Best Outdoor Baby Swings For Hours Of Fun

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What’s more sweet, fun, and idyllic than seeing your baby swing outdoors? You can just hear the laughter and see those little feet dangling and kicking to go higher-higher-higher! Outdoor baby swings will not only help your little ones build memories of fun and adventure, they’re also a lifesaver for parents – keeping curious crawlers safe and secure yet entertained right where you can see them.

Outdoor baby swings quick guide

Most versatile outdoor baby swings (and top pick)Swurfer Outdoor Baby Swings
Most affordable outdoor baby swingLittle Tikes Snug and Secure
Most roomy outdoor baby swingStep 2 Outdoor Baby Swing
Most fun outdoor baby swingsSesame Street Dozer
Best outdoor baby swings
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How to choose an outdoor baby swing?

  • Material. If you’re using your baby swing outdoors, make sure it’s weather-proof. Most of the swings on this list are plastic which will easily wipe clean. 
  • Safety harness. You don’t want your little one slipping out. A good safety harness or a T-bar will keep him or her safe and secure. 
  • Slightly reclined. Your little one will be much happier in a reclined seat that will keep her or him from slumping forward. 

What’s not on our outdoor baby swing list:

  • Typical bucket seats. We love a good bucket seat baby swing for outside, (like this one) but they’re technically rated for toddlers, so they’re not making it on our list. 
  • Standalone portable baby swing sets.  While the idea of buying a portable swing set (like this one) seems like a very versatile idea, we recommend going with something more sturdy. 
  • Wood baby swings for outside. Actually, we love wood baby swings! But you have to be careful with finishes so choosing the right one for outside needs a whole other review post. 

When can we start using outdoor baby swings?

Most of the outdoor baby swings on this list are designed to be used from 9 months and up. This is because your baby is most likely to hold their head and body up at that point. If the swing is adequately reclined and has a safety harness, a lot of moms are okay with letting their babies use the swings before the 9-month mark. 

How do I install outdoor baby swings?

Some parents have a backyard play structure with the necessary hardware for a swing. Some choose to install their baby swing outdoors under a beam on their deck. In this case you’ll need to buy two eye hooks and two chains (to adjust the height of swing) and possibly to quick links or S hooks. 

Most swings come with the hardware to clip into eye hooks, but if you should check. 

What about an outdoor baby swing for tree?

If you want to use your baby swing outdoors with a tree – congratulations – you’re about to give your little one the most idyllic childhood imaginable. Installing your baby swing on a tree is actually super-simple with the right tools. You just need two vinyl straps and two carabiners (that you can buy in a kit like this) and you’re good to go! 

Top Picks in Baby Swing (Outdoor)

1. Swurfer Outdoor Baby Swings

Swurfer Kiwi outdoor baby swing

Winner in: Most versatile outdoor baby swings

The Swurfer outdoor baby swings deserve a place at the top of this list because they are the most versatile for every family. 

Even though it’s graded for 9-months and up, moms of younger babies have no issues with this sweet little baby swing because their little ones are safely strapped in and leaning back. 

One reviewer wrote: My 5 month old loves this! I know she’s technically too young for it but she’s huge and sits in it well. We don’t go high at all but she definitely gets a kick out of it. It’s like a bucket. Her booty just sits down in it and it kind of molds around her. It’s not a sit up straight type of swing.”

There’s the Swurfer Kiwi baby swing and the Swurfer Coconut. The two outdoor baby swings are little egg-shaped cocoons and are basically the same. The only difference is that the Kiwi has a softer plastic making it slightly more comfortable. 

You can use this baby swing outdoor or indoor knowing that it’s safe and comfortable for your little one from baby to preschool stage. (It’s also a fun baby swing for a tree!)

We also love the Swurfer baby swing for outside because: 

  • They offer vibrant color options 
  • The plastic doesn’t get too hot in the sun and easily wipes clean
  • The ropes are extra-soft and chafe-free for your little one’s hands 
  • It comes with all the needed hardware
  • The 3-point harness adds an extra layer of safety 

Basically, if you expect to use your outdoor baby swing for years and years, the Swurfer is the way to go. (However, the rest of the options on this list may be what you’re looking for in terms of price points or portability.) 

  • Typical Price: $60 for Coconut and $80-$100 for Kiwi baby swing
  • Weight capacity: Up to 50 lbs (9 months and up)

2. Little Tikes Snug and Secure Baby Swing – Outdoor

Little Tikes outdoor baby swing

Winner in: Most affordable outdoor baby swing

Little Tikes is a tried and trusted brand for… little tykes, so you know you can safely trust this baby swing for outside. 

A little warning – the ropes are a little short, so you won’t be able to use this baby swing for a tree or on a tall beam without additional tools. The swing is actually designed to be part of a playset structure, but it can be installed in a beam with the appropriate eye hooks. 

On the plus side though, the T-bar and straps on this outdoor baby swing are pretty convenient – and they’re removable once your child no longer needs it. 

  • Typical Price: $27
  • Weight capacity: Up to 50 lbs (9 months and up)

3. Step 2 Outdoor Baby Swing

Step 2 outdoor baby swing

Winner in: Most roomy outdoor baby swing

Step 2 is another go-to brand for long-lasting baby and toddler products and they offer an outstanding baby swing for outside. 

The Step 2 Outdoor baby swing is much like the Little Tikes one, except it’s a bit roomier. This means that a bigger baby or toddler would be more comfortable in this swing. On the other hand, a smaller baby will feel more snug and secure in the Little Tikes swing.  Also, the safety T-bar on this swing does not stow away – it has to be used even when your child no longer needs it.

  • Typical Price: $43
  • Weight capacity: Up to 50 lbs (9 months and up)

4. Sesame Street Dozer Baby Swing For Outside

Sesame Street outdoor baby swing

Winner in: Baby’s favorite. 

There’s no denying that this Elmo Bulldozer outdoor baby swing is super cute. 

While we moms tend to look for more neutral or refined options, babies tend to gravitate to Elmo. It’s just a law of nature. 

This outdoor baby swing has a bucket for your baby to sit inside as well as safety straps making sure they’ll be safe and secure while having fun. On the other hand, some moms found the rigid plastic can be slightly uncomfortable on their babies’ legs. 

  • Typical Price: $40
  • Weight capacity: Up to 50 lbs (9 months and up)

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Best Outdoor Baby Swings FAQ

What age can baby swing outside?

In general, most baby swings for outside are rated for 9 months and up. This is because your baby has to be able to hold up their head, and sit up. If your baby can do that before the age of 9 months, or you can find a swing that can support their head (like the ones on this list) you can try using an outdoor baby swing while supervising your baby.

What is the best outdoor swing for baby?

The best outdoor swing for baby is the Swurfer Kiwi and Coconut. The contoured shape allows a baby to sit comfortably, the material doesn’t get too hot, and the ropes are chafe-free.
Other outdoor baby swings for baby that we love:
1. Swurfer Kiwi
2. Swurfer Coconut
3. Little Tikes snug n’ secure baby swing
4. Step 2 Outdoor baby swing
5. Sesame Street Dozer

Can a 6-month-old swing?

Most outdoor swings are rated for 9-months and up. However, a 6 month old can likely use a swing as long as they can hold their head up and sit up on their own.

How do you hang a baby swing under a deck?

You can hang a baby swing under a deck if you have a beam. You’ll need two eye-hooks and S-hooks from the hardware store, and most outdoor baby swings will safely secure into place.

What is the safest outdoor baby swing to buy?

All of the baby swings on our list have secure safety harnesses and have passed all safety regulations
1. Swurfer Kiwi
2. Swurfer Coconut
3. Little Tikes snug n’ secure baby swing
4. Step 2 Outdoor baby swing
5. Sesame Street Dozer

What age can babies go in swings at the park?

While most outdoor baby swings are rated for 9 months and up, as long as your baby can hold up their head, which usually happens before the age of six months, you can try to swing them while keeping a close eye on them.
Some babies tend to slump forward or sideways before gaining full body control, but being close by will allow you to see if an outdoor swing is not appropriate.


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