41 Finnish Girl Names That Are Cool And Light

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One of the most important things you’ll ever have to do before the arrival of your little one is naming them. If you’ve been browsing through compilations of Finnish girl names in the hopes of finding “the one,” that’s perfectly normal! It’s no wonder that some parents explore and consider various names months before the big arrival, but what’s in a name? 

Well, the name you give your child is an indication of the characteristics you hope they will possess, which is why it’s not something to be done on a whim! This is something that Finns know all too well, as they have some of the most beautiful and meaningful Finnish girl names.

Rare Finnish girl names

Irrespective of where in the world you’re from, the weight that your name carries can’t be denied. Parents may look for names that are as unique as their child, often with the hope of encouraging them to embrace their individuality.

Although Finnish names are known to be relatively more regulated, that doesn’t mean that as a parent, you can’t be creative and come up with a name that best describes your little one. After all, it’s what will make your child stand out from the crowd.

Here is a list of some of the more unconventional girl names that you should know about.

Aake.Reference to one’s ancestors; meaning “eagle ruler”
Aallotar.Meaning “lady of the wave”; someone of good character who is self-sufficient
Aamu.Suggests a new chance and beginning through its meaning, “morning”; believed to indicate someone who has a love for helping others
Aija.A happy girl possessing qualities such as optimism and creativity
Auri.Variation of another Finnish name, Aura; meaning “airy” or “breezy”; can also be shortened version of Aurora
Elvi.Widely viewed as the lesser-known alternative to Ellie or Evie, forming a combination of both; meaning “fair”
Eveliina.Meaning “Little Eve”; reference to the first woman in the Bible
Henriikka.Meaning “home ruler”; viewed as a possible reference to one who oversees the household as a nurturer
Ilta.Unconventional name meaning ”evening”; can be used for a girl that was birthed at night
Kesia.Meaning “cassia tree”; variation of Keziah
Suvi.One of a few season-themed names, meaning “summer”

Traditional Finnish girl names

Now, let’s take a look at some of the more traditional Finnish girl names that may carry a bit of history with them – which is often the case for names that originated centuries ago. Some of these have gained popularity throughout the years, and have even become some of the most popular Finnish names.

Have a look at some of them below. 

Aino.Meaning “unique” or “only one”; one of the most known Finnish girl names from mythology; often used for a girl who is an only child
Esteri.Can be used for a girl who brings light and radiance; meaning “star”
Ilda.Signifies a girl who is heroic and a fighter, despite meaning “calm”
Ilona.Reference to someone who brings “joy” and happiness, inspired by the queen of fairies
Linnea.Signifies great natural beauty; meaning “one whose beauty can be compared to a twinflower”
Loppa. Inspired by a revered female warrior
Luvianna.Heartfelt name indicative of a girl that is loved honestly and sincerely
Majilis.Widely used for a girl born in May; meaning “noble”
Niina.One who is courteous and polite
Paiva.Reference to the god of the sun; indicative of a girl born during the day
Yrsa.Shortened version of Ursula; meaning “little she bear”

Some of the most popular Finnish girl names are viewed as significant and highly meaningful, and they continue to be representative of the good things that parents desire for their children. They may also be passed down from generation to generation, as a way to pay tribute to some of the strong women in a family’s lineage.

These are some girl names that appear to be top of mind for parents.

Aada.Can also be spelled as Ada; meaning “noble”
Anneli.Derived from the combination of Anna and Liese; meaning “grace” or “favour”
Aina.Meaning “joy” and “forever”; can be used to indicate a source of joy for any new parent 
Aino.Listed as the most popular Finnish girl name in 2020; means “unique”
Dorotea.Meaning “God’s gift”
Helmi.Shortened form of Vilhelmina that references a “gem of the sea”
Kaarina.Finnish version of another popular name, Katherine; signifying innocence and purity
Kielo. Used to signify something that is new and blooming; can also be reference to a lily
Kristiina.Finnish version of the popular name, Christine; suggests a “follower of Christ”
Leka.Meaning “defender of men” and derived from the Nordic name, Leku; signifies strength and relentlessness
Lilja.Maning “lily” in both Finnish and Swedish; apart from being a girl name, it doubles up as a well-known Finnish surname
Lumi. Used as a rare name in other countries, but popular in its home country – Finland; meaning “snow”
Maire.Variation of Mary; meaning “sweet”
Ulla.Signifies someone who is determined and relentless; alternatively spelled as Ula and a shortened version of Ursula or Ulrika

Finnish girl names from mythology

The following list of names is one that you should turn to if you’re looking for inspiration from Finnish stories and legends. If there is a particularly memorable or intriguing character whose qualities you hope your child will possess, you may decide to name your child after them.

Finnish women are generally known as courageous, fit and strong, which is also reflected in the meaning of some of these Finnish girl names from mythology.

Aino.One of the most popular Finnish girl names; meaning “the only one” or “unique”; popularized by character from Kalevala
Ansa.Signifies innocence and grace; inspired by the goddess of dreams
Atena.Inspired by the goddess of wisdom
Ilmatar.Inspired by the goddess of the heavens; meaning “air”
Mielikki.Meaning “mood” or “mind”; made famous by the wife of god Tapio in Finnish mythology
Vellamo.Inspired by the goddess of the sea

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