Beastmode bump pregnancy gear
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WHY we made this shirt

  • For the mom who needs to stay sane
  • For the mom who knows she is strong
  • For the mom who wants to push herself (sometimes)
  • For the mom who hates cardio
  • For the mom who gets “Beastmode”

Our designer Maryna was obsessed with working out while expecting. It kept her strong and it kept her sane. During those nine months she either wore her pre-preggo clothes which made her belly hang out, or her husband’s clothes which just weren’t made for her.

What she really wished for was comfortable and technical gear that showed off her mom strength. Gear that was soft on her belly but also kept her cool. Gear that fit for the whole nine months.

She never found the right gear the first time around, but she’ll be ready the next time.

Will you join her?


About Mars and Stars baby  

Mom strength. Not every day of pregnancy is an easy one. Most aren’t. But on the days that you want to feel proud of yourself. On the days you want to go a little further – we want to be there telling you “you go girl”.

We know fitness during pregnancy is important for mom’s physical and mental health and makes a huge difference for postpartum recovery. Our commitment to fitness and adventure is coming full circle, it was built on a promise to “Inspire Adventure”, and we believe you can start that nine months before baby comes.

So let’s show off your MOM STRENGTH

Stop working out in your husband’s shirts

Start wearing Beastmode Bump Gear

Look good for the whole nine months

This fitted tank will cover your bump through the trimesters. It is long, stretchy, and has super-flattering ruching along the sides

Show off your strength

Our original design sure makes a statement

Give your bump a luxurious hug

High quality bamboo fabric is ultra-soft and durable

Don’t sweat it

Cool off faster with a mesh back