18 Perfect First Father’s Day Gift Ideas To Really Surprise Him

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Any new dad will probably tell you, that the first Father’s Day is one of the most memorable days in their fatherhood journey. So, the first Father’s Day gift he receives has to be equally sentimental. You’re probably here because you’re looking for Father’s Day gift ideas to spark some inspiration in you. 

Fortunately, there’s a wide selection of Father’s Day gift ideas for you to choose from. These include thoughtful and heartfelt pieces, as well as extravagant and over-the-top displays of affection. The first Father’s Day gift is the perfect opportunity for you to put your best foot forward and make the day truly one to remember.

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Below are some of the most popular first Father’s Day gift ideas for you to consider.

Sweet First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Dad and baby matching shirts

This sweet first Father’s Day gift is an exceptionally cute ode to The Mandalorian. It’s one of those Father’s Day gift ideas that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If the bond between Din and Baby Yoda is anything to go by, these matching sets will surely make them inseparable.

Matching shirts are not only adorable and customizable, but they’re also indicative of the unity shared between him and his little one. As a first Father’s Day gift, this will surely rank among the best he has received in years to come.

2. Custom picture frame

What better way to freeze those special moments in time than with a custom picture frame? It’s a great way to bring a treasured memory to life and make it last forever. A personalized picture frame is that much more of a heartfelt first Father’s Day gift because of the extra thought that went into it.

You can add a short and sweet message to express your appreciation, or simply seal the deal by writing his name on it. Either way, this is a first Father’s Day gift that he is sure to cherish for years to come.

3. GOAT wisdom for fathers

If he’s particularly big on sports, then nothing beats this book of quotes as a first Father’s Day gift. This will help him tackle the challenges of fatherhood like a champ, and celebrate the victories and small wins of each day.

For new fathers, parenting can feel like walking into unknown territory. So, this book is a first Father’s Day gift that will ensure he embraces the journey and remains in high spirits. Made from recycled paper and presented with a hard cover, this is a gift he is bound to keep referring back to for inspiration throughout the years.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Wife

4. Superhero art

This is a great way to show just how much you cherish and appreciate him. Personally, I think this may be one of my favorite Father’s Day gift ideas from wife and kids because it highlights his different traits and abilities that are worth celebrating. 

As a first Father’s Day gift, this will be motivation enough to keep being his family’s favorite superhero. This can also double up as an awesome decorative piece, complete with a sweet and short message from the people closest to his heart.

5. The dad hoodie

Looking for a Father’s Day gift that is both functional and fashionable? Cue the dad hoodie. I think this is a really good pick for new-age dads that have a whole closet full of the latest hoodies. The only difference here, is that this one serves more than just one purpose.

Described by The Today Show as “The best gift for every new dad,” the dad hoodie is also warm enough to cuddle in on a cold morning. He’ll find this Father’s Day gift most useful when he’s preparing for a stroll with the little one on relatively chilly mornings.

Complete with six internal compartments, he’ll be able to pack the necessities for baby when they step out. 

6. Custom beer labels

These custom beer labels can be a much-needed humorous take on some of the most stressful aspects of parenting. One of the more light-hearted Father’s Day gift ideas from wife, it’s definitely something that both parents can relate to.

Customizable gifts are always a winner. They show that you gave the gift a bit more thought and took the time to get it ready just for him. If you opt for this as a first Father’s Day gift, you can pick from a variety of labels, such as “dirty diapers,” “3:00 AM feedings” and “drool & spit up.” This way, each beer will be well-deserved and earned. 

7. Camp mug

This may be one of the more uncommon Father’s Day gift ideas, simply because it suggests that he may be planning a camping trip sometime soon. This doesn’t need to be the case. A camp mug could be his best attempt at avoiding spillage and his drink getting knocked over when the little one is either starting to work or approaching the so-called terrible twos.

Camp mugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, meaning that you’ll be able to find just the right one for him. 

8. Electric razor

If we’re talking about Father’s Day gift ideas that remain popular, this is it. The ease and convenience that an electric razor offers will ensure that he always looks his best. To top it off, it’s a real time saver. This means that he’ll still be able to get that fresh cut even after a long night of nappy changing and feeding.

9. Funny cards

Humor is the perfect way to brighten up any day. I’m sure he’s heard his fair share of dad jokes since becoming a father, but these funny cards have upped the ante. They’ll put a smile on his face and are a cute and sweet way to showcase your love and appreciation, especially if he is celebrating his first Father’s Day. 

The inside of these funny cards are empty, giving you a platform to truly express your adoration and gratitude for him.

For the outdoorsy dad

10. Jogging stroller

Is he always saying he’ll take up jogging, walking, or hiking but never does? Give him the permission he needs to get started by giving him an awesome all-terrain or jogging stroller.

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11. Diaper backpack

Gone are the old diaper bags that were basically a huge tote with a ridiculous pattern. Just like there are streamlined and feminine diaper bags for moms, there are hefty and manly ones for dad. He’ll love wearing the Columbia diaper bag backpack – probably well beyond the diaper years!

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12. Baby carrier

Speaking of hikes and walks, dads and babywearing go hand-in-hand. This is the perfect way to bond for dad and baby, and trust us – baby will love it!


13. Tree ring watch

Get him this tree ring watch to make sure that he’s always on time for those special moments and events. Handmade with leather straps, this watch carries a bit of history with it. Crafted from a tree that was established in 1972, this is one of those sentimental gifts that can be passed down through generations.

This watch is the perfect way to make sure that he never misses those football tournaments or ballet showcases in years to come.

14. Snacks

This is possibly one of the most thoughtful and precious Father’s Day gift ideas. You could gather some of his favourite snacks and package them nicely for him to enjoy at his leisure. It’s also a good way to show how attentive you are and how you’ve been taking note of all his favorite goodies.

A Father’s Day snack pack can include just about anything that he likes to nibble on, from peanuts and raisins to chocolate and chips, you have absolute freedom on what to include. This can also double up as a fun activity to do as a family, where you all contribute towards bringing to life the Father’s Day snack pack that you had envisioned.

For the sleep-deprived dad

15. Pillow

The Casper pillow makes for a perfect gift for the sleep deprived dad.

Who doesn’t love a little R&R? I’m sure he does too! So why not get him a pocket pillow or a travel pillow to provide the much-needed comfort that any dad desires. The great thing about a pillow is that it can be personalized.

Whether you decide to customize it with one of your favourite pictures of him, or choose to pen a sweet little message of appreciation, it’s entirely up to you. This is one thing he can keep with him, even when he’s traveling for business or leisure, that will surely keep a piece of you with him at all times.

16. Espresso maker

Picking a Father’s Day gift for a coffee lover doesn’t have to be challenging. Get him an espresso maker so he can get the right start to his day every single day. The ease and convenience of an espresso maker is unmatched, and will give the fuel he needs to get through the day.

We all know that as a first-time father, the world of fatherhood can be daunting and challenging at times, to say the least. This espresso maker will make him feel A-Okay and ready to conquer what life has to throw at him.

There’s also the option to take things a step further by getting him an on-the-go espresso maker.

17. Coffee subscription

The widely populated narrative is that mom lives on coffee, but you know what? Dads do too! So why not get him a coffee subscription that offers good quality coffee with very little effort from him. This is a Father’s Day gift that he will definitely cherish if coffee is how he kickstarts his day. 

This is a perfect Father’s Day gift for him if he wants to drink coffee with a purpose in the mornings… or throughout the day for that matter.

18. Apple airtags

These Apple airtags are the perfect Father’s day gift that he never knew he needed. If he’s the type that’s constantly misplacing his keys, then he’ll definitely appreciate this gift. All he has to do is stick it onto his keys and he’ll be able to find them with his iPhone if he ever loses them again. 

You can even add that special touch by getting the airtags engraved with a mixture of emojis, initials and numbers to make it a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift.

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