10 Best Cribs For Short Moms

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Believe us when we say – if you’re on the petite side, you won’t want to stand on your tippy toes as you gently try to put your little sleepy angel to bed. Instead of twisting yourself like a pretzel trying to avoid waking the baby up, just get a low-profile crib! This list of the best cribs for short moms all come in under 35 inches, and will help you find something perfect whether you’re petite or not.

Jump down to our complete short crib buying guide, or just scroll down to start reading crib reviews in every category.

Top Pick in Best Cribs For Short Moms

1. Oxford Baby Mari Crib

Typical Price$349
Height (in)35
Color OptionsWhite/Brown

What’s not to love about this stylish crib? The low profile is perfect for shorter moms, and this crib can convert to a toddler bed and a daybed, although the kit is sold separately.

We love the modern-looking contrasting feet, as well as the solid sides of the crib. This little feature will make it more comfortable for your little one during her toddler years when she wants to lean back and look at a book before bed time.

The Shortest of the Short Cribs

2. Novella Crib

Typical Price$1200
Height (in)29
Color Options“Stained Ash and Ivory”

The gorgeous Novella crib has an ultra-modern yet retro vibe. And at a height of 29 inches, it’s the best crib for short moms too. The crib will seamlessly convert into a toddler bed, and later into a little couch or reading nook (with cushions sold separately)

Also, Ikea has three low-profile cribs that are reviewed below.

Mini Cribs For Short Moms

3. Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib

Typical Price$499
Height (in)34
Color OptionsWhite

This sweet Stokke crib will be perfect for your baby. The oval shape provides a cozy, nest-like environment for your newborn, and the crib will grow as your baby grows with separate extension kits.

The little crib is perfect for shorter parents, and has wheels and a small footprint – meaning it can be transferred from room to room without making your little one get used to a brand new sleeping space.

4. Babyletto Gelato Convertible Mini Crib

Typical Price$279
Height (in)35
Color OptionsWhite, Natural, and Natural/Black

This mini crib is adorable! It comes in various color options, has interchangeable feet to match your nursery décor, and has cozy, compact dimensions (40x26in) with a height of 35 inches. It’s also Greenguard-gold certified, meaning it was screened for VOCs and chemicals, and is super-safe for your baby!

This crib may be mini, but your baby will fit right in until they are 37lbs (basically toddler years) at which point it can be converted to a toddler bed with a separate conversion kit.

This crib is not only awesome for shorter parents, it’s great for smaller spaces in general, or if you have to fit in two cribs for twins.

Best Convertible Cribs For Short Moms

5. Harlow Acrylic 3-in-1 Crib

Typical Price$649
Height (in)34.5
Color OptionsBlack, White

The Harlow Acrylic Crib has an ultra-modern look and will give you an easy view of your precious baby without having to peak overhead.

The crib’s height is ideal for short moms, and we love that it is made from sustainable pine wood and is Greenguard-gold certified, meaning no VOCs. It also converts to a toddler bed and a daybed with an included conversion kit, meaning that your one-time purchase will adorn the nursery for years and years.

6. Babyletto Scoot 3-in-1 Crib

Typical Price$379
Height (in)35
Color OptionsWhite with white, walnut, natural, or gray accents

The Babyletto Scoot is another gorgeous, convertible crib that’s perfect for shorter parents and will serve you for years as it converts to a toddler bed or a daybed.

We love the two-toned wood and the gently tapered feet, that makes this crib an elegant nursery centerpiece.

7. Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Crib

Typical Price$399
Height (in)35
Color OptionsLots of combinations including gray, black, espresso, natural, and white

The Hudson is a favorite among many parents for its stylish design including round spindles and various color combination that work for every nursery. It has a low-profile design – perfect for short moms, and is made of eco-friendly sustainable pine. Plus, it will adorn your nursery for years as a toddler bed or daybed.

Best Value in Cribs For Short Moms

8. Babyletto Gelato 4-in-1 Crib

Typical Price$349
Height (in)35
Color OptionsWhite and White/Natural

If you love the simple and modern look of this low-profile crib, you’re in luck. Not only does it convert into a toddler bed and daybed with an included conversion kit, it will also convert to a a double (with separate conversion kit) so your little one can use it when she’s not so little anymore.

This crib is made of sustainable pine and has passed all safety and VOC emission standards so you can rest easy while your baby sleeps.

9. Babyletto Moto 3-in-1 Crib

Price$329 with mattress
Height34.75 in

We love Babyletto cribs in general, but this is an amazing deal as it comes with a mattress, as well as a conversion kit!

The mattress is non-toxic, so you know it’s perfectly safe for your baby. The crib is super-sturdy, and it’s the perfect height for any parent short or tall!

10. Ikea Cribs

When it comes to low-profile cribs for shorter parents, Ikea really delivers with three options under 33 inches and under $300!

The Smagoera, the Gonatt, and the Gulliver. We know, the names don’t exactly make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but you’ll love them for your baby well through the toddler years as they offer adjustable mattress heights and convert to day beds.

Cribs For Short Moms Buying Guide

Do I Really Need a Low-Profile Crib For Short Moms?

Even if you’re “average” you might still like having a low-profile crib for your nursery. Here’s why:

In the first few weeks of your little angel’s life, you’ll realize that they love to fall asleep just about anywhere. After they fall asleep, you’ll want to seamlessly transfer them to their crib. But uh-oh. All those unnecessary jerks as you stretch above the railing and then lean down to the mattress are just opportunities for your baby to wake up screaming. 

Nobody wants that. 

So get ahead of the game, and put your little one into their crib in one smooth motion by making sure that it’s not too tall for your height and has a raised mattress for as long as it’s safe. 

What’s Considered a “Short Crib?”

We consider 35-inches and under to be a low-profile crib that would be comfortable for most short parents. 

What Should I Look For in a Crib For My Baby?

Takes a standard mattress.

This one is important. If you get some kooky baby crib, not only will you need to hunt down the right mattress, you’ll need the right bed sheets too. And they’ll probably come at a premium, because they’re so hard to find. 

Save yourself the trouble and make sure the crib takes a standard crib mattress. 

Offers multiple mattress heights.

When your baby is little and has no chance of pulling themselves out, you’ll appreciate a raised mattress so that you don’t have to lean too far to put her down. 

This will not only save your back, it will help ensure you don’t wake her up with sudden jerky movements. 

Of course, as soon as she’s sitting up, crawling, or pulling herself up – lower that mattress to prevent your curious baby from learning about gravity the hard way. 

Eco-friendly with no VOCs.

The cribs on this list are made of eco-friendly materials like sustainable pine and have gone through testing to ensure they don’t leach chemicals and VOCs. 

With so many sustainable and baby-safe options out there, you might as well go for the eco-friendly route so you and your baby can sleep (and breathe) easily. 

Passes all safety standards.

This goes without saying, but your baby’s gear needs to pass all safety standards to make sure that a loose screw doesn’t fall out in the middle of the night. 

The cribs on this list pass ASTM and SPSC standards. Generally, if you buy from a reputable brand, you’ll be fine as baby stuff is heavily regulated.

Should I Buy a Convertible Crib?

There are two types of convertible cribs:

  • 3-in-1 convertible cribs that convert from crib to toddler bed (with partial railing so the toddler can get out but not roll out) or day bed (with no railing.) 
  • 4-in-1 convertible cribs that convert to toddler beds and day beds as well as a full-size double bed for their big-kid years. 

These conversion kits are often included but sometimes sold separately. So should you buy one?

Given how common these types of cribs are, we say why not? This way you can go a number of years without having to upgrade your child’s furniture. (Unless you want to, of course!)

What About a Mini Crib?

Mini cribs are much smaller than your typical crib which can have its pros and cons. 


  • They’re adorable. (There, we said it.)
  • They take up less space. This is great for smaller spaces and for twins.
  • They’ll make a cozier environment for smaller babies. 


  • Your baby will grow out of their mini crib much faster (though not that fast.) 
  • Mini cribs are slightly cheaper but not by much. 

In our home, we had space for a crib and a bassinet for those early months, and that was the perfect combination for us. 

Do Cribs Come With a Mattress?

We wish! 

On occasion, you’ll find a crib that comes with a mattress – and you should jump on that deal. Otherwise, make sure you budget in around $200 extra for the cost of the mattress when choosing your baby’s crib. 

And remember, you want a firmer mattress for the first year of your baby’s life. 

We love the ultra-breathable and lightweight Pebble Air by Nook. It’s made of eco-friendly, moisture-wicking fibers that will help your baby maintain a consistent temperature, and it’s completely non-toxic.

It’s also double-sided, with one side being slightly firmer for newborns, and one side slightly softer. If only they made one for my king-size bed! 

Go-To Brands in Cribs for Short Moms

When it comes to low-profile cribs for short moms, we have found that Babyletto has the best selection of high-quality, eco-friendly, stylish cribs at every price point. We’re also impressed with Ikea, who has 3 cribs under 33-inches with very budget-friendly prices.

Best Cribs For Short Moms

Regardless of your height, we think that buying a low-profile crib is a great idea that will make putting your little one to sleep that much smoother.

What do you think of our crib picks, and which is the best crib for short moms?


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