, not everyday is going to go like this. In fact most won’t. Here are a few pregnancy memes to help you through those rough days with some humor that I’m sure you can relate to.


1. So yeah, getting out of bed is pretty hard. Even rolling over to get comfortable was quite a task. I had to essentially have a set up of hoists just to go pee in the middle of the night.


2. This one is for the fellas. Please forward to all future dads out there. Yes your wife may be slightly SLIGHTLY more emotional, but just remember that she is always right

3. Yep. Being pregnant is a job in and of itself. Especially in the very beginning and at the very end. Naps are a must, but the non-pregnant folk aren’t just going to excuse you napping under your desk at the office (or wherever you work.)


4. Hubby’s shirts are the perfect maternity wear. And pants. And coats. And his pillows. What can I say?


5. Everyone talks about that pregnancy glow, but to be honest, it’s not an everyday thing. For most mamas the second trimester is pretty awesome, but the other six months are spent being tired and sluggish. And there’s so much to do!


6. First trimester: when you need the most love and help but most people don’t even know that you are pregnant. Second trimester: you can start telling people and having everyone relish in your joy. Third trimester: that’s pretty much right. We are done with this whole pregnancy thing. Time for baby

7. That’s actually excellent advice. Even when left in her little crib, my baby loves making a ruckus. I don’t even know how she gets at everything. AND she’s managed to crawl out a couple of times. How do I get my hands on that setup?


Yep. You just cry and boobs appear. It’s that simple.


9. Oh yeah, the last couple of months drag on and on and you can’t get through them fast enough. It’s made more annoying b the fact that everyone REALLY gets into your business, not to mention your personal space.

Alright you beautiful goddess, go get your glow on!

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