Baby Bath Supplies. Our Short-List of 8 Essentials.

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If you’re trying to figure out what baby bath supplies to get, remember to keep it simple. Make your baby’s first bath fun, calming and not stressful. That means forget about all those “extras” and just stick to the basics. 

Here’s our short-list of 6 tried and tested baby bath supplies for newborns and 2 for older babies.


baby bath supplies

Baby Bath Supplies (Newborns)

Bathtub for newborns

Buying a bathtub can be tricky, so don’t just go with the first thing you come across. To safely bathe your baby, they have to be fully supported so they don’t fall over or slide down. You either need a bathtub specifically for newborns, or buy a newborn insert.

  • The baby bathtub has to be quite reclined so that their precious little head doesn’t slump forward. 
  • It also needs a bump for their bum so that they don’t slide all the way down under water. 
  • The tub should be easy to wipe down, and not have nooks and crannies to harbor bacteria. 

When it comes to baby bath supplies, we also recommend to stay away from gimmicky features that promise to make baths easier but fail to deliver. Some foam “tubs” meant for the kitchen sink don’t actually support your baby, or they’re so buoyant that they’ll cause your little one to topple to the side. No thanks. 

Our tried and tested favorite is the Boon SOAK 3-stage tub. It has an adjustable bump for the bum that makes it great for babies small and large. The back is a soft foam – which is not as cold on your baby’s skin as plastic. This tub will be one of your favorite baby bath supplies until he or she graduates to sitting in the bathtub. 

If space is an issue in your bathroom, you could try the Stokke foldable bathtub with the infant insert. When bath time is all done, this ingenious tub (that comes in different colors) can be folded up and put away. Although, some moms complain that the insert is too big for their newborns. 

Soft, Plush Hooded Towels

Your baby is not going to like getting out of the nice warm bath, unless you wrap them straight into a soft, cozy towel. Hooded towels cover your precious baby’s head while leaving enough material to wrap up the rest of their body. 

Quality baby towels will last you beyond the toddler years, so don’t be afraid to choose something soft and plush that you really love. 

This organic bamboo hooded towel is very thick and warm for your baby. It has an adorable, yet simple design too. Who can resist those ears?


Think a baby can’t get that dirty? Think again. Your baby will be covered in all sorts of mysteries from hidden spit-up to eye crusties to unabsorbed diaper cream. Not to worry, a soft, nonabrasive washcloth will take care of everything. 

When it comes to baby bath supplies that will touch your baby’s face, go with soft, organic cotton and wash it before use. 

Our trusted favorite organic terry washcloths are made by Burt’s Bees. They’re smooth on one side and scrubby on the other. The whole family has been using them for years!

Kneeling Pad

This is one of those baby bath supplies you’ll regret NOT buying. While baby baths are fun, it’s definitely awkward and tiring to kneel over a bathtub. And makeshift solutions like bringing in cushions or piling up towels only give you more things to dry off. Give your knees a rest and get a kneeling pad. 

We love this kneeling pad by Puj, because it’s simple, easy to store, and non-slip.

Shampoo and Baby Wash

Even if your little one’s still a baldie, it’s nice to have some baby hair products on hand. They can be used as a gentle, tear-free baby wash, and you can use it to clarify your baby’s scalp if they get too sweaty. 

The Nature’s Baby Organics shampoo tops all our lists for kids’ and baby hair products! It’s super gentle, but has soothing and moisturizing ingredients like calendula, aloe, and chamomile. Plus, it smells so delicious you’ll likely want it for yourself (which is fine, because it comes with a conditioner!) 

If your sweet baby has cradle cap – dry flakes on their little scalp – try the BabyFrida 3-step cradle cap system. It comes with a scalp mask to loosen those flakes, a gentle brush to get them off, and a protective spray to keep them away. 

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Lotion Or Oil

Your baby’s skin is still adjusting to life outside the womb, and it might be extra dry or even scaly for the first few weeks. 

Some parents prefer to use natural oils like coconut or olive oil to moisturize their baby’s dry skin, while others prefer a fast-absorbing lotion. 

Baby Bath Supplies (Older babies)

Once your baby can sit up by themselves, they can graduate to the bathtub. And this means you’ll need some more baby bath supplies. 

Anti-slip pads

You’ll have more peace of mind knowing your baby can’t slip in the bathtub. We love these dots by Puj, because they’re fun and colorful and it’s not a giant mat that hides who-knows-what underneath.  

Puj Treads ($15 for 6-pack)


What’s a bath without toys? They’re essential baby bath supplies you need to stock up on! 

We recommend against squirt toys that will trap water and harbor bacteria. Not to worry, there are so many fun toys to choose from that are also easy to clean. 

Babies love playing with cups in the bath, and when they get older, they’ll love tubes and gears as well. Moms especially love Oli&Carol bath toys, like the ones below, because they’re made of natural rubber and they’re oh-so-cute!

Baby Bath Supplies – Final Thoughts.

When it comes to giving your precious baby their first bath, remember to keep it simple and safe. We hope this list of products gives you a smooth and calm experience. Let us know how it goes!


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