14 Best Blackout Curtains For Nursery So Baby Sleeps In Longer

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As you’re setting up your new favorite room in your home, you may be wondering what are the best blackout curtains for nursery… and if your little one will even need them! The short answer is YES, you’ll absolutely want to block out that light for sleep, and we’ll break down why, as well as our favorite curtains that will suit your style and your budget.

In our home, blackout curtains are a must, particularly because it doesn’t even get dark until after our kids’ bedtime. Blackout curtains have taught our little ones to sleep in until we’re ready to get them out of bed – a major plus when you need some me-time in the mornings! They’re also heavy sleepers, which means that our sleep doesn’t get interrupted through the night. Total win!

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Does My Baby Really Need Blackout Curtains?

Given that babies seem to be able to fall asleep just about anywhere, you may be wondering if blackout curtains are actually worth it. The answer is YES and if you don’t thank us now, you’ll definitely thank us later. Here’s why:

Your baby will sleep in later.

Even if your little one falls asleep just fine without a complete blackout, they may very well wake up with the rising sun ready to go. That’s not a bad quality for an adult, but it’s no fun when you the parent are trying to cling to a precious extra hour of sleep. Without the sunlight waking her up, she may learn to start waking up later.

Your baby will learn to sleep through the night faster.

All babies wake up a little bit throughout the night. It’s what they do next that determines whether you’ll have to get up or not. Chances are, a blacked-out room will signal to your baby to just fall back asleep, where as seeing all the fun things they could be doing will just wake them up more.

Sleep cycles depend on complete blackout.

The truth is, everyone needs a completely dark room for restful sleep, it’s just that we adults learned to put up with a sub-par environment and deal with the consequences.

Help your baby set their circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) while it’s still developing by blacking out the room at night.

They’ll sleep better when they’re older.

One thing you’ll appreciate about teaching your baby to sleep in a completely dark room, is that they won’t ask for lights as they get older. Fear of the dark is a typical stage of growing up, but not when you’re used to it from birth.

Nursery Blackout Curtain Tips

Now that you’re (hopefully) sold that you need blackout curtains for the nursery, here are a few tips.

Light may seep through around the edges of the curtains – so it helps to get blackout curtains that are wider and longer to completely cover any gaps. If you leave your window open, the gentle breeze may be your nemesis, so it may help to get some Velcro and really secure those curtains down.

By the way, if you’re not sold that you need blackout curtains for your nursery – consider this. They ones on this list are super budget-friendly and come in colors and themes that will look amazing in any nursery. Let’s have a look!

Solid-Colored Blackout Curtains For Nursery

1. Pom Pom Blackout Curtains

Price range: from $23 depending on dimensions and color

Color options: Pink, Ivory, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Green, and Gray

Hanging Method: Rod pocket (no grommets) 

If you prefer the sophisticated look of solid-colored window coverings, but still want a little flair, these pompoms may just make for the best blackout curtains for the nursery! They’re cute, but not over-the-top and will look perfect in any room. 

(Be mindful that the lighter colors – although room-darkening – may not offer a complete blackout.) 

2. DecoNovo Blackout Curtains

Price range: from $22 depending on size

Color options:24 striking color options! 

Hanging Method: Rod pocket (no grommets) 

These curtains look rich and luxurious – and with three layers of fabric, they offer a complete blackout for your nursery. There are twenty four luxe color options that are sure to compliment any nursery theme. 

3. LeMoMo Blackout Curtains

Price range: from $16 depending on dimensions

Color options:24 rich color options! 

Hanging Method: Grommets 

Another simple yet striking option for solid-colored blackout curtains with grommets. The gorgeous color options will pop in your nursery, and may even be the centerpiece of your kids’ room as they grow up from baby to teen years. 

4. HomeIdeas Metallic Blackout Curtains

Price range: $35 and up depending on length and width

Color Options: Gold, rose gold, silver, champagne, teal, lavender, navy, and gray. 

Hanging Method: Grommets

Simply beautiful. These blackout curtains are opulent yet still effortless, and will absolutely inspire some royal nursery envy.

Ombre Blackout Curtains

5. Ombre Blackout Curtains by GeoMoroccan

Price range: $33 and up depending on size

Color options: Blue, Gray, Teal, Pink, and Yellow

Has black backing

I’ve always loved ombre. It’s simple and sweet, but still brings a youthful freshness. The left-to-right gradient on these ombre blackout curtains is airy and fun, and will be totally age-appropriate until the day they move out. 

6. Blackout Curtains With Small Light Holes

At first adding holes to your blackout curtains may seem to defeat the purpose, but they actually add a really sweet starlight effect which may gently awaken your little ones in the morning.

We love the sheer curtain overlay, which creates a very majestic feel for the nursery. Our two favorite stores are:

Anjee (the first image) which has four bold ombre patterns, and

NiceTown (second image) which has 14 color options, ranging from solid to gentle ombre with quite a frilly sheer curtain.

Curtains With Nursery Themes And Patterns

7. Polka Dot Blackout Curtains

Price range: from $27 depending on dimensions and color

Color options: Pink, Blue, Green, Black, and Gray

Hanging Method: Grommets

These shimmering rainbow polka dots add the perfect flair to a nursery. The color options are light and punchy, and the fabric is soft, hangs well, and blocks light. These really are the best blackout curtains for nursery!

8. Space-Themed Blackout Curtains

Price range: from $33 depending on size

Color options: White, Gray, Navy, and Black

Hanging Method: Grommets

How cool would these space-themed blackout curtains look in the nursery? They’re sure to inspire a sense of awe and wonder!

9. Star and Dino Blackout Curtains

Price range: from $35 depending on size

Color options: Navy, Gray, White, Pink, Green, Red, and Teal

Hanging Method: Grommets

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? These fun nursery blackout curtains bring our favorite prehistoric creatures in a sweet and subtle way with gentle outlines mixed in with stars. They’re fun and adorable. 

Note that only the dark-colored curtains will actually block light, whereas the lighter ones will only have a room-darkening effect without complete blackout. 

10. Star-Themed Blackout Curtains

Price range: from $25 depending on dimensions

Color options: White, Gray, Lilac, Black, Pink, Blue, and Navy

Hanging Method: Grommets

If you have childhood memories of breathtaking starry skies, you can give your little one a taste of what’s out there with these gorgeous yet subtle blackout curtains for the nursery.

11. Owl-Themed and Rainbow Themed Blackout Curtains by Mi Zone

Price range: from $30 for one panel

Color options: Owl theme and rainbow theme

Hanging Method: Grommets

These blackout curtains are just adorable. Both owls and rainbows make for a fun nursery theme that you’ll simply love walking into. Note that you only get one panel, so you may need to buy two packs.

12. Blackout Curtains With Gold Prints

Price range: from $33 depending on size

Color options: White, Gray, Purple, Navy, Black, Beige, Blush, and Lilac

Hanging Method: Grommets

These blackout curtains bring out a certain subtlety and sophistication. They’re not a simple solid but they’re not a loud pattern either. It’s a perfect balance that would look great in any room. We love how gold pattern adds a touch of luxury and that the eight color options would compliment any nursery theme. 

Portable Blackout Curtains For Outings

13. Portable Blackout Curtains

Price Range: from $28

Color Options: Solid: Beige, Black, Gray, Blue, and White. Patterned: Stars, Hearts, Dinosaurs, Animals

Hanging Method: Suction Cups

If your little one will be sleeping away from home, you don’t have to worry about the light situation. These portable blackout curtains really do work and really do stay up with suction cups. They come in various cute patterns, so you can create a little nursery away from home.

Blackout Shades and Blinds For The Nursery

14. RediShade Easy-Lift Blackout Cordless Shades

Price Range: $40 and up depending on width.

Color Options: White only. 

If you’re interested in a more minimalist look, perhaps the best blackout curtains for nursery are actually cellular shades. They will do the trick of blocking out light without crowding out your décor. 

They’re really easy to install (no tools required!) and easy to use – just pull down and poof – no light! 

One thing to consider: If the sunlight is strong and direct, it may shine through around the edges of the shade unless it’s perfectly fitted for the window. But this is not a problem in indirect light. 

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Best Blackout Curtains for nursery list
Best Blackout Curtains For Nursery List

FAQ – Best Blackout Curtains For Nursery

Our Best Blackout Curtains For Nursery Top Pick

All 14 options on this list make for the best blackout curtains for nursery because they effectively block out light. It really comes down to the style and theme you may be looking for.

Should You Get Blackout Shades For The Nursery?

YES! You should get blackout shades or curtains for the nursery because it will help your baby sleep longer and wake up later. It will also help your little one adjust their sleep cycle as they get older.

Are Blackout Blinds Good For Babies?

Yes. Even if your baby seems to fall asleep without blackout curtains, they’ll likely help him or her stay asleep in the early morning, as well as get used to falling asleep in the dark as they get older.


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