22 Best Gifts For 1 Year Olds They’ll Love For Years

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What are the best gifts for 1 year olds? They’re gifts that will help them develop through their toddler years that they will love using even as they get older. It’s important to find toys that will stimulate and hold kids’ attention (while also not drive the parents crazy!)

This list breaks it down from big gifts to smaller gifts, but we guarantee that each gift will truly be a keepsake. 

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Pretend Play Toys For One Year Olds

1. Pull Pup by LOVEVERY

This little pup will melt your heart when you see it lovingly tugged behind your toddler, which makes it a great gift for a 1 year old. As bonus points, it helps with coordination, grip, and gross motor skills as they move the pup’s little ears and tail. 

We also love that it’s made of sustainably harvested wood. A perfect gift in our books! 

Pull Pup by Lovevery ($22)

2. Toy Shopping Cart

There’s nothing quite like being a grownup, and what’s more grown up than doing your own grocery shopping? 

There are lots of adorable options, from subtle wooden toys to bright plastics, but we absolutely love this realistic-looking metal wire shopping cart that comes with a little seat for a doll and toy groceries. 

Toy Shopping Cart by the New York Doll Collection
($35 – $45)

3. Pretend Dashboard by Melissa and Doug

If your little one-year-old has ever sat behind mom or dad in the backseat, they probably can’t wait to try out this whole driving business. This little dashboard will let them steer, shift gears, turn the key, signal, and honk. Basically, everything mom and dad do in the driver’s seat. 

Just be prepared to have to tag along for long road trips… in their backseat. 
Vroom and Zoom Wooden Dashboard by Melissa and Doug ($33-$70)

4. Toy Stroller

Since toddlers love carting their prized possessions around, a little Pram is an awesome gift for a 1 year old. And it’s super adorable too! 

Toy Stroller ($50 – $60)

Wooden and Montessori Toys for 1-Year Olds

5. Playkit Subscription

Instead of getting your little one toys at random, consider a subscription box of expertly-picked materials meant for your toddler’s development!

Companies like Lovevery let you enter your child’s birthdate so you can get a playkit every 3 months that’s just right for their development stage. 

The Babbler Playkit by LOVEVERY
($120 per kit, every 3 months as a subscription.)

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6. Wooden Latches Toy by Melissa and Doug

Little hands cannot resist these locks and latches. It’s one of those toys that can be played with for hours on end. 

This toy will help your 1-year-old develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving. We also love that it has different numbers of animals behind each door – perfect for starting counting. 

Latches Toy by Melissa and Doug ($15 – $33)

7. Wooden Sorting Puzzle

This little sorting puzzle may seem simple, but it’s actually perfect for little toddlers’ hands and brains. Every preschool has a version of this toy for a reason. It encourages little kids to think, practice, and problem solve. 

Wooden sorting puzzle ($12 – $16)

8. Climber

Want to raise an adventurous and confident kid? Give them a chance to explore. A chance to climb. A chance to use their hands and feet. 

We love that this climber comes with a board that can both be climbed and used as a slide. Little 1 year olds will be drawn to it even before they can walk. It will let them develop their motor skills as well as their sense of balance. 

Birch Climber with Rock Wall ($390)

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9. Learning Tower

The best gifts for 1 year olds are ones that they’ll use well throughout their toddler years. A learning tower is a nice safe way to observe mom and dad in the kitchen and will also help them feel independent with tasks like hand-washing. 

Little helper learning tower ($279)

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Soft Toys and Decorations

10. Light-Up Star Pillow

This soft and cuddly star pillow will be just right for your little one for years to come. 

It’s the perfect size (13 inches,) comes in several colors, and makes for the perfect night light. 

Soft Star-Shaped Pillow with LED ($25-$45)

11. Custom Name Puzzle

These custom name puzzles are not only super cute gifts for a 1 year old, they’ll help them learn their letters in a sensory way.

It’s such a special keepsake, they’ll proudly display it beyond their childhood years.

Custom Name Puzzle (from $30)

Extra-Large (and Extra-Fun) Toys for 1 Year Olds

12. Play Tent

Giving your toddler a little space of their own will be a cherished gift for years and years. It can be anything from a play house to a rocket ship to a little reading nook. The possibilities are endless! (Set up string lights inside for an extra-magical experience. )

We love the play tents from Tiny Land because they come in different fun themes (including a spaceship) and are big enough for your little one to grow into over the years. 

Play Tents from Tiny Land

13. Magic Doodle Mat

Mess-free creativity. What parent can say no to that? You just fill an included pen with water and doodle till your heart’s content. We love that this mat is extra-large, because little kids like to draw BIG, and once they’re done – you just let it dry and start again. 

This mat truly is a parenting hack. 

Magic Doodle Mat  ($16 – $25)

14. T-Ball Set

Okay, so you might hate this gift for 1-year olds if your toddler insists on playing it indoors, but it’s the perfect toy to bring outdoors because it will keep your kids active, give them a goal, and help them work on their motor skills. 

Little Tikes T-Ball Set ($11-$20)

15. Ride-On Train

There’s something about ride-on toys that kids and toddlers can’t resist. What we love about this one (Aside from it being a train!) is that it comes with a track – which will hopefully keep your little one contained, and it has under-seat storage. One-year-olds LOVE hiding their little toys and scooting them from place to place making this little ride-on train the perfect gift. 

Little Tikes Ride-on train with storage ($85-$100)

16. Activity Chair

If you want to give an amazing gift for a 1 year old, give them a seat of their own. Toddlers love a spot that’s theirs, and this seat will certainly keep them busy with interactive toys and characters that squeak, flap, and move. 

Activity chair ($199)

Best Interactive Talking Toys for 1 Year Olds

17. LeapFrog Speak and Learn Puppy

This adorable puppy flaps its years and moves its head as it interacts with your toddler’s words – making it one of the best gifts for 1 year olds who are just starting to talk. 

It also teaches letters, numbers, and emotions. 

Plus, it’s irresistibly cute! 

LeapFrog Speak and Learn Puppy ($25-$35)

18. 100 Words Book

Another home run by LeapFrog, this interactive book has 100 words for your toddler to master. It offers multiple levels of mastery (from just hearing the word, to hearing the word and a little description, to having to find words based on questions) and it comes in English and Spanish or other languages for your little one to pick up. 

LeapFrog Learning Friends Book ($14-$20)

More Fun Gifts For a 1 Year Old

19. Xylophone

Toddlers love to see what they can do, and a musical instrument is a great way to let them express themselves! 

This xylophone is not too loud, and has a sweet melodic sound. Plus it has a unique look and nice round edges that will give you a little peace of mind when your toddler throws it. 

Xylophone ($25)

20. Spinning Stacker

Watching those rings spin down is not only satisfying for a 1 year old, it also helps them develop their fine motor skills. 

It’s fun, colorful, and will definitely hold toddlers’ attention. 

Spin again by fat brain toys ($30)

21. Baby Activity Walker

Once they start walking, little 1 year olds love transporting things around, which is this activity walker is the best gift! 

Even if they can’t walk, the walker has plenty of sensory activities that will help develop your toddler’s motor skills and let them focus. 

Baby activity walker ($60-$99)

22. Books.

Board books are the best gifts for 1 year olds!

Our family loves the Chris Ferrie “Baby University” books that introduce science in a very baby-friendly way.  We also really like “This Little Scientist” for inviting our toddlers to learn about scientists and their accomplishments, covering different cultures and genders. 

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Best Gifts For 1 Year Olds – Final Words

Aren’t these gifts super-special? Whatever you choose, we’re sure it will be loved by that little toddler for years to come!

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