Difference Between 6 and 6x Size – With Helpful Charts

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Ready to have your mind blown? The question “What is the difference between 6 and 6x” only applies to girls’ sizes! We’ll cover this common children’s sizing question, and help you choose the right size! 

Difference between 6 and 6x.

Size 6x is slightly larger than 6, generally an inch longer and an inch wider. 

Size 6x only exists for girls’ clothing, because girls tend to go through more of a growth spurt around that preschool age. There’s also no “X” on any other size! So if you’re a parent that likes to “size up” or have a taller child, you’ll be better off with a 6x. 

Size 6Size 6x
Weight Up to 40 lbs38 – 44 lbs
Height 45 – 46.5 in 47 – 48.5 in
Chest 25 in26 in
Waist 22 in23 in 
Difference between 6 and 6x

Do all brands have size 6x and 6?

While most children’s brands recognize that kids grow like weeds, not all of them offer consistent sizing options. Some brands offer size 6x and not 6 or vice versa, some call it size 6/7, and some just start calling it size “small.” 

Why does size 6X only apply to girls?

It has been long known that in general girls grow faster than boys in their preschool years. Therefore girls need more sizing options, giving rise to the difference between 6 and 6x. 

What else to consider in girls’ sizes? 

There’s just no denying it when a kid’s clothing has become too small. Here are a few ways to extend the life of your child’s wardrobe:

  • Buy loose-fitting clothing. Clothing that’s meant to be worn loosely – like joggers and hoodies – can be bought with a little extra room so that they can fit through several sizes. 
  • Take advantage of “short” clothing. While too-short sleeves and pant-legs are an obvious giveaway that your child has outgrown her clothing, shorts, dresses, and T-shirts never look too small! 
  • Buy pants with drawstrings. Pants with a drawstring can be bought on the larger side so that they fit comfortably as your child goes through a growth spurt. 
  • Don’t buy jumpsuits and rompers. One-piece outfits rarely fit tall girls comfortably. Avoid them altogether. 
Difference between 6 and 6x size chart
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This chart might help you remember the difference between size 6, 6X and 7 up to 14

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And here are some more FAQs, if the difference between 6 and 6x wasn’t confusing enough!

What does size 6a mean?

Size 6A actually just means size 6, but in French-speaking countries. “A” stands for “ans” which means years. 

What is 6X in children’s clothing? 

Size 6X is slightly larger than size 6 and only exists in girls’ clothing as they grow faster around preschool age. Size 6X is generally an inch longer and an inch larger that size 6

Is 6X bigger than 6? 

Yes, 6X is bigger than 6. It’s generally an inch longer and an inch bigger.

Difference between 6 and 6x
Difference between 6 and 6x size

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