117 Cuban Names With Captivating Meanings

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Cuban names are undoubtedly among the most unique in the world. So, if you’re looking for something that’s rather unconventional for your little one, then it makes sense for you to be considering a Cuban name. Wherever you may be in the world, it’s possible to point out a Cuban name because of how creative and distinct they are.

From the common use of the letter Y, to the reversal of other conventional names, we can all agree that Cuban names are quite inventive. In fact, some of the most unique Cuban names are either a combination of both parents’ names, or a reordered version of either parent’s name. 

Cuba has been a source of passion and creativity, including being Ernest Hemingway’s long-time muse. So below is a selection of Cuban names for you to consider for your bundle of joy.

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Traditional Cuban names for girls

  1. Agathe. Of Greek origin, meaning “good” or “kind.”
  2. Aletha. Simply means “truth.”
  3. Aspasia. A pleasant Cuban name meaning “welcome.”
  4. Clara. The Cuban version of the name Claire, this name simply means “bright.”
  5. Guadalupe. Meaning “of the Mother Mary.”
  6. Macario. An adorable Cuban name meaning “blessed” and “happy.”
  7. Manuela. Among the most classic Cuban names, meaning “God is with us.”
  8. Verita. Cuban name meaning “truth.”

Traditional Cuban names for boys

  1. Diego. One of the more well-known Cuban names, meaning “supplanter.”
  2. Ernesto. Simply means “earnest” and “sincere.”
  3. Gutierre. Simply means “army ruler.”
  4. Miguel. Of Hebrew origin, this is one of several popular Cuban names. Simply means “the one like God.”
  5. Osvaldo. Simply means “power of God.”
  6. Yasiel. A uniquely Cuban name meaning “made by God.”

Short Cuban names for girls

  1. Aleja. Of Spanish origin, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  2. Atale. Simply means “young.”
  3. Aura. Of Latin origin, meaning “breeze.”
  4. Ava. Cuban name derived from the Latin word meaning “bird.”
  5. Coro. A cute unisex name simply meaning “chorus.”
  6. Lao. Simply means “stand of glory.”
  7. Lur. Of Spanish origin, meaning “earth.”
  8. Pabla. A fitting choice for your baby, simply means “little one.”
  9. Rosa. A cute Cuban name meaning “rose.”
  10. Safia. Simply means “pure.”

Short Cuban names for boys

  1. Bembe. Simply means “prophet.”
  2. Cuba. Of Spanish origin, a unisex name meaning “from Cuba.”
  3. Eterio. “Pure as heaven.”
  4. Juan. Meaning “God’s gift.”
  5. Luis. Suitable for a little fighter, meaning “well-known warrior.”
  6. Monte. Simply means “manpower.”
  7. Neo. A sweet unisex Cuban name that celebrates your little one, meaning “new life” or “gift.”
  8. Nino. This cute Cuban name means “young child.”
  9. Olo. Meaning “famous in the land.”
  10. Paz. Among the shortest Cuban names, this unisex name means “peace.”
  11. Riel. Derived from the name Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength.”
  12. Tajo. Sweet Spanish name meaning “day.”
  13. Teb. Of Greek origin, meaning “crowned.”
  14. Yago. Simply means “he who supplants.”
  15. Yuli. Cuban version of Julian, meaning “youthful.”
  1. Acindina. This beautiful Greek name means “safe.”
  2. Adoncia. This cute name simply means “sweet.”
  3. Aymee. The Cuban version of Amy, this cute name means “beloved.”
  4. Benita. Meaning “blessed.”
  5. Caridad. A Spanish name that means “charity.”
  6. Ezmeralda. The Cuban version of Esmerelda, meaning “emerald.”
  7. Fransisco. Meaning “from the country of France.”
  8. Gisele. Simply means “pledge.”
  9. Hermosa. Of Spanish origin, this name simply means “beautiful.”
  10. Juanita. Simply means “God is gracious.”
  11. Mariposa. Meaning “a beautiful butterfly.”
  12. Ramon. Meaning “wise protector.”
  13. Veronica. Known all over the world, this name means “she who brings victory.”
  14. Xandria. A fitting choice for a brave little one, meaning “the one who protects mankind.”
  15. Xiomara. One of the most well-loved names in Cuba, meaning “renowned in warrior.”
  16. Yandra. This beautiful name means “mother.”
  17. Yanet. Meaning “God is merciful.”
  18. Yenifer. One of several English-inspired Cuban names, derived from Jennifer, this name means “white shadow.”
  19. Yoselin. Simply means “joyous.”
  20. Zelia. A fitting choice for a cheerful baby, meaning “brighter than the sun.”
  1. Alejandro. Cuban version of the popular name, Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  2. Antonio. One of the most well-known Cuban names, this one means “flourishing.”
  3. Carlos. Simply means “free man.”
  4. Dalian. Of Spanish origin, this name means “valley.”
  5. Duardo. “A prosperous or fruitful guardian.”
  6. Elian. Meaning “the Lord is my God.”
  7. Euxenio. Simply means “born into royalty.”
  8. Geraldo. Of Spanish origin, meaning “excellent spearman.”
  9. Jose. Meaning “he shall add.”
  10. Julio. Meaning “full of youth.”
  11. Manuel. Derived from the name Immanuel, meaning “God with us.”
  12. Oswaldo. “God’s power.”
  13. Rafael. Simply means “God has healed.”
  14. Reinaldo. Meaning “advisor to the king.”
  15. Reinier. Of German origin, meaning “wise army.”
  16. Roberto. Of Italian origin, this well-loved name means “bright fame.”
  17. Vincente. Of Spanish origin, meaning “victor” or “conqueror.”

Unique Cuban names for girls

  1. Alegria. Signifies “one who brings happiness or delight.”
  2. Cailida. This beautiful name means “adoring.”
  3. Callisto. Of Greek origin, meaning “most beautiful.”
  4. Canisa. Ideal for your precious baby girl, meaning “beloved” or “dear.”
  5. Cheche. This distinctly Cuban unisex name means “God will add.”
  6. Estefania. Simply means “crown.”
  7. Novia. Touted as the lesser-known alternative to names such as Nora and Nova, this cute name means “sweetheart.”
  8. Orquidea. Simply means “beautiful as a flower.”
  9. Ramira. Of Spanish roots, this name means “judicious.”
  10. Santana. This beautiful unisex name means “like the saint.”
  11. Secundila. A fitting choice for a second-born, meaning “the second daughter.”
  12. Telma. Simply means “willful.”
  13. Tiburcia. Reference to “a place full of pleasures.”
  14. Yoana. Meaning “God’s gift.”
  15. Yolexis. Among the uniquely Cuban names, this means “charming” and “friendly.”
  16. Yurisbel. This sweet Cuban name means “friendly” and “cheerful.”
  17. Yuslan. A unisex name simply meaning “pleasant” and “friendly by nature.”
  18. Zamira. This beautiful name means “song” or “nightingale.

Unique Cuban names for boys

  1. Auducto. A fitting choice for your brave little one, meaning “bold.”
  2. Basilio. Associated with royalty, this name means “kingly.”
  3. Bibiano. A perfect Cuban name for your little boy, meaning “small man.”
  4. Bonifacio. “One who does good deeds.”
  5. Epifanio. Meaning “shines brightly.”
  6. Eufrasio. “One who uses words well.”
  7. Eustorgio. A fitting name for your little one, meaning “well loved.”
  8. Evaristo. Meaning “excellent one.”
  9. Fanuco. Simply means “free.”
  10. Heliodoro. One of several nature-inspired Cuban names, meaning “gift of the      sun god.”
  11. Herodoto. “The sacred talent or skills.”
  12. Ixtaro. This unconventional unisex name means “hope.”
  13. Normando. “Man of the north.”
  14. Orfeo. “One who has a good voice.”
  15. Osbaldo. A distinct Cuban name meaning “God’s power.”
  16. Pafnucio. This uniquely Cuban name simply means “rich in merits.”
  17. Panfilio. “A friend to all.”
  18. Patrocinio. This unconventional name means “supported” or “sponsored.”
  19. Tolomeo. Suitable for your little warrior, meaning “dominant in the battlefield.”
  20. Yaniel. A uniquely Cuban name meaning “God is my judge.”
  21. Yoenis. Derived from the Latin word for “just.”
  22. Yunieski. This unconventional name simply means “grateful” and “happy.”
  23. Yunior. The Cuban version of the English name, Junior.

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Cuban names
Cuban names

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