62 Evangeline Middle Names That Elegantly Roll Off The Tongue

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Bearer of good news. A lovely meaning for a lovely name – Evangeline – whose popularity is making a comeback. Of course, such an elegant name has to be paired wisely, and this list of Evangeline middle names won’t leave you disappointed. 

Whether she’ll be known as Eva, Angel, Vangie, or simply as Evangeline, this increasingly popular name can’t be paired with just anything. (Can you imagine an Evangeline Eve or an Evangeline Carolina? Neither can we!) Her middle name has to either carry on that elegance and complexity or completely break the expectation. Here are a few ideas of what we mean. 

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Flowery and Nature-Inspired Evangeline Middle Names

If you want to reflect Evangeline’s beautiful first name in her middle name, you can’t go wrong with something flowery. Of course, we left names like Evangeline Ivy or anything that doesn’t roll off the tongue completely off the list. Here’s what’s left. 

  • Evangeline Blossom
  • Evangeline Daisy
  • Evangeline Daphne
  • Evangeline Florence
  • Evangeline Iris
  • Evangeline Lily 
  • Evangeline Rose
  • Evangeline Violet

Month And Season Evangeline Middle Names

Evangeline is already such a powerful name that it doesn’t hurt to pair it with something fun and whimsical, like a meaningful month or season. Here are a few ideas for how that might sound. 

  • Evangeline April
  • Evangeline August
  • Evangeline Autumn
  • Evangeline Frost
  • Evangeline June
  • Evangeline Mardi
  • Evangeline May
  • Evangeline Snow
  • Evangeline Spring
  • Evangeline Summer

Short Evangeline Middle Names

There’s no denying that Evangeline, a 4-syllable name, is long. So you really can’t go wrong pairing the name with something short and sweet that can serve as a double name if needed. 

Here are some middle names that actually roll off the tongue with Evangeline. 

  • Evangeline Anne
  • Evangeline Bea
  • Evangeline Belle
  • Evangeline Blair
  • Evangeline Bree
  • Evangeline Claire
  • Evangeline Cher
  • Evangeline Dixie
  • Evangeline Dove
  • Evangeline Enya
  • Evangeline Fae
  • Evangeline Grace
  • Evangeline Gray
  • Evangeline Hope
  • Evangeline Jade
  • Evangeline Jean
  • Evangeline Joy
  • Evangeline Kay
  • Evangeline Lane
  • Evangeline Lee
  • Evangeline Luna
  • Evangeline Mae
  • Evangeline Moon
  • Evangeline Pearl
  • Evangeline Rae
  • Evangeline Shea
  • Evangeline Skye
  • Evangeline Star
  • Evangeline Wren
  • Evangeline Zen

Long, Classy, and Elegant Evangeline Middle Names

While you certainly can’t go wrong with a short and punchy middle name, you could always go the opposite route and own the complex elegance that comes with being Evangeline. 

Here’s a short list of longer names that work surprisingly well together. 

  • Evangeline Allegra
  • Evangeline Avalon
  • Evangeline Calista
  • Evangeline Charity 
  • Evangeline Clarice
  • Evangeline Danica
  • Evangeline Delilah
  • Evangeline Gisele
  • Evangeline Harper
  • Evangeline Ingrid
  • Evangeline Jolie
  • Evangeline Marie
  • Evangeline Prudence
  • Evangeline Shiloh

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