57 Cajun Names Full Of Traditional Spirit

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Across the globe, Cajun names are known to be exotic and distinct. They are also known to have French, Spanish, African, and Native American influences. These are just some of the influences that have shaped the region and given rise to names that are a unique and rather interesting blend of these other parts of the world. 

Whatever your reason for considering a Cajun name for your little one, you’ll be happy to know that you might find just the right one from this extensive list, or this list might inspire something closely linked. As with most naming traditions and their association with certain regions, Cajun names are a reflection of and offer a glimpse into the history, language, and culture of Louisiana.

Cajun names for girls

Abella: Widely considered a variation of the popular name, Isabella, this cute name means “breath.”

Aurelie: Of French origin, this is a popular choice for babies born in summer; simply means “golden” or “sunshine.”

Azena: Simply means “righteous” or “obedient.”

Edmee: Meaning “prosperous protection.” 

Corinne: A name popularized by singer, Corinne Bailey-Rae, this elegant Cajun name has French origins and means “maiden.”

Euphrosine: Not a name that you’d come across every day, this name is inspired by the Greek goddess of joy and happiness. Simply means “merriment.”

Fleur: Of French origin, this short and sweet name means “flower.”

Jolie: As evidenced by award-winning actress, Angelina Jolie, this French name also doubles as a second name. Meaning “pretty.”

Hestia: Inspired by the Greek goddess of hearth and home, this name means “fireside.”

Josette: A rather unconventional girl name with Biblical references, this elegant name means “God will increase.”

Leonie: Just as it sounds, this name is inspired by the Latin word for “lion,” making it a suitable choice for your little braveheart.

Noelie: While the more popular variation of this name is Noelle, the Cajun form is just as beautiful. Suitable for a baby girl born during the festive season, as it means “born on Christmas.”

Nola: This place-inspired name is derived from the nickname of New Orleans, Louisiana, and fits right into this list Cajun of names.

Pelagie: This is a beautiful choice for a water lover, this name simply means “of the sea.” It’s also inspired by the French word for purity.

Sidonie: One of the lesser-known Cajun names, this is a unique and feminine take on the name, Sydney. 

Zoe: A cute and memorable Greek name that is widely used in various parts of the world; simply means “life.”

Zula: This two-syllable name has African origins and simply means “brilliant” or “the heavens.”

Cajun names for boys

Armand: This authoritative boy name means “soldier.”

Aristide: Every parent wishes only the best for their bundle of joy, making this a fitting name for your little boy. This unique name of Greek origin means just that – “the best.”

Athanase: This beautiful and unique Greek-inspired name means “immortal” or “eternal.”

Aubin: Simply means “bright.”

Augustin: This classic Cajun name has French origins and means “great” or magnificent. It’s a great way to prophesy over your little one’s life.

Avit: One of the more modern and trendy Cajun boy names on this list, this sweet option is derived from the popular name, David. 

Beauregard: A rare name that’s distinctly Cajun, this one simply means “beautiful gaze.”

Benoit: Of French and Latin roots, this masculine name means “the one who says the good.”

Boudreaux: If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind name for your baby boy, then this one is a great option. Inspired by the French word for farmer, it also means “leader of the group.”

Bruno: A name popularized by award-winning singer, Bruno Mars, this French and Italian name means “brown.” A fitting choice for a brown-haired or brown-eyed boy! 

Delphin: Just as it sounds, this Greek name is derived from the sea animal, a dolphin. This makes it ideal for a water lover or lover of animals. 

Duc: A short and sweet name that simply means “leader.”

Eloi: Meaning “chosen one.”

Eraste: Closely linked to the name Erasmus, this unconventional variation means “beloved.”

Etienne: Of French origins, this Cajun name means “garland” or “crown,” making it a great choice for your little leader.

Guerrier: An Old French name that means “famed warrior,” typically used for a strong or brave boy.

Ignace: With both Latin and French origins, this unique name is suitable for a little firecracker. It means “fiery one.”

Jules: This is a popular name across the globe and means “youthful.”

Lafayette: One of the more unconventional names on the list, this name means “from the great field.”

Lazare: Meaning “God has helped.”

Loic: If short and cute is what you’re looking for, this is a pretty good bet; meaning “famed warrior.”

Louise: It doesn’t get more Cajun than this name, which means “from the state of Louisiana.”

Marcel: Of French roots, this beautiful name quite simply means “young warrior.” Ideal for your little fighter and braveheart. 

Pierre: Meaning “stone.”

Raphael: This popular name means “God has healed.” This is a fitting choice for parents that might have suffered several losses before the arrival of their precious baby boy.

Renard: Simply means “fox.” This is the Cajun variation of the name “Raymond.” 

Roch: Of French origin, this name is suitable for either a nature lover or a very strong boy. It’s inspired by the word, rock, and means “a large stone.”

Sylvan: This is a suitable name for a nature lover; simply means “of the forest.”

Zephirin: When it comes to unique names that will make your baby boy memorable, this is one of them! Ideal for a gentle and soft-spoken child, this name means “soft wind.”

Unisex Cajun names

Beau: This well-known French name is popular among girls but can be used for boys too. Simply means “beautiful.”

Lucien: This name has both French and Latin origins. Inspired by the Latin word for “light,” it is the perfect name for the little one who brings so much joy to your world.

Remy: This charming French name means “remedy.”

Find more unisex names

Cajun names for boys and girls
Cajun names for boys and girls

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