Brazilian Girl Names (With Meanings) Rooted Brazil’s Beautiful History.

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In Brazilian culture, a name is a point of pride. Many Brazilian families choose names that honor their faith, family and heritage when naming their daughters. While you have lots of freedom when it comes to choosing Brazilian girls names that roll off the tongue like the waters of the Amazon River roll through Brazil, you may also want to borrow some cues from traditional Brazilian naming traditions.

A former Portuguese colony, Brazil still uses traditional Portuguese naming customs. No, this isn’t required in Brazilian society. However, many families love the formalness of the old-fashioned tradition of pulling surnames from the lineages of both the mother and father.

Most popular names for girls in Brazil have very similar English or European counterparts. However, you’ll find that the Spanish or Portuguese pronunciations of these names actually bring an entirely new way to look at choices you thought you already checked off your list.

It’s also very common for nicknames to be used in Brazil simply because people tend to have very long names! This is a good thing to keep in mind as you choose a name for a girl because many common names in Brazil actually have short, peppy nicknames that go with them!

Get ready for a list that contains saints, goddesses, princesses and supermodels as you check out the top Brazilian names for baby girls!


Meaning “favored grace,” Ana is derived from the name Hannah. While short and simple, the name continues to be one of the top names for baby girls in Brazil year after year.


A strong name with a dusting of femininity that’s just perfect for a little girl you expect to be a busy bee, Beatriz translates to “the one who brings happiness.” It is the Spanish version of Beatrice. Some parents in Latin America use the spelling of Beatrix.


With roots dating back to ancient Rome, Camila is a strong name that many people know today after falling in love with the music of Camila Cabello. However, Camila’s place in the spotlight actually dates back to the legendary maiden warrior in “The Aeneid” by Virgil. In English-speaking countries, Camila is usually spelled as Camilla.


Ethereal and edgy, Eloá means “goddess” in Brazilian culture.


If you’re expecting a fair-haired girl, Flávia is a name that translates to mean “golden and blonde.” However, this name is truly just the right flavor for a little girl with hair of any hue!


If you’re looking for inspiration from a real-life Brazilian princess when naming your little princess, Francisca is perfect. Born in 1824, Dona Francisca was princess of the Empire of Brazil. However, the name is powerful even without the princess connection because it translates to “free one.” In Brazil, girls with the name Francisca often go by the nicknames of Kika or Pancha.


The feminine form of Gabriel, Gabriella roughly translates to “God is my strength.” This angelic name is very popular throughout Latin America. Girls with this name often go by the nicknames of Gabbi or Gabby.


Gisele was a popular Brazilian name long before Gisele Bündchen became one of the world’s biggest supermodels. However, the rise of the Brazilian superstar has certainly helped to increase the name’s popularity. Giselle is actually a French name that means “beautiful like the stars.” It is commonly spelled as Giselle. Girls named Gisele in Brazil are often called Zellie for short.


The perfect name for your future belle of the ball, Izable translates to “God’s promise”. It is sometimes spelled Isabel or Isabella.


This elegant name translates to “God with us.” While the name holds lots of spiritual significance, it is also undeniably light and feminine. When looking for a nickname to go with Manuela, Ella is an easy pick. Some parents choose to spell this name as Manoela.


With nearly 65 percent of the Brazilian population identifying as Roman Catholic, religious names are quite common. No name is quite as common for little girls as Maria. Bestowed upon girls in honor of the Virgin Mary, Maria is a sweet and simple name that rolls off the tongue beautifully. It is a great option to pair with longer family names.


Are you expecting a December baby? One way to really put a bow on the naming process is to go with Nadalia. This name actually translates to mean “born on Christmas.” However, this cheerful name works just fine for any girl who makes an appearance during the holiday season.


The perfect name for your pride and joy, Patricia means “noble.” It is sometimes spelled Patrizia.


A solid name for any little girl, Pedrina means “rock.”


Refreshing and beautiful in its origins, Renata is a name that means “born again.” It is actually the Brazilian take on the name Renée.


A name for a woman who is “as noble as a rose,” Rosalice is a real stunner.


A religious and soulful name, Rosário means “rosary.” This is a wonderful way to honor one’s Catholic faith. Traditionally comprised of beads made from dried rose petals, the rosary calls to mind fragrant prayers said with deep devotion.


In recent years, Valentina has been trending upwards in Brazil. Romantic and lyrical, the name translates to mean “healthy and strong.”


A perfect name for a girl who is destined to conquer the world right after she conquers your heart, Vitória translates to “victory” and “winner.”


If you’re looking for a name that throws back to Brazilian mythology, Yara is an old name with fresh appeal. The name either means “water lady” or “small butterfly.” Yara is derived from a beautiful goddess from Brazilian mythology. It is sometimes spelled as Iara.


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