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So, you’re preparing to welcome your baby girl and shower her with endless hugs and kisses. Maybe you can already see your precious darling growing up to be a poised and sophisticated little lady, which hopefully inspired you to shortlist a few fancy names. 

If you’re in need of some fancy and elegant girl names, our wide-ranging list will have you covered with:

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Elegant girl names

What comes to mind when you hear the word elegance? Opulent items like gems and pearls? Old Hollywood icons, and classic characters? Historic women who were wise and strong? 

The elegant girl names on this list are inspired by grace, wisdom, and a little bit of sparkle. Perfect for your precious little girl. 

Angelica. Based on the root of the name, angel, it references an angelic and spiritually inclined child 
Anita. Hebrew-inspired name that means “graceful”
Cassandra. Latin form of a name inspired by Greek mythology, meaning “to shine”
Clarice. A purely English name for those looking to raise a “bright” girl
Celine. “Heavenly” – often associated with music legend, Celine Dion
Beatrice. Latin for “she who brings happiness”
Esther.Of Persian origin and means “star” – a biblical figure
Gwyneth.A Welsh name for “blessed”
Isabel.Spanish variation of Elizabeth, meaning “pledges to God”
Lauren.A popular name of French origin, signifying wisdom
Margot.Meaning “pearl” and of French origin
Miranda.Of Dutch origin – meaning “wonderful” or “admirable”
Prudence.Much like the actual meaning of the word, a Medieval English name meaning “skilled” or “wise”
Scarlett.Reference to a shade of red, but also signifying high quality and exclusivity

Long, fancy names

When it comes to fancy names, the longer they are, the more likely they are to be unique. If you’re looking to give your baby girl a one-of-a-kind name, then this may just be your best bet! 

In some cases, long, fancy names are inspired by more than one name joined to form one. One thing you can be sure of, though, should you decide on one of these as your daughter’s name, is that your baby girl may have to deal with mispronunciations and an assortment of nicknames throughout their life.

Annabelle. Of Scottish origin, meaning “graceful”
Caledonia. Meaning “from Scotland”, which speaks to its origins
Clementine. Meaning “mild” or “gentle”
Donatella. Of Latin origin, meaning “given by God”
Francesca. Meaning “from France”
Gertrude. Of Dutch and English origin, meaning “spear of strength”
Gracelyn. Combination of Grace and Lyn, meaning “grace by the lake”
Gretchen. Dutch name meaning “pearl”; diminutive of Margareta
Meredith. Formerly a boy name meaning “guardian of the sea”
Rebecca. Biblical name associated with traits such as modesty and kindness
Seraphina. Of Hebrew origin, meaning “a fire”
Theodora. Greek name meaning “gift of God”
Valentina. Of Latin origin, meaning “good health”
Wilhelmina. Meaning “fierce protector”
Winifred. Meaning “fair” and “peace”; of English origin but inspired by the Welsh name, Gwenfrewi

Short, fancy names

If you’re interested in a name that’s memorable and rolls off the tongue, then one of these could be exactly what you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you happen to have a relatively long surname and want to balance the scales a bit, look no further.

There is an abundance of short, fancy names for girls, some of which are derived from long names or are nicknames that have been popularized as formal names. Either way, below is a list for you to explore and possibly find exactly what you’re looking for to describe your bundle of joy.

Adele. Meaning “nobility” – inspired by the name Adel, of German origin
Ana.Of Spanish origin, this name has several spelling variations; meaning “graceful” or “merciful”
Arya.Associated with Game of Thrones in pop culture, of Indian origin
Ava. Derived from Eve in a biblical sense, often associated with birds and new beginnings
Dell.Shortened form of the popular name, Adelaide; meaning “noble kind”
Devi.Short, cute name that simply means ”goddess”
Fay.Ethereal name of Middle English origin, meaning “fairy”
Greta.Shortened form of Margareta; meaning “pearl” of Greek origin
Iris.Reference to Greek goddess of rainbows and a flower
Ivy.“Faithfulness” – of English origin
Jolie.Alternatively used as a second name; “pretty” of French origin
Lily.One of the more popular elegant girl names – inspired by the lily flower; signifies rebirth
Mila. Slavic name meaning “gracious”
Nala.Amongst the most recently popularized fancy names– inspired by Disney’s The Lion King; multicultural name of African origin
Rain.Relatively modern girl name referencing actual rain; popular amongst nature enthusiasts because of the significance of rain
Ruby.One of the more popular elegant girl names, reference to the gem stone; of British origin 
Sana.Arabic name meaning “brilliance”
Sky.Reference to the sky; of Scottish origin
Zoe.Of Greek origin, meaning “life”

Royal elegant girl names

Royalty in itself is associated with elegance, so, it comes as no surprise that there is an abundance of elegant girl names inspired by some of the most notable royals. Members of any royal family are widely expected to be exemplary, which may be a trait you wish for your baby girl to adopt.

Whatever your reason for pursuing a name that is linked to royalty, here are a few for you to pick from.

Alice.Meaning “of a noble kind” and associated with Queen Victoria’s great-granddaughter
Amalia.Cross-cultural but popularized as of German origin; meaning “work” 
Antoinette.Of French origin, widely associated with Queen Marie-Antoinette of France
Augusta.Meaning “great” and “magnificent” – made popular by the mother of King George III
Camilla.A name given to the daughter of King George III; meaning “free born”
Charlene.French name meaning “a woman” – made popular by Princess Charlene of Monaco
Charlotte.Of French origin, feminine form of Charles
Cordelia.Made famous by a royal bearer, Cordelia of Britain 
Diana.Widely associated with the Princess of Wales – Indo-European name meaning “heavenly”
Elizabeth.Of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my oath”
Gabriella.Italian name meaning “woman of God”
Grace.Made popular by actress-turned-royal, Grace Kelly who became Princess of Monaco
Henrietta.Classic name that was first used in the 16th century, meaning “home ruler”
Maxima.Of Latin origin, made famous by Queen Maxima of the Netherlands
Sophie.French variation of Sophia, meaning “wisdom”
Victoria.Associated with England’s Queen Victoria, meaning “victory”
Zara.“Beautiful” – made famous by the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth

Modern fancy names

While some girl names have been able to stand the test of time, others have become less popular over the years and paved the way for new ones. One thing that remains, though, is that the search for unique, yet fancy names is something a lot of girl parents go through.

Many modern names can be unisex, but when it comes to fancy and elegant girl names, it seems that the ones below are becoming quite popular. This may be because some of them have been popularized by various public figures, making them that much more appealing.

Amaya.Of Japanese and Basque origin, meaning “mother city”
Aria.Greek word for “melody”, but name is of Hebrew origin; meaning “like a beautiful melody” 
Ariana.Widely associated with the songstress, Ariana Grande; of Italian origin – meaning “most holy”
Demi.Popular name in Hollywood; Greek for “Goddess of the Harvest”
Elsa.Made famous by the Frozen character in modern times; of Scandanavian origin, meaning “consecrated to God” in Hebrew
Gisele.German name meaning “to pledge”; made popular by model, Gisele Bündchen in recent years
Havanna.Derived from “heaven” and what it signifies; of English origin
Imani.Swahili name meaning “faith”
Luna.Latin name meaning “moon”; derived from Roman goddess of the moon
Mila.Made popular by actress, Mila Kunis in recent years; Russian name meaning “dear one”
Naomi.Hebrew name meaning “pleasantness”
Nova.Of Latin origin, signifying newness
Oceana.Derived from the word “ocean” or “from the sea”; of Greek origin
Shiloh.Biblical reference to a place of rest; meaning “peace” or “abundance”
Sia.Widely associated with the musician, this name is of old Norse origin; meaning “victory”
Zuri.Of Swahili origin; meaning “good”

Fancy Names For Girls – Final Words

When we think of elegance, we think of a refined grace, and we hope that this list truly delivered. Which of these elegant girl names left you most inspired? We’d love to know.

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Special thanks to author: Sannie Nkosi is the founder of Four-Leaf Consulting. After a few years in journalism, she ditched the newsroom to write about things that really matter (like family, finances and travel). On a regular day, you can find her creating content, listening to podcasts, or engaging with small business owners.

Special thanks to author: Sannie Nkosi is the founder of Four-Leaf Consulting. After a few years in journalism, she ditched the newsroom to write about things that really matter (like family, finances and travel). On a regular day, you can find her creating content, listening to podcasts, or engaging with small business owners.


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