9 Baby Registry Greeting Examples For a Charming Welcome Message

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Is there anything more exciting than anticipating a new baby! Aside from thinking about your new life as a mother, you get to revel in adorable baby essentials while everyone you know is eager to help you celebrate! 

But between the excitement and the pregnancy brain fog, a baby registry greeting might bring you a little writer’s block. 

baby registry greeting and welcome message
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Why a baby registry greeting message is a challenge.

These days, registries are commonplace. But in your parents’ and grandparents’ generations, they were unheard of. Worse yet, hinting at what you might want as a gift was an absolute etiquette faux-pas. 

The truth is, most people appreciate when there’s a baby registry. This gives them a chance to give you something you’ll actually use instead of yet another set of washcloths. But in our heads, the old frame of mind persists. Hence the writer’s block. 

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So here are 4 steps – with examples – for a baby registry greeting that comes off as gracious and helpful rather than presumptuous. 

Step 1. Start from a place of gratitude.

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re planning for your baby or thinking about all the special things you want for him or her. 

But take a step back and start from a place of gratitude. Gratitude that this special baby will come into your life, gratitude that you have people who want to celebrate your baby with you, and gratitude that you have people who’ll host them. 

Once you re-center in gratitude, writing a baby registry greeting will be easy. 

Step 2. Remember you’re being helpful.

Your guests want nothing more than to know that they’re gifts will be used and enjoyed. Many of them don’t know or remember what a baby actually needs, but truly want to make your life with baby a little easier. 

Jot down the details you might want to share like:

When the baby is coming. Knowing you have a winter baby may encourage your guests to give you an extra blanket instead of a beach towel. 

Baby’s gender. If you’re willing to share the baby’s gender, your guests will have more fun picturing who they’re shopping for. If you’d prefer to keep it secret – mention that as well so they’re not left guessing. 

Nursery colors and theme. “I just thought this Disney Princess blanket was cute.” There’s no good way to add a pepto-bismol-pink baby blanket to a peach and silver nursery. If you’re particular about how things look – use your baby registry greeting to help guide your guests to colors that work rather than what they think is cute. 

Specific personal preferences. Are you an all-natural mama? Cloth diaperer? Book lover? World traveler? If there’s something you want people to know about how you plan to parent – share it! 

Step 3. Is there anything you don’t want?

This will require extra delicacy, but if there’s anything you absolutely don’t want, find a tactful way to say it. (After all, over a third of gift recipients end up returning their gifts – might as well skip the trouble!)

Explaining why you don’t want a type of gift will blunt the delivery to anyone who’s over-opinionated about etiquette. Just avoid any critical words (like cheap or harmful) and be sure to stick to only one type of exclusion, instead of a laundry list of what not to  give. 

For example:

“As we’re a nature-conscious family, if you’d like to give a gift we’d appreciate organic items or wooden toys rather than plastic.”

Step 4. Keep it short and sweet.

If you want to add a little humor or extra grace, go ahead. Then put all your thoughts together into a short and grateful message. 

Online baby registry greeting

Most online baby registries like Amazon, let you enter a personalized greeting for your guests. Since they’re already there, there’s no need to guide them anywhere else. Just a note of appreciation will do. Here are some examples:

Thank you so much for visiting our baby registry! These are some of our favorite baby essentials! We appreciate your help in welcoming our baby girl, and can’t wait to introduce her to you in the spring! 

Thank you so much for celebrating our baby’s arrival with us!
We may not know if it’s a boy or a girl, but we do know they’re already loved. 

Baby registry greeting in shower invitation

Generally a baby shower invitation will come from the hosts and not the parents. Here are some simple ways to guide the guests to the registry: 

If you’d like to help celebrate our niece’s arrival with a gift, the new parents have created a baby registry with Babylist. If you’d like to see a list of ideas, you can view the registry online. 

We’d be so grateful if you could join us to celebrate Anna’s baby! Here’s a few things to know:
It’s a boy! (Coming in June)
Nursery colors: gray and white
The parents are registered at Babies R Us if you need ideas

5 More Samples of a Baby Registry Greeting, Welcome Message, And Thank You

  1. Welcome, and thank you SO MUCH for you visiting our baby registry. We are so excited to introduce our baby girl (Lily) to you this May. A few things to know: her nursery is lilac and white, we prefer organic materials for her, and most importantly – we’re grateful to you for thinking of our family.
  2. Welcome to baby James’ baby registry, and thank you! Just like his parents, we hope our little one will be a big reader, so here’s just a taste of a few books that we’d love to add to James’ library before his big arrival this summer. Thank you again.
  3. Hello and thank you for visiting! We don’t know if our little one will be a boy or a girl, but we’re so grateful to know that you’re thinking of us. We’re truly blessed to have such a warm circle of family, friends, and neighbors.
  4. We’re so grateful to you for checking out baby Dylan’s baby registry! These are just a few of the essentials that we hope to have before greeting him next March, but most of all, we’re happy to know that he has such a big community that already loves him and cares for him. Thank you.
  5. Hello and welcome! We’re so thankful to you for thinking about us and our little one (who’s yet to be named!) Even though their special arrival is months away, our baby already has all the little toys and books that they’ll use for the first few years. If you’re considering a small token for this little munchkin, this registry has some ideas of what they still may need.

Baby Registry Greeting FAQ

What’s the best place to registry for your baby?

We love the BabyList and the Amazon baby registries, because they have literally everything, AND you can add items from other stores. Plus, they both offer a registry completion discount and a welcome box. How sweet!

What should I write on my baby registry?

Welcome your guests and thank them for visiting the registry. You may also include any other preferences while focusing on the gratitude to welcoming your baby. 

What should I put on my baby registry greeting?

Aside from a thank you, you may include details like the gender, when the baby is coming, and nursery colors and themes. If you have other preferences (like organic items, etc.,) find a tactful way to include these and explain why. 

How do I politely send my baby registry?

Generally, baby registry information would be included in the shower invitation. If you’re asked “what would you like?” you can respond with “Thank you so much for thinking about me! We’ve actually made a registry with some essentials we’d really love for our baby.” 

How do you tell people to stick to your baby registry?

Be very gracious in bringing up that you have a baby registry. But aside from sharing that you have one and it’s full of your favorite essentials, you can’t really guide guests to what they should give. 

Final Thoughts – Baby Registry Greeting

When writing your baby registry greeting message, remember a few things. Come from a place of gratitude, remember that you’re being helpful, and keep it short and sweet, and your baby registry welcome message will be the talk of the town.


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