12 Best Strollers for Every Parent in 2022

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Whether you’re on a lookout for a bassinet stroller, an all-terrain stroller, a rear-facing stroller, a lightweight umbrella one, or even strollers with adjustable handles for tall parents, we have you covered with a wide range of the best stroller options loaded with features for every need and at every price point. 

In this stroller guide we’ll review:

As well as a summary of best strollers for every need: 

But first, let’s break down the features and the terminology to help you know what’s what in the world of strollers. 

Stroller features and why you might need them

  • Bassinet strollers (and prams.) Some parents enjoy strolling with their baby in a bassinet. While it’s not a must-have – especially if you use a car seat as well, it can be nice if you’re out and about for long hours or if you travel. 
  • Travel systems. Some strollers come equipped with car seats so that everything “fits.” 
  • Car seat adapters. Most strollers give you the option to click in your car seat to make life easier when going from driving to walking. You may need to buy additional adapters though. 
  • Adjustable handles. Some strollers are awkward for tall parents, causing them to kick and trip while walking. If you’re on the taller side, strollers with adjustable handles are a must have. 
  • Reversible and rear-facing strollers. Sometimes it’s just nice to get to look at your baby. (Okay… all the time.) And sometimes your baby needs to avoid all the stimulation of looking out and just relax. If your baby has trouble calming down, a rear-facing stroller might be just what you need. 
  • Reclining seats. If you’re using the stroller from birth without a bassinet or a car seat – you’ll want the seats to recline all the way so your little one can lie in peace. Even for bigger kids who will inevitably fall asleep in the stroller, reclining seats are so much better than seeing them slump over.
  • Lightweight and umbrella strollers. If you’re lugging that thing in and out of your trunk, or know you’ll be lifting it over curbs – a lightweight stroller can be a back-saver. 
  • Storage space. Most strollers have a basket underneath. You don’t want to lug your stuff around on your own – so if you like to be prepared, or plan on doing some shopping – choose a stroller with lots of storage space. 
  • One-step folding. Not all strollers are created equal. If you choose a stroller with one-step folding, you’ll be able to throw it in the trunk or move it in your house while holding the baby in the other hand. So it’s a pretty important feature. 
  • Large canopy. The sun always finds a way to get into your baby’s eyes. Most strollers have this figured out though by offering large canopies. 
  • Jogging and all-terrain strollers. These strollers often come with larger, air-filled wheels and great suspension. This means that it’s easy to push your stroller even if you go off-pavement. (Surprisingly hard to do with crummy wheels.) 

So without further ado… 

Our Top 2 Stroller Picks

Thule Urban Glide 2 all terrain and jogging stroller

Thule Urban Glide 2 is our favorite all-terrain stroller

Why we love this all-terrain stroller

What’s not to love?!

This Thule stroller is not only ultra-sleek and stylish, it hits all our boxes! The large, air-filled wheels and suspension guarantees a smooth ride whether you’re jogging on broken pavement or taking a grassy “shortcut” to the playground. The stroller is also fairly light and easy to push

The reclining seat will be super-comfy for your little one (although some customers say it’s too  reclined in its highest position) and you can buy car seat adapters to use this stroller from birth. Also the 75 lb weight-capacity means that you can use this stroller for way longer than your kids will let you. 

We also love that it has adjustable handlebars (a super-must for tall parents),a zippable basket underneath, and one-step folding. Because who has time for more than one step? 

Typical price:$529
Stroller weight:25.3 lbs
Max child weight: 75 lbs
Bassinet option:No
Car seat compatible:Compatible with most car seats with Thule adapters
Adjustable handles: Yes
Top features: Air filled tires and suspension
One-hand fold
Reclining seat

Silver Cross Jet Super-Compact Stroller 

This high-end stroller is not only lightweight, it’s extremely functional and surprisingly affordable. The multi-position recline means that it can be used from birth, and the dynamic suspension makes strolling around town and hopping curbs a breeze. 

Also, it’s an awesome stroller for big kids since it’s so lightweight (at 13.6 lbs) and has a capacity up to 55 lbs. 

Typical price:$350
Stroller weight:13.6 lbs
Max child weight: From birth to 55 lbs 
Bassinet option:No 
Car seat compatible:Universal car seat adapters (sold separately) 
Adjustable handles: No
Top features: Dynamic suspension 
Multi-position recline and adjustable foot rest

Best Bassinet Stroller

Bugaboo Fox 2 Complete Stroller

Why we love the Bugaboo bassinet stroller?

There’s something about Bugaboo strollers that makes parenting feel… effortless. The stroller is super-easy to push, steer, and maneuver. It may not be a typical “all-terrain stroller” but its wheels and suspension make it easy to push through grass, sand, and even snow. 

We love that the Bugaboo Fox 2 has a reclining seat – meaning you can easily let your little one kick back and sleep, and that’ it’s reversible – meaning they can face the world or keep their loving gazes just for mom and dad. 

This stroller also has adjustable handles – which we find super handy, and comes with a classic-looking bassinet. Although, we’ll admit that the folding process takes some getting used to. 

The Bugaboo also scores extra points with us for being an eco-friendly company, recycling plastic bottles for the stroller materials. 

Typical price:$1199
Stroller weight:21.8 lbs
Max child weight: Birth to 48 lbs 
Bassinet option:Yes, included! 
Car seat compatible:Yes, Britax, Chicco, Cybex and Maxi Cosi (adapters sold separately) 
Adjustable handles: Yes 
Top features: Reversible and reclining seat
Huge (22 lb) storage basket
Effortless pushing and steering

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

The UPPAbaby is an awesome bassinet stroller!

Why we love the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Bassinet Stroller

What bassinet stroller list would be complete without an UPPAbaby?

This stroller is special in that it gives you double-stroller options should you need them. 

The UPPAbaby is awesome for walks, and ultra-comfy for baby with options like a bassinet, reclining, and reversible seats. Its one-handed fold and one-handed recline scores extra points with us too!

Typical price:$970
Stroller weight:27.5 lbs 
Max child weight: Toddler Seat: 50 lbsRumble Seat: 35 lbsBassinet: 20 lbs
Bassinet option:Yes – included! 
Car seat compatible:Yes! The UPPAbaby Mesa – no adapters needed and Chicco, Cybex, Maxi Cosi and Nuna car seats with adapters sold separately. 
Adjustable handles: Yes
Top features: One-handed fold
One-handed recline 
Converts to a double stroller
Reversible toddler seat

Pram-style bassinet stroller

Silver Cross Kensington Pram

The iconic Silver Cross Kensington Pram may seem like the height of British luxury, (after all, even princess Di was known to love hers) but it comes with a happy baby guarantee! The soft interior is ultra-cozy, and the re-designed suspension makes for a smooth, swaying ride. 

Just try not having an extra pep in your step when you’re strolling with this a Silver Cross pram. 

Typical price:$2499
Stroller weight:59 lbs

Best All-Terrain Stroller (for Jogging and More)

If you like fitness and adventure, you can’t go wrong with an all-terrain stroller! Look for a suspension system and large air-filled tires for a smooth, fun, all-terrain ride! Aside from the Thule Urban Glide 2 (Read our review above) we also love:

The Bumbleride 2020 Indie Stroller

We love the Bumbleride as an all-terrain stroller!

Why we love this all-terrain stroller:

Whether it’s a beach stroller or a jogging stroller, the Bumbleride  just screams adventure! The suspension and air-filled tires hug the road for ultra-comfort and the adjustable handlebars make jogging (and strolling) a breeze for taller parents. 

Typical price:$569
Stroller weight:24 lbs
Max child weight: 55 lbs 
Bassinet option:Yes – sold separately 
Car seat compatible:Maxi Cosi, Nuna, Cybex, Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego (adapters sold separately) 
Adjustable handles: Yes
Top features: Air filled tires and suspension
One-hand fold
Reclining seats

Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

The Bob Jogging Stroller is not only great for all-terrain, it’s a great stroller for big kids!

Why we love this jogging stroller

Now here’s a stroller for the extreme athletes out there. The air-filled tires and mountain-bike suspension will make you feel like you’re the king or queen of the road! 

Also, the Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller can be used for kids up to 75 lbs, meaning you can jog with your little one even when they’re not so little anymore.  

Typical price:$499
Stroller weight:28.5 lbs
Max child weight: from 8 weeks to 75 lbs
Bassinet option:No
Car seat compatible:Maxi Cosi, Nuna, Cybex, Graco, Chicco, Bob (adapters sold separately) 
Adjustable handles: Yes
Top features: Air filled tires and mountain-bike-style suspension
Two-step fold
Large basket

Jeep Liberty Jogging Strollers

This stroller is super-cool and a very affordable option for fitness-loving mamas and papas. 

Typical price:$170
Stroller weight:27 lbs
Max child weight: 50 lbs
Bassinet option:No 
Car seat compatible:Accepts various car seats with a secure attachment 
Adjustable handles: No 
Top features: Air-filled rubber tires
Reclining seat 

Best Lightweight and Umbrella Strollers  

Sometimes you don’t want to push and lift a huge stroller alongside with your kid. In this case you need a compact or an umbrella stroller that’s lightweight and easy to fold. 

Aside from the Silver Cross Jet Compact Stroller reviewed above, we also love these lightweight and umbrella strollers:

UPPAbaby G-luxe lightweight stroller

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe Umbrella stroller is super-lightweight and durable!

Why we love this UPPAbaby umbrella stroller

This lightweight and reclining umbrella stroller is an amazing option for any parent. 

Typical price:$200
Stroller weight:15 lbs
Max child weight: 3 months to 55 lbs 
Bassinet option:No 
Car seat compatible:No
Adjustable handles: No
Top features: Multi-position recline and adjustable foot rest

Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Stroller 

This umbrella stroller is super-affordable and has the best features!

Why we love this lightweight stroller

If you want a lightweight, affordable stroller to keep around, then this the one. And it still comes with plenty of bells and whistles, like a toddler snack tray, huge basket, cup holders, reclining seats, and easy folding. 

Typical price:$64
Stroller weight:12 lbs
Max child weight: Up to 40 lbs
Bassinet option:No 
Car seat compatible:No
Adjustable handles: No
Top features: Reclinable seat
Cup holders
Snack tray
Big Basket
One-step easy fold

Reversible and rear-facing strollers

A rear-facing stroller is awesome because it lets you and your baby look at each other while on strolls. It’s also calming if your little one gets over-stimulated. 

At the same time, kids can get bored and restless if they can’t see what’s ahead. The solution? A reversible stroller! 

We love the Bugaboo Fox 2 for this, the UPPAbaby Vista V2, (reviewed in the bassinet stroller section) alongside these great reversible and rear facing strollers: 

Evenflo Urbini Reversi Stroller

The Urbini Reversi is a super cool rear-facing stroller!

Why we love the Urbini Reversi Stroller

We love the Urbini Reversi Stroller because it’s lightweight, reversible, and super affordable! It also comes with a parent cup holder, because parenting is so much better with a coffee. 

Typical price:$79
Stroller weight:17.6 lbs
Max child weight: 50 lbs
Bassinet option:No 
Car seat compatible:Yes, with Evenflo car seats, adapters included
Adjustable handles: No
Top features: One-step reclining and reversible child seat
Cup holder included

Cybex Balios S-Lux Stroller

The Cybex Balios Stroller

Typical price:$450
Stroller weight:27.7 lbs
Max child weight: From birth to 55 lbs 
Bassinet option:No 
Car seat compatible:Yes, with Cybex car seats
Adjustable handles: Yes! 
Top features: Reversible Seat unit
Easy reclining and leg adjustments
One-hand compact fold
Spacious basket

Affordable Strollers Loaded With Features

What’s affordable is in the eye of the beholder. A good stroller will take you everywhere you need to go, and last through multiple children if needed. In any case, with the options below you get way more than what you pay for. 

Under $100Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Stroller (scroll up to umbrella strollers for full review)
Evenflo Urbini Reversi Lightweight Stroller (scroll up to rear-facing strollers for full review)
Under $200Jeep Jogging Stroller (scroll up to all-terrain strollers for full review)
UPPAbaby G-luxe Lightweight Stroller (scroll up to umbrella strollers for full review)
Under $400Silver Cross Jet (scroll up to top picks for full review)

Strollers with adjustable handles

When you’re on the taller side, typical stroller handles are low to your body, meaning the stroller is a little too close and you end up kicking the bottom. Super annoying. 

If you’re looking for the best stroller for tall parents, check out these options. (Scroll up to read our reviews.)

Thule Urban Glide 2 All Terrain Stroller (scroll up to top stroller picks for full review)

Bugaboo Fox 2 Complete Stroller (scroll up to bassinet strollers for full review)

Bumbleride 2020 Indie Stroller (scroll up to all-terrain strollers for full review)

Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller (scroll up to all-terrain strollers for full review)

Cybex Balios S-Lux Stroller (scroll up to rear-facing strollers for full review) 

Stroller for big kids and older children

If you’re looking for a stroller for older children or for big kids in general, you’ll want something lightweight but with a high weight capacity. Check out these options and scroll up to read our reviews. 

Silver Cross Jet  (lightweight with weight capacity up to 55 lbs)

Thule Urban Glide 2 (weight capacity up to 75 lbs)

Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller (weight capacity up to 75 lbs)

UPPAbaby G-luxe lightweight stroller (lightweight) 

Of course, this begs the question… 

How old is too old for a stroller?

The answer depends on the kid and the parents’ needs. In most cases, kids past age 4 get restless and would prefer to walk alongside mom and dad. At the same time, if your kid gets winded quickly, or is overstimulated by walking, it’s great to have a lightweight stroller on-hand. Besides, you can use it to lug all your kids’ stuff. 

Best beach stroller

If you’re lucky enough to need a beach stroller, you’ll want something with sturdy all-terrain wheels. Our favorite ride for your beach baby stroller is: 

Bumbleride 2020 Indie Stroller (scroll up to all-terrain strollers for full review) as well as 

Bugaboo Fox 2 Complete Stroller (scroll up to bassinet strollers for full review)

Best umbrella stroller for NYC and city living

If you’re zipping around town, you’ll want a lightweight option that can jump curbs and fit through crowded doorways. A jogging stroller may not be the best option here, but some these lightweight and umbrella strollers might make the cut: 

Silver Cross Jet Super Compact Stroller (scroll up to our top picks for full review)

UPPAbaby G-luxe lightweight stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Stroller 

(Scroll up to lightweight and umbrella strollers for full reviews)

Must-have stroller accessories

Stroller organizer

A stroller organizer attaches to the handles and keeps everything you need – from a bottle to your phone – right in front of you. 

Stroller organizers are actually super-handy compared to digging through your bag while trying to maneuver the stroller and also trying to fish out your credit card. 

We love this one by Itzy Ritzy ($29) because it’s ultra-cute and will fit everything you need. (And don’t worry, it comes in black if you’re really not that into pink!)

Stroller Blanket

This is sometimes called footmuff or a bunting bag but in any case – these are strollers’ winter covers and they stay attached to the stroller and zip up around your little one’s legs to keep them cozy and warm. 

Stroller blankets and winter covers are nice because you don’t have to constantly readjust them like you would a normal blanket. 

Stroller Travel Bag

A good diaper bag converts to a stroller travel bag with included stroller straps. Check out our list of best diaper bags to choose something that fits your needs. 

Stroller Cup Holder

If your stroller comes with a cup holder – score! Otherwise we’d super-recommend you get a universal attachment because parenting is so much better with coffee. 

Toddler Stroller Board 

If you have a baby and a toddler, your older one may prefer to ride along on a stroller board. In most cases, you have to buy one specific to your stroller, but there are some universal ones. Bear in mind, pushing the stroller becomes a little awkward with a stroller board attached but you’ll give yourself more space if you have a stroller with adjustable handles. 

Rain Cover

Check if your stroller comes with a rain cover. Otherwise you’d likely need to buy one specific to your model. 

Best Strollers Bottom Line

Whether you need an all-terrain stroller, a rear-facing stroller or a bassinet stroller – we hope this list helped you find what you’re looking for. Let us know which stroller you’re planning on getting!


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