Badass girl names perfect for 2021

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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need more strength and resilience in this world. And if you’re lucky enough to be bringing a little one into this world, these badass girl names will certainly inspire a sense of power, vigor, and attitude! 

What makes badass girl names?

In short, picture your little one saying “My name is ___” with a sense of self-assuredness that just can’t be knocked down. 

Whether she’ll choose to be a CEO, a world leader, an artist, or a stay-at-home mom when she grows up, (and everything in between) you and everyone else will always think “well that’s the perfect name for her!” 

We chose the most badass girl names, including ones that are:

  • Short and punchy
  • Roll off the tongue in a striking way
  • Very classic, but bring about a certain sense of confidence 
  • Have powerful meanings or  history

Many of these names would be perfect to combine with a more traditional name if you want to tone down their zest. 

These names are for fierce girls with a sense of adventure, who know what they want, and will not put up with any crap from anyone. And they will surely inspire a vivacious little badass, so proceed with caution! 

Badass Girl Names Perfect for 2021


This short German name means “noble”, but makes us think of a quick-witted girl destined to be the boss. The name also has Hebrew roots as Adah, meaning “adorned”. 


Maybe we only think this is a badass girl’s name because of Game of Thrones, but there’s a certain simplicity and grace to it that also says “don’t cross me.” This is actually a unisex name in Sanskrit, meaning “noble” or “precious”, and a Persian boy’s name meaning “friend” and “faithful.” The variations can include Aarya, Ariya, or Aria if you want to stray away from G.O.T. 


This royal Scandanavian name actually means “divine strength” and “divine beauty” and will make you think of a little nature-loving stargazer or a fierce dreamer. 


The Greek Goddess of war and wisdom was Zeus’s favorite child. This name will no doubt inspire courage and strength in your little warrior, so be careful about any arguments during the toddler years. 


This fierce name reminds us of the strength and power of an avalanche, but is actually the fictitious King Arthur’s resting place. It also means “island of paradise”, and… “island of apples.” 


Though it has a gentle meaning – “most beautiful” in Greek – there’s still a power behind this name that’s almost mythical. It makes us think of a girl who will not put up with anyone’s nonsense! 


A Slavic name meaning “morning star” or “Venus” will make you think of the wonders of the cosmos. This name would suit a high-power CEO just as easily as a soul-filled musician. 


This ill-fated Shakespeare character’s name means “misery” in Greek. While the name’s history is certainly dark, we can’t deny that it belongs under the “badass girl names” category! 


This name can be both serene and fiery. Exactly what you’d want for your little daughter! The name’s variation Eithne means “source of life” in Celtic, and “little fire”, “kernel”, or “grain” in Irish. 


Don’t let her sweet-sounding name fool you. This Middle-English name means “fairy” but will inspire plenty of mischief. It’s also a great name to hyphenate with something more classic OR with another badass girl name! 


This name means “gemstone” in Latin and it’s made for a girl who’ll settle for nothing but the best. 


This French name, that was also adorned by the patron saint of Paris actually means “family woman” through its German origins. It will no doubt inspire a cool “French-girl” attitude in your little one. 


This German-sounding name actually has Greek origins. It’s derived from the name Margareta which means “pearl,” and will certainly bring about a certain classic and self-assured feeling. 


This is a unisex name derived from Old English, roughly translating to “hare’s meadow.” Meanings aside, this name definitely belongs under the “badass girl names” banner! 


A variation on the name above, this Old English name deserves its own consideration. Meaning “rock hill” or “army hill”, it brings about both a feeling of strength and elegance. 


Originally a Norse name meaning “fair” or “beautiful” this name is now common throughout Europe. The name’s fair meaning is perfectly contrasted with the sound of its powerful consonants. 


Named after a climbing plant, this English name reminds us of a natural power and resilience. And not to outdo Beyonce, but Ivy is a perfect name to pair with a longer or more classic one. 


So maybe this name hit pop culture for all the wrong reasons. In any case, it’s a badass girl name with a bit of a southern charm. It has “don’t mess with me” written all over it! 


Arabian night. Can you think of a more badass girl name than that? Along with its many variations like Leila, Laila, Laela, Laelah, Laylah, Leyla, Lejla, and Leighla, this name is the subject of many medieval Arabic and Persion poems. 


A beautiful variation of “Michael” which means “Who is like God?” through its Hebrew origins. Great alternatives include: Micaela, Michaela, Mikayla, all of which offer fun variants that can range from sweet (like Kayla) to striking (like Mickie.) 


This French name, along with Margot and Margaux, is a variation of Marguerite – meaning “pearl” in Greek. This short and punchy name has a classic ring to it that will make it stand out but fit right in in any situation. 


This Spanish name is an exotic twist on the classic Rachel (meaning “ewe” of Hebrew origin.) This strong yet playful name is sure to bring about a fierce feminine confidence. 


An Irish version of the French Jeannette and the English Janet. It has Hebrew origins meaning “God forgave”, its pronunciation sounds more like “Shenée” and it is often spelled simply as Sinead


Also an Irish name, a variation on Joan meaning “God is gracious” through its Hebrew origins. Like with Sinead, you’ll likely always have to spell it out for others – it’s pronounced like “Shevonne” – but they are lovely names that are both classic and different enough to fall in the “badass girl names” category. 


This Spanish name has latin origins meaning “strength and vigor”. It’s different, fun to say, and has a vivacious ring to it. 


This English name, representing a tree, may sound tranquil, but it holds a hidden toughness. Much like an ancient warrior, this name represents a certain flexibility, patience, and wisdom that’s ready to strike at any moment. 


This Arabic name means “beauty” and is also a name of a wonderful flowering tree. Also spelled Zainab, this name is sure to turn heads. 


You can give this name one of two meanings. One is derived from the German Griselda, meaning “a dark battle”, and one is from the Yiddish Selig, meaning “blessed and happy.” Or you could always say that you just like the video game. In any case, it will make for an interesting story on her wedding day. 


A powerful name meaning “life of Zeus” from Greek origins. You can just picture her saying “hello, I am Zenaida” and not giving any damn’s whatsoever. This wonderfully badass girl’s name is actually not that uncommon. Its variations include Zenaide in Italian, Zénaïde in French and Zinaida in Russian. 

Did we miss anything for badass girl names? Leave us a comment, we’d love to know what you think! 


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