12 Fake Family Quotes to Help You Move On

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If you’ve ever left a family conversation feeling blamed, belittled, or betrayed, these fake family quotes will help you deal and move on.

Fake Family Quotes on Accepting YOU

If you feel like the black sheep in your fake family for making different choices and living on your own terms, remember this quote. You’ll be happier living as you rather than fitting in as someone else.

It’s painful but it’s true. I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.

Fake Family Quotes on Betrayal

It’s painful enough to not be supported by the people who are supposed to love you most. But if they’re actively sabotaging you – they gotta go.

The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies. But standing up afterwards is the greatest lesson you can learn.

Don’t fear at all, actually. You’re stronger than that.

If your family says they support you but don’t celebrate your wins, they’re a fake family.

Keep your eyes open and you’ll be fine.

It’s your job to recognize and to heal though.

Fake Family Quotes on Moving On

There it is right there. We put so much energy into fearing cutting ties with fake family, when we know life on the other side is so much brighter.

So true. Why waste your energy proving you’re good enough to fake family? Prove it to yourself and move on!

That’s right. You don’t want to be here, no one’s forcing you to stay.

That’s right. The truth about fake families always comes out. Just stay positive.

This right here. If your family celebrates your wins and roots for your happiness even when they’re not around, that’s not a fake family. That’s what you have to strive for.

Fake Family Quotes – Final Thoughts

If any of this resonated with you – you know what you have to do. Start healing and nurturing stronger relationships with better people.

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