19 Baby Shower Hostess Gifts to Show Your Gratitude

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Whether it was your sister, your in-laws, or your best friend, someone in your life wanted to make you feel ultra-special before your baby’s arrival. So it’s only fitting you return the favor with an ultra-thoughtful hostess gift to show how grateful you are. 

This list of baby shower hostess gifts says “thank you” and adds some personality for any woman (and at every price point.) 

Luxurious ($50+)
Small and Sweet (Under $20)
Mid-level, yet perfect

Luxurious Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Planning your baby shower is a sweet and thoughtful gesture that will leave you feeling pampered and taken care of. And if you want to return the favor – treat the hostess to a one-of-a-kind, luxurious gift. 

1. Flowers 

Nothing says “Thank you” like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. When it comes to flowers, there are certainly plenty of options at every price point, but what about something glamorous that will elevate her home for months? 

Surprise her with a bouquet from Glam Fleur that lasts at least 12 months! 

Pink-Peach Montage Bouquet from Glam Fleur

2. Jewelry

Do you want to make the hostess feel really special? A little sparkle will make her feel appreciated every time she glances at her wrist! 

This heart-infinity bracelet by Swarovski is subtle and understated yet oh-so elegant. 

You can also customize her hostess gift with her birthstone, an engraving, or her name. Etsy has tons of pretty options. (Just give it ample time to arrive. Customizing jewelry is not fast.) 

3. Luxurious Hair Care Products 

Who wouldn’t want to walk into a bathroom stocked with Moroccan Oil and Aveda? Most women don’t let themselves splurge on high-end products, so why not say thank you with little luxury she wouldn’t get herself. 

4. Monogrammed Bathrobe or Towels

Your hostess let you pampered at your baby shower, so give her a gift to feel pampered when she gets home. Don’t skimp when it comes to buying a bathrobe. You want her to feel the luxury. This one by Alpine Swiss is made of thick cotton terry with a velour collar. It just screams “curl up on the couch and get pampered!” 

5. Clutch

Is there a  little black purse your bestie’s been eyeing? This may be the perfect opportunity to treat her to something she’s always wanted. Just because you’ll be lugging around a diaper bag for the next two years, doesn’t mean that she can’t glam it up!

6. Dinner (Out or Delivered) 

Have you always had a favorite spot for girls’ night? Give her a gift certificate! 

Or you can help her have a nice dinner at home by surprising her with a delivery from her favorite restaurant or even a home meal kit like Hello Fresh! 

She’d definitely appreciate the chance to have dinner out (or in) especially if you send a bottle of wine to go with the meal. 

Small and Sweet Hostess Gifts

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show the hostess your gratitude. As long as the gift comes from the heart – she’s sure to love it! 

7. Books

If you want your bestie to really take time and recharge, buy her a book. Make it a book you know she’ll love. One that’s personalized to how you feel about her. From fiction to nonfiction, from parenting tips to cookbooks, there is literally something for everyone when it comes to books. 

If you’re stumped for ideas, we love the Self-Care Prescription. It’s common sense and actionable, and kindly says “thank you – now it’s your turn to recharge!” 

8. Notebooks and Stationary 

Every woman needs a notebook. It’s better for collecting her thoughts than a bunch of loose notes all over her house. (Or worse, her purse!) But instead of that spiral notebook you had at school, get her something cute and classy. This rose leather notebook is so luxurious, it will give her a little smile every time she’ll use it. 

You can personalize it by buying her a gratitude journal – and writing a heartfelt note showing how grateful you are for her. 

9. Scented Soy Candles 

Want to show your gratitude with a touch of luxury? Scented soy candles make the perfect baby shower hostess gift! You don’t have to spend a lot to upgrade from the low-grade candles, and you really can’t have too many! 

Chesapeake Soy Candles ($26 for pair)

10. Custom Mugs

Mugs are another common gift, but they’re popular for a reason! Your bestie can get a daily reminder of how awesome you think she is. Just make sure it’s a high quality mug that’s pretty and fits her personality. 

You can also get a customized mug or one for her zodiac if she’s into astrology. Pair it with a tea sampler  or a Starbucks gift card, and you’ve got yourself a great hostess gift! 

11. Adult coloring book

While an adult coloring book may raise an eyebrow at first, it’s actually a perfect baby shower hostess gift. You can even give her a feisty only-for-adults version to express how she really feels without having to say it out loud. Seriously, these are lifesavers when you’re on an endless hold on the phone or a pointless Zoom meeting. 

Don’t forget to give her a set of coloring pencils. Otherwise, what’s the point? 

Stress-relieving adult coloring book ($9)

12. Home Baked Cookies

There’s nothing more special than home baked cookies. Nothing. 

If nothing on the list strikes your fancy, why not make her something? Does she love chocolate chip? Shortbread? Ginger snaps? Find out her favorite sweet treat and bake it! 

Mid-range Yet Perfect Hostess Gifts

Here are a few more middle-priced baby shower hostess gifts that will make her feel super-special.

13. Nail Polish 

Doing your nails is the ultimate act of “girlie fun”. So treat her to a new set of nail polish colors to spruce up her bathroom and remind her of your thanks for years to come. 

14. Champagne

Another “girle fun” idea? Champagne! 

Just because you’re not drinking wine, doesn’t mean she can’t! Add a cute customized label like “Ready to pop!” and you got yourself a perfect, one-of-a-kind gift. 

15. Coffee or Tea

Not a champagne enthusiast? There’s still a way to have fun! Head to David’s Tea or Starbucks for a coffee or tea sampler set with a cute tumbler. 

16. Chocolates

If she’s a girl who truly wants nothing, say thank you with something every girl has on her mind. Chocolate. 

These Godiva Truffles are so irresistible, you might need to buy an extra pack for yourself. 

17. Water Bottle 

Help your hostess upgrade her water intake with a sleek glass water bottle. This sophisticated pink water bottle is both eco and health-conscious. Who can resist?

18. Plants and Planters

There’s always room for another plant! Just be sure to put it in a cute planter, and you’ve got yourself a perfect gift. 

If you’re a plant-lover yourself, give her a cutling of one of your favorites as a thank you, or buy something cute like a succulent or a pink polka dot plant. 

19. Cute kitchen gadgets 

Is she a lover of all things cute? Say thank you to the hostess (with the mostest) with this little ladle and tea infuser set that will add a little fun to a kitchen counter. 

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts – Final Thoughts

The perfect baby shower hostess gift comes from a place of gratitude. Start there and finding something special will be easy!

Did something on this list strike your fancy? Or inspire another gift? We’d love to hear from you!


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