68 Danish Girl Names Perfect For A Little Jetsetter

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Very few things compare to the pride and joy that comes with naming your precious baby girl. Fortunately, you’re spoilt for choice if you’re looking for a name that sticks out from the many Danish girl names that have gained popularity over the years. 

A name is something that your baby girl will carry with her for the rest of her life, so it’s worth spending a bit of time finding just the right one. Whether you’re looking for a name that has stood the test of time, or perhaps one that is short and cute, then the lists below may just inspire something as unique as your little one.

There are several reasons why some names become more popular than others, such as the meaning and emotions they carry. In fact, some of the most popular Danish girl names have gained worldwide popularity because of how easy they are on the tongue.

Below is a list of names for you to consider.

Anna.Quite simply means “grace”
Bergitte.A name that’s ideal for a courageous and bold little one; meaning “exalted one”, “fire goddess” and “strength”
Blenda.Suitable for a beaming and radiant baby girl; meaning “dazzling bright”
Charlotte.Meaning “gift of God”
Danika.Meaning “morning star” and “from Denmark”; signifies pride in your origins if you’re from Denmark
Emma.Popular name in various parts of the world, which is reflected in its meaning, which is “universal”
Isabelle.One of those effortlessly elegant names; meaning “devoted to God”
Laura.Ideal if you’re raising a just and steadfast baby girl; meaning “honour” and “victory”
Margareta.Beautiful yet simple name that means “pearl” 
Nicoline.Meaning “victory of the people”
Olivia.Perfect for a little girl who avoids conflict; meaning “symbol of peace”
Regina.A regal-sounding name that appropriately means “queen”
Siri.A name that has become widely associated with Apple’s virtual assistant; meaning “marvellous victory” 
Sofia.Popularized by several American media personalities; meaning “pure”
Tatiana.Female version of Tatius; meaning “honourable”
Teresa.Alternative spelling of Theresa; meaning “to harvest”

Classic Danish girl names

Some names originated as far back as your great-grandmother’s generation, but they are still used today. They may be Danish girl names that were inspired by certain tales, or names that have been passed down from generation to generation in your family. Whatever the case may be, classic names have an unmatched timeless elegance and sophistication. 

These are just some of those names that have lived on for centuries.

Adelena.Meaning “noble kind”
Agnete.Closely tied to the popular name, Agnes, which means “holy”
Andriette.Ideal for a “strong” and “fearless” little one
Annegrate.Meaning “God is gracious and He has answered all our prayers”
Betina.Suitable for one who looks to God
Danica.Alternative spelling of Danika; meaning “God is my judge”
Embla.According to Norse mythology, this was the first woman on earth
Frederikke.Danish version of the German name, Frederica, and female form of Frederick; popular name within royal families
Juanita.One who brings people together, a unifier; meaning “precious gift”
Lisbet.Derived from the name Elizabeth; meaning “promise of God”
Margareta.Simply means “pearl”
Mathilde.Ideal for a feisty and fierce baby girl; meaning “powerful and mighty in battle”
Petrine.A very detail-focused girl; female form of Pedar
Rebekka.Danish form of the popular Hebrew name, Rebecca from the Bible 
Solvey.One who is “as strong as the sun”
Viola.Meaning “violet flower”
Wilhelmine.Classic name that has gained popularity around the world; meaning “resolute protector”

Short Danish girl names

One-syllable or short names are my favourite! They roll off the tongue with ease and are easy to remember. Sometimes, these names are derived from long names, but over time, they have become well-used names in their own right.

In other words, the list below is perfect if you’re looking for short Danish girl names that will make your baby girl unforgettable.

Ailsa.Danish form of Elizabeth
Anja.Inspired by the name Anna; can mean “gracious” or “favored”
Caja.Meaning “full of joy”
Dana.Reference to someone from Denmark; signifies a sense of pride in one’s origins
Ebba.Meaning “strength”
Elin.Perfect for a radiant and happy child; meaning “torch of light”
Else.Meaning “promise of God”
Eva.Danish form of Eve, the first woman in the Bible
Ida.Rooted in an Old Norse word that means “action”; suitable for an industrious and hard-working baby girl
Liv.Meaning “protection” , “life” and “shelter”
Mille.Short form of Emilie; ideal for an “ambitious” little girl
Nanna.Meaning  “daring” 
Nilsa.A champion; one who wins and emerges triumphant
Signa.Simply means “new victory”
Siv.Inspired by the wife of Thor; meaning “bride”
Una.Meaning “happy”
Vigga.Can be used for a bold and strong baby girl; meaning “battle” or “war”

Cute Danish girl names

I’m pretty sure that the mere thought of your baby girl is enough to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Naturally, that’s a feeling you may try to relay through the name you choose for your little one. Why? Well, because everybody needs to know from the get-go just how adorable your little one is.

If that’s the case, then one of these cute Danish girl names may just be the perfect one for your bundle of joy.

Abbie.Perfect for Daddy’s little girl; meaning “joy of the father”
Ala.Meaning “swift bird”
Boa.Very unique and memorable name that quite simply means “sweetheart”
Ella.One who is full of life and is a “beautiful fairy”
Fie.Simply means “lovely” or “beauty”
Ida.Meaning “hardworking” and “industrious”
Ika.Suitable for an only child; meaning “one”
Grette.Adorable name for your little gem; meaning “pearl”
Gro.Cute name that quite literally means “to grow” and heal
Kara.Meaning “graceful” or “beautiful”
Kia.Indicative of a new beginning or a new chance; meaning “season’s beginnings”
Lulla.Inspired by a well-known female warrior
Meta.Shortened and Danish form of Margaret
Ninni.Unique name meaning “friendly” or “blossom”
Saffi.Meaning “a wise person”

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