Baby Blanket Size. An Easy Guide To 4 Most Common Dimensions

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If you’re wondering about baby blanket size, you’re probably about to give a very precious gift to a very precious baby. We’ll cover the four most common baby blanket dimensions, and help you choose the best yarn for baby blankets too. 

Baby Blanket Safety

Even though babies love to be snuggled up, new parents will not use a blanket during the night for the first year. They’re a strangulation hazard. 

Also, to avoid choking hazards, baby blankets should not have any buttons, loose threads, or anything that can come off regardless of age or if they’re not meant for night time. 

At night, babies are much safer sleeping in a sleep sack or a wearable blanket. 

But not to worry, there are plenty of uses for a baby blanket, from daytime naps to car rides, to soft and comfy tummy time! 

Baby Blanket Size

Swaddle Blanket’s Size45 in by 45 in
Receiving Baby Blanket Size36 in by 36 in
Crib Baby Blanket Dimensions40 in x 60 in
Multi-use Baby Blanket Dimensions30 in by 40 in
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Types of Baby Blankets

Swaddle Blanket

Can you picture a sweet little baby fast asleep and cozy? They’re probably in a swaddle blanket. A swaddle blanket is used to wrap the baby up so that their arms don’t flail and startle them as they’re dozing off. 

Swaddling a baby requires some finesse, so the blankets have to be big and square to wrap all the way around, have a little give but not be too stretchy. Usually, they’re made of muslin which is soft but lightweight and breathable. 

Swaddle Blanket’s Size: 45 in x 45 in

Receiving Baby Blanket

A receiving blanket is most often used in the few post-hospital days. This blanket is not as big as a swaddle blanket, so it won’t bunch up and get in the way. 

Receiving baby blankets are helpful to tuck the baby in their car seat, cover her up during a nap, or wrap her up while carrying her around. They’re usually made of a soft flannel

Receiving Baby Blanket Size: 36 in by 36 in.

Crib Baby Blanket

Just because small babies aren’t supposed to sleep with a blanket overnight, doesn’t mean they can’t have a crib blanket! They could use it for naps and cuddles, or save it for when they’re over a year old. 

A typical crib is 28 by 52 inches, but having a little extra blanket means it can be tucked in just right. A crib baby blanket can be cozy and warm for the winter months or lightweight for the summer months. 

Crib Baby Blanket Dimensions: 40 in by 60 in

Multi-use Baby Blanket

A what now? 

Baby blankets are also the “multi-use tool” for parents. We use baby blankets to set the baby down on the floor when playing, we use baby blankets to tuck them in in the car seat, we even use them for chilly stroller rides. 

The blankets that work best are not too thick and not too thin. Not too big and not too small. Not too warm and not too breezy. It’s something right down the middle! 

Multi-use baby blanket dimensions: 30 in by 40 in

Best Material for Baby Blanket

The best material for a baby blanket is soft, breathable, and most importantly washable

Think cottons like muslin, flannel, or cotton yarn, and you won’t go wrong. But you can also go with ultra-soft polyesters that are gentle and velvety on the baby’s skin and easy to wash. 

Best Yarn for Baby Blanket

This deliciously soft yarn is super lightweight and velvety. And it comes in lots of color options from bold to gentle. Perfect for little baby blankets. (100% polyester, machine wash and dry.)

This 100% cotton yarn comes in tons of wonderful colors and it’s so lightweight, the baby will feel the perfect level of cozy. The only downside is that yarn cannot be machine washed, but they can’t get that dirty while napping anyway. Right? 

This giant chenille ball is just enough for a 42-inch square blanket. Perfect baby blanket size! It will feel heaven-sent when mom wants to put her baby down on the floor for tummy time, or for wintertime cuddles. Plus it comes in a bunch of baby-blanket-friendly color options. (100% polyester, machine wash and dry.) 

This polyester yarn is specifically designed for baby blankets! The ultra-soft chenille style yarn will be perfect for tucking the little angel in for chilly strolls outside or in a crib when they’re older. (100% polyester, machine wash and dry.)  

See more options to find the best yarn for baby blankets 

Baby Blanket Size Final Thoughts!

We hope this helped you choose the best yarn and baby blanket dimensions for the little angel in your life. Let us know how it went! 

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