9 Bassinet Stroller Reviews to Help Your Baby Travel in Comfort and Style

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What’s more iconic than a glowing mother proudly walking with her baby? If you’re still deciding on the best bassinet stroller, this list will break it down for you. 

Why you’ll love a bassinet stroller.

Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby? If you’re a mom who likes to be out and about, you’ll love knowing that your little one can comfortably drift in and out of sleep while you run in and out of your house. 

Also, the bassinet strollers on this list are loaded with features!

  • Most of these strollers come with both the bassinet and a seat for when your baby’s older. 
  • There are lots of strollers with adjustable handles – which makes it the best stroller for tall parents. 
  • Most strollers are convertible to a double stroller

Read each review for the full breakdown! 

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Safety First!

Weight range for bassinet strollers:

Most bassinet strollers can be used from birth up to 19 or 20 pounds. 

But don’t worry, by the time your little one reaches the 19 pound mark, they’ll want to sit up and look around. And if your little one falls asleep while on a stroll without the bassinet, most strollers on this list have fully reclinable seats anyway! 

When to stop using a bassinet stroller:

For your baby’s safety, stop using the bassinet when they reach the weight limit, when they can sit up by themselves, or when they can pull themselves up with their hands. 

Can babies sleep in bassinet strollers overnight?

It’s tempting to just let your little one sleep in the bassinet when you travel. The stroller has to be specifically rated as overnight-safe, and not all strollers meet that mark. 

If you’re in a pinch, you could always remove the bassinet from the stroller and rest it on the floor for your little one to have a familiar place to sleep. 

Best Bassinet Stroller Quick Summary

Most Versatile and best
Bassinet Stroller:
Silver Cross WaveThis bassinet stroller is truly an all-in-one! It’s comfortable on any terrain, and effortlessly converts to a double stroller.
 (Plus, it’s the best stroller for tall parents!)
Most Lightweight 
Bassinet Stroller:
UPPAbaby Minu with Bassinet Bundle.This is basically the bassinet version of an umbrella stroller. Lightweight, compact, and easy to maneuver. 
Most Affordable 
Bassinet Stroller: 
MomPush Bassinet StrollerThe new kids in the game bring a simple, yet high quality bassinet stroller. 
Most Luxurious 
Bassinet Stroller: 
Silver Cross Kensington Pram. You’ll truly feel like a princess with this pram, and your little one will feel like royalty. 
But if that’s a little much, then the Silver Cross Wave is just as luxe but much more understated. 
Bassinet Strollers
Bugaboo Donkey Mono and Bumbleride Era – both are committed to keeping plastics out of oceans by incorporating them into their strollers.

9 Best Bassinet Strollers

1. Silver Cross Wave

Why we love this bassinet stroller:

You’ll LOVE pushing this ultra-luxurious stroller. It has a cozy, ventilated bassinet (that’s overnight-approved,) adjustable calf-support, and full suspension – that will offer a smooth ride. 

The best part, the Silver Cross Wave will grow with your family! It offers multiple seat configurations that you and your kids will love. 

Typical price:$1299
Stroller weight:32 lbs (with bassinet)
Convertible to two seats?Yes! With “exclusive” mode: bassinet facing parent, tandem seat facing world! 
Adjustable handles: Yes
Car seat adaptable? Yes! Fits with most car seats with universal adapters
Top features: Approved for overnight sleep
Four-way independent wheel suspension
Puncture proof tires
Three adjustable recline positions

2. Nuna TRIV Stroller with Bassinet

Why we love this bassinet stroller:

We absolutely love the versatile Nuna TRIV stroller! It folds up easily, offers one-hand seat reclining, and offers a smooth ride for you and your little one with spring suspension under the seat!

Typical price:$880
Stroller weight:28 lbs (with bassinet)
Convertible to two seats?No
Adjustable handles: Yes
Car seat adaptable? Yes, with Nuna Pipa car seats.
Top features: Easy, one-hand recline 
All-wheel suspension and rubber tires
3-position recline easily adjusts with one hand. 
Spring suspension technology under the seat, for smooth rides. 

3. Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono Stroller

Why we love this bassinet stroller:

We have a soft spot for Bugaboo strollers because they’re easy to push, steer, and maneuver. The high-quality wheels make it easy to push through grass, sand, and even snow. 

They also score extra points with us for being an eco-friendly company, recycling plastic bottles for stroller materials. 

And the Donkey 3 Mono is extra special! It offers an additional storage basket on the side, making it easy to never let your baby out of your sight. 

This extra space will let you convert to a side-by-side double stroller, should you need it. Plus, you can get the toddler stroller board, making this the ultimate bassinet stroller to grow with your family. 

If you’re not crazy about upgrading to a double stroller, go with the Bugaboo Fox bassinet stroller that offers the same features, but its a little slimmer. 

Typical price:$1299
Stroller weight:28 lbs
Convertible to two seats?Yes! Side-by-side.
Adjustable handles: Yes 
Car seat compatible?Yes. Compatible with most car seats with additional adapters. 
Top features: Reversible and reclining seat
Huge (22 lb) storage basket
Effortless pushing and steering

4. UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

Why we love this bassinet stroller

We love the UPPAbaby Vista V2 for basically anything life might throw your way. The adjustable handles make it one of the best strollers for tall parents, and your baby will be sitting nice and high. 

This stroller offers an easy one-hand fold, so you can stuff it in the trunk while still holding your baby. 

Typical price:$970
Stroller weight:27.5 lbs 
Converts to two seats?Yes!
Car seat compatible:Yes! The UPPAbaby Mesa – no adapters needed and Chicco, Cybex, Maxi Cosi and Nuna car seats with adapters sold separately. 
Adjustable handles: Yes
Top features: One-handed fold
One-handed recline 
Reversible toddler seat

5. Bumbleride Era Stroller

Why we love this bassinet stroller

The Bumbleride era offers a comfortable ride with air-filled tires and suspension. The seat has an extra-long foot-well, so you know your little one will be comfortable when they’re not so little anymore. Plus, it’s available in so many color options! 

This stroller can handle almost any surface but if you’d prefer an all-terrain stroller, the bassinet – which is sold separately – goes with the Bumbleride Indie as well. 

Plus, Bumbleride is an eco-conscious company, dedicated to keeping plastic out of our oceans. 

Typical price:$699 + $199 for bassinet
Stroller weight:28 lbs (with bassinet)
Convertible to two seats?No
Adjustable handles: Yes
Car seat compatible?Yes, compatible with most car seats with optional adapters
Car seat compatible? Yes, universal adapters go with most car seats
Top features: Overnight rated
Quick, compact-fold 
Reversible seat
All-wheel suspension
Easy to maneuver 

6. MomPush Bassinet Stroller

Why we love this bassinet stroller

This is not just some “cheap bassinet stroller.” This new pram by MomPush offers gorgeous details and an uncompromised ride while being the most affordable option on this list. 

Typical price:$390
Stroller weight:35.2 lbs (with bassinet)
Convertible to two seats?No
Adjustable handles: No
Car seat adaptable?No
Top features: Compact Fold and Reversible seat 

7. UPPAbaby Minu Stroller With From Birth Kit Bundle

Why we love this bassinet stroller

The UPPAbaby Minu might be the best option for city parents who constantly have to lift the stroller, or cram it into tight spaces. With the bassinet bundle, it’s basically the newborn version of an umbrella stroller. 

It’s super lightweight, offers compact folding, and can be folded with the bassinet attached. 

Typical price:$399 + $129 for bassinet bundle
Stroller weight:20 lbs (with bassinet)
Convertible to two seats?No
Adjustable handles: No
Car seat adaptable?No
Top features: Super compact and lightweight 

8. Cybex Gazelle S Stroller

Why we love this bassinet stroller

What a cool stroller! The roomy bassinet (sold separately) offers a peekaboo window in its extra large canopy. And the seated version offers an extra storage basket right at your hands. 

Typical price:$800 + $200 for bassinet
Stroller weight:33 lbs (with bassinet)
Convertible to two seats?Yes! 
Adjustable handles: Yes
Car seat adaptable Yes, with Cybex car seats
Top features: All-wheel suspension for a smooth ride.
Fully-reclinable seats that can face either way.  

9. Silver Cross Kensington Pram


The Silver Cross Pram will truly make you feel like royalty prancing around town. The soft and cozy interior is the height of British luxury, and the re-designed suspension will guarantee comfort for your little prince or princess. 

Typical price:$2499
Stroller weight:59 lbs

Best Bassinet Stroller – Final Thoughts 

Whether you choose luxe or affordable, single or double, we know you’ll love seeing your precious baby sleeping cozily in their bassinet stroller. Enjoy those little moments.


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