59 Finnish Boy Names That Are Cool And Meaningful.

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Naming your baby boy can be both an exciting and daunting task. In fact, it can take weeks, or even months, to find just the right name for your little one. If you’re looking for Finnish boy names, then you’re spoilt for choice.

Many Finnish boy names are deep-rooted in the culture and history of Finland, while being sentimental too. These are just some of the things that make them appealing and ideal for your baby boy.

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Modern Finnish boy names

If you’re a modern parent, then chances are, you may be looking for an equally modern name for your baby boy. These are names that have generally evolved over time and are inspired by more traditional and classic names.

These Finnish boy names are unique and will allow your little one to stand out from the crowd. 

Dewitt.Suitable for your light-haired baby boy; meaning “blonde” 
Esa.Ideal for a believer; meaning “someone for whom God is the ultimate salvation”
Juhani.Meaning “God is gracious” or “merciful”
Ilmari.Simply means “air”
Olavi.Variation of the name, Olaf; meaning “a family descendent”
Onni.One who brings “happiness” and “luck”
Viljami.Meaning “resolute protector”

One thing’s for sure, Finnish boy names are among some of the most creative and exotic in the world. These popular names are suitable for your baby boy if you want something unconventional and exotic, but still meaningful.

The Finnish have found the perfect balance between a distinctly traditional name and one that is popular around the world. Many of these Finnish boy names are derived from other well-known names.

Take a look at some of the popular names that might inspire you below.

Ahti.Inspired by the god of water; can be used to signify cleanliness and purity
Aleksanteri.Suitable if your baby boy is strong-willed and courageous; meaning “defender of man”
Alvi.A fitting name for your new little friend; meaning “a noble friend”
Antti.Meaning “manly”; Finnish form of the Greek name, Andreas
Calle.Finnish form of Carl and Karl; meaning “a free man”
Edvin.Meaning “rich” or “wealthy friend”
Eemil.Ideal for your ambitious boy; meaning “one who strives to excel”
Eetu.Finnish form of the more well-known name, Edward
Henri.Simply means “estate ruler”
Jensynn.Linked to Christianity; meaning “God is good” or “Jehovah has been gracious”
Lasse.Meaning “to be crowned with laurel”; signifying one who emerges triumphant
Mathias.Inspired by the name, Matthew; meaning “the gift”
Mika.Someone “who is like God”
Niko.Derived from the name, Nicholas; meaning “victory of the people”
Paavo.Suitable if your baby boy is petite; simply means “small” 
Pekka.Simply means “rock” or “stone”
Rasmus.Derived from Erasmus; meaning “beloved” or “desired”
Roope.Finnish form of the name, Robert; meaning “bright” and “fame”
Samu.Meaning “someone who has been prayed for”; shorted and Finnish form of the popular name, Samuel
Santeri.Meaning “defender of man”
Tauno.Ideal  if your baby is a quiet little peacemaker; meaning “peaceful” and “modest”
Toivo.Simply means “hope”
Veikko.Simply means “brother”; a name that has stood the test of time and is becoming popular yet again

Viking Finnish boy names

If you’re looking for a significant yet unique name for your baby boy, then you’re bound to find some inspiration below. The great thing about Viking names is that they are rare and interesting, not to mention the story and meaning behind them.

The chances of you and your baby boy encountering someone with a same name on a regular day are slim. So, Viking baby names are the way to go if that’s what you’re looking for.

Below are just a few that may be suitable for your bundle of joy.

Bjorn.One of the most popular names from the Viking era; meaning “bear” or “a pronounced man”
Jensen.Meaning “son of Johannes”
Helge.Simply means “holy” or “blessed”
Leif.A name that has since gained popularity in the US as well; meaning “heir” or “descendent” 
Volund.Meaning “skilful” or “artful”; suitable if your baby boy comes from a creative or artistic family

Short Finnish boy names

Short Finnish boy names are often quite unique and special. This makes them a perfect choice for your baby boy if you want him to have a name that’s as memorable as he is. These names may be shortened forms of other popular names, or entirely distinct names.

That being said, a short and distinct name is a great way for your baby boy to stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t mean that a short name carries any less significance, on the contrary.

Below are some short Finnish boy names with meaning.

Aapo.Closely linked to Christianity; meaning “father of many”
Aari.Meaning “mountain of strength”
Aimo.Simply means “generous amount”
Aro.Shortened form of the name, Aaron
Benu.The perfect name to describe what your baby boy; meaning “blessed”
Dan.Simply means “God is my judge”
Eevi.Meaning “rich friend”; Finnish form of the popular name, Edwin
Eino.Simply means “ruler”
Gael.Simply means “joyful”
Igor.The perfect name for a strong-willed and brave baby; meaning “protected” and “warrior of peace”
Jere.Shortened form of Jeremiah; meaning “the Lord’s name will be exalted”
Kal.Simply means “strong”
Lari.Meaning “of superior reputation”
Levo.Finnish form of the popular name, Leo, a reference to a lion; meaning “to lift up”
Manu.The perfect name for your little champion; meaning “greatest”
Okko.Perfect if you have a blue-eyed baby boy; meaning “the blue-colored person”
Oni.Simply means “happiness” or “luck”
Ove.Ideal if you have a little busy body; meaning “active at work”
Rafu.Simply means “God has healed”
Rami.Meaning “wise protector” or “father of many”
Reko.Suitable if your baby boy is very attentive and aware; meaning “someone who is watchful and careful”
Saka.Simply means “smart”
Sulo.Meaning “a person of grace and charm”
Timo.Simply means “honouring God”
Valo.Perfect for your little ray of sunshine; meaning “light”

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