Best Baby Monitor for Twins – 5 Double-Camera Monitor Reviews

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If you’re about to have twins you know that you have a whole different world of options to consider when it comes to buying baby gear. And choosing the best baby monitor for twins is no exception! This guide will break down everything you need to know and will help you decide what’s best for your growing family. We’ll cover:

Best twin baby monitor reviews:

Types of baby monitors for twins

Video Baby Monitors

A video baby monitor will let you watch your babies through a camera in their nursery. Modern baby monitors have impressive cameras and displays as well as automatic night-vision that will let you keep tabs day and night. 

If you have twins in the same room, you have two options:

Single-camera baby monitor. You could get away with having just one camera if you mount it high up and  it has zoom, pan and tilt features. 

Double-camera baby monitor. A much better option is to get a baby monitor with two cameras. You can set them up to watch each baby on a single screen, and then you’ll always have the option to move one out into another room.

Given how simple and affordable these are, getting a baby monitor with two cameras for your twins is a pretty easy decision

Sound-only Baby Monitors

Sound-only monitors like this one from VTech are a much more affordable option that does most of the job. However, given all the features you get from modern video monitors, they’re well worth the price. 

Phone-compatible Baby Monitors

Some baby monitors like this one from Motorola can be paired to your phone via an app. While this has some benefits, you don’t need another reason to be glued to your phone! 

Breathing and Movement Baby Monitors

If you’re paranoid about SIDS, these baby monitors can help put your mind at ease. You’d need a separate unit for each baby though. 

You can get a pad like the Angelcare that goes under the mattress and can sense the tiniest movement like breathing. The monitor alerts you if it doesn’t detect any movement. While it certainly offers a little peace-of-mind, many parents complain about the false alarms or the loud beeping when they forget to turn it off after taking out the baby. 

There are also wearable monitors like the Owlet that can detect your babies’ Oxygen levels

Baby Monitor Terminology

  • Parent unit – that’s the screen part. 
  • Baby unit – that’s the camera. 
  • Remote pan and tilt – that means your camera can move side-to-side (pan) and up and down (tilt) using the parent unit. 
  • Range – this is how far away you can be from the cameras and still get a signal. Take these numbers with a grain of salt – walls decrease the signal – but all of these cameras should work great in a typical home.

Best Baby Monitor for Twins Summary

Here’s a quick overview, but scroll down to read the full review. Each of these baby monitors comes with two cameras, as well as night-vision, zoom, and 2-way talk-back

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Split-screenPan and TiltExpandable camerasRangePrice
Axvueyesnono1000 ft$120
Babysensenoyesyes960 ft$160
Motorolanoyesno1000 ft$160
Axvuenonoyes1000 ft$80

Must-Have Baby Monitor Features

  • Night-vision. If you can’t watch your babies at night, then what’s the point? 
  • Rechargeable battery. Pretty much a gold-standard these days but beware of a dreaded AA requirement. 
  • Remote zoom, pan, and tilt. This means that you can move the direction of the camera up and down and side-to-side to get a closer look. This feature is not a “must-have” if you mount the baby-unit to get a full view, but we’d still strongly recommend it for when your babies start moving around their room. 

Nice-to-haves in baby monitors

  • Split-screen on parent unit. You may have more peace of mind when you can see both babies at once. Although, monitors that don’t have a split-screen usually flip back and forth between the cameras automatically, letting you get a semi-continuous feed of your little ones. 
  • Two-way talkback. This lets the baby monitor serve as a walkie-talkie. While remote soothing may be hit-and-miss in the baby years, it will come in handy to “problem solve” at night when your twins start talking. 
  • Music and soothing sounds. Lullabies can be very soothing for your little ones, and this feature will let you have one less gadget in the room. 
  • Decent screen size. A bigger screen size (like 5-inch) can make a big difference when you’re trying to figure out if your baby just threw up in the crib or if it’s just the bedsheet pattern. 
  • Expandable to more cameras. Many baby monitors on this list are expandable to up-to four cameras. This means that you can use it for more than just your twins. 

Our top pick – Best baby monitor for twins

Axvue Split-screen baby monitor for twins

Axvue Split-screen twin monitor

Axvue Split-screen twin monitor review:

Axvue will soon be one of the major players in the baby monitor game! 

This 5-inch split-screen baby monitor is an affordable alternative to the VAVA above. The drawback is that it doesn’t have remote pan or tilt, meaning that you can’t follow your babies around if they move throughout the room. This shouldn’t be an issue if you mount it in the position you want from the get-go because it has a 1500 view and it’s still adjustable. 

This baby monitor boasts a 15-hour battery life in standby, but that’s because it shuts the screen off when not in use. Not a big problem for most parents, but keep that in mind. 

What else:

  • Typical price: $120
  • Signal range: 1000 ft
  • Night-vision: yes
  • Other features: 2-way audio, zoom, night vision

Best baby monitor for twins with pan and tilt features

Babysense Baby Monitor for Twins

Babysense monitor for twins

Babysense monitor review:

This Babysense baby monitor has a 5-inch screen and is an easy choice if you don’t care for a split screen. It has a great camera (even at night) and its pan and tilt will see your babies no matter what they’re up to. 

As a bonus, this baby monitor is extendable to 4 cameras (sold separately) meaning you can use for more than just your twins. 

What else:

  • Typical price: $159
  • Signal range: 960 ft
  • Night-vision: yes
  • Other features: 3500 pan, 700 tilt, and zoom; 2-way audio; soothing lullabies, extendable up to 4 cameras

Motorola Baby Monitor for Twins

Motorola double-camera monitor

Motorola twin baby monitor review:

The Motorola 5-inch Baby Monitor has similar features to the Babysense one, but it boasts high-sensitivity microphones so you can listen to your babies’ little snores. 

What else:

  • Typical price: $160
  • Signal range: 1000 ft
  • Night-vision: yes
  • Other features: 2-way audio, zoom, zoom, pan and tilt

Most affordable baby monitor for twins

Axvue 4.3-in baby monitor for twins

Axvue twin monitor

Axvue baby monitor for twins review:

This 4.3-in monitor for twins comes at an incredible price point! It doesn’t have pan, tilt, or split-view but it still has all the must-have features you need to keep tabs on your twins at night. 

What else:

  • Typical price: $79
  • Signal range: 1000 ft
  • Night-vision: yes
  • Other features: 2-way audio, zoom, extendable up to 4 cameras

Bottom line – best baby monitor for twins

If you’re still questioning whether you really need a double-camera baby monitor – just go ahead and get it. You won’t regret it if you want to move the twins apart. 

If you want a baby monitor with all the bells and whistles go for the the split-screen that will let you keep tabs on everyone at once, and the pan and tilt options will let you search around the room for any hiding babies. 

If the split-screen or the pan and tilt features are not a must for you – any one of the alternatives will doubly suit your needs. Let us know if we missed your favorite, and happy twinning!


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