20 First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For 2023

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There are a lot of special days to celebrate in life, but most moms will tell you that Mother’s Day is right up there on the list. This is especially true for any mom’s first-ever Mother’s Day. There are many unique first Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to consider, and you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift to make her feel special.

Fortunately, not all of them have to be extravagant showcases that cost an arm and a leg. Some are truly special and heartfelt first Mother’s Day gift ideas. The first Mother’s Day gift is your chance to put your best foot forward and really make the day special, you know what they say about first impressions.

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This list is an inclusive breakdown of some of the best first Mother’s Day gift ideas, and it covers gifts across various price points. From charming jewellery pieces, to thoughtful accessories with a personal touch, you’re bound to find some inspiration here. 

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1. Custom Bracelet with Baby’s Name

24K Custom name bracelet ($20-$200 on Etsy)

Custom pieces are a personal favorite. To me, they’re a way of saying, “I gave this first Mother’s Day gift quite a bit of thought and had this specially made for you.” In this case, it creates an unbreakable bond between mom and baby whenever she wears it.

This one is so elegant and timeless, so much so that she’ll want to wear it with any outfit and be reminded of her bundle of joy every time she looks at it. 

2. Luxury Diaper Bag

Anna bag by Lily Jade (up to $400)

Don’t let the special mama in your life fall into the trap of believing that to be practical, diaper bags can’t be stylish. even if she’s already lugging an amorphous, patterned tote, surprise her with a stylish, comfy, and roomy diaper bag like the Itzy Ritzy Boss, or the Anna by Lily Jade. She’ll be sporting that diaper bags for years, so let her have a bag she’ll actually enjoy showing off.

Check out quality diaper bags that are actually stylish, ranging from $30 – $400 on our list.

3. Wood Picture Prints

This is a first Mother’s Day gift idea that has truly stood the test of time. Wooden picture prints have a way of capturing the heart of any precious moment. For Mother’s Day, you could opt for a picture of any sentimental moment, such as the last few days of pregnancy or the birth.

Whatever moment you decide on, it will surely invoke those precious feelings every time she looks at it. You can make the wooden picture print as big or as small as you want, and personalize it even further with a special message to seal the deal.

4. Turtle Family Necklace

This necklace is the perfect first Mother’s Day gift to make her think of the new addition to the family wherever she is. It’s a timeless piece that will be sentimental for years to come.

The Turtle Family necklace is a first Mother’s Day gift that can complement just about any outfit and occasion. This means that whether she’s feeding the baby, taking a walk, or simply enjoying a little R & R, she’ll have a piece of those closest to her all the time.

5. Pandora Charm

Pandora charm ($35-$400)

I have a similar charm and I must admit, it always adds a much-appreciated sparkle to my day. Personally, I think jewelry is an awesome first Mother’s Day gift idea, and this Pandora Charm ticks all the boxes of a gift of appreciation that is both beautiful and charming.

6. Mother and Baby Wall Art

Mom and baby wall art ($5 on Etsy)

Wall art has the ability to brighten up any room and just about any mood – especially if it’s something so precious. This Mother and Baby Wall Art will enhance a nursery room and remind her of the special bond she shares with her baby every time she sees it.

I’m all for minimalist wall art that isn’t too overpowering, and this line art is so chic and beautiful that she’ll keep wanting to invite people over just to show it off.

7. Bassinet Stroller

Is there anything that announces a proud new mother quite like a cozy baby in a bassinet stroller? This gift idea definitely falls into the “big ticket” bracket, but if you know she truly wants one, this is a great way to celebrate her first mother’s day.

We have an extensive list of quality bassinet strollers at under $400
9 Bassinet Stroller Reviews to Help Your Baby Travel in Comfort

8. Picture Frame

A picture frame is one of the most heartfelt ways to freeze those special moments in time. As a first Mother’s Day gift, you could find a way to include the baby in the gift. This could be through text and personalization of the frame, or an image of them that you know she loves!

This hand-crafted picture frame is that much more special because of the time and effort that went into creating it. She’s bound to love every inch of this first Mother’s Day gift.

9. Custom Book or Letters

Custom letters journal (from $24 on Etsy)

There are some classic gifts that will never get old, and custom books or letters are among those. This is a fitting first Mother’s Day Gift because a notebook will allow her to jot down some of her feelings and emotions to always remember this special time in her life. Bonus points if she’s someone that really enjoys journaling.

You can make it even more special by selecting it in her favorite color and personalizing it, so she knows that some thought went into her first Mother’s Day gift.

10. Cozy Cashmere Cardigan

Cashmere sweater (in 5 colors – $100)

It’s super-soft and comfy to wear at home, cuddle with or feed the baby, but still nice enough to run out in. As a new mom, you appreciate versatile clothing items on those days where you have to be Super-Mom around the clock.

This is a fitting first Mother’s Day gift because of how effortlessly elegant and chic it is. It’s the perfect item to keep her looking and feeling beautiful.

11. Custom Mug

Custom mom mug ($14 on Etsy)

We all know that there are two things that a new mom loves more than her baby – sleep and a good cup of coffee! So, a custom mug makes for the perfect first Mother’s Day gift because it’s something she will probably use every day.

Depending on how you decide to personalize it, it can also be a long-lasting reminder of a very special time in her life forever. You could choose to write her name, her and baby’s names, or even writing the word, “Mom” and then the year that she became a mom for the first time.

12. Photo Book

Commemorate her first year as a mother with a photo book – yet another one of those classic and timeless first Mother’s Day gift ideas. A photo book is a great way to gather all those precious moments and have her go through them at her leisure to reminisce on those good days.

Check out sites like Groupon, Vistaprint, or your local print shop for custom photo ideas.

13. Baby Hand or Foot Casting

This is a versatile first Mother’s Day gift idea that could pass as a wall decoration or standing frame. As a new mom, gifts like these are so heartfelt and capture the first few months of your baby’s life perfectly. 

I still cherish my baby foot casting to this day, it definitely leaves you marvelling at the growth that happens in a relatively short space of time. This first Mother’s Day gift is a winner.

14. Massager

I particularly like this one as a first Mother’s Day gift. It’s a thoughtful gift of appreciation to acknowledge all the time and energy she dedicates to the baby, and it’s a great way for her to just relax and unwind. If she can’t go to the spa, why not bring a bit of the spa experience to her? 

The great thing about this first Mother’s Day gift idea is that she can use it just about anywhere. Whether she’s travelling or at home, her massager will become her new trusted best friend after a long day of being Superwoman.

15. Coffee Subscription

It’s no secret that moms live on coffee, but when you get a coffee subscription, you can get high-end sustainable coffee or tea that also supports a good cause. A new mom will appreciate the chance to contribute to the wellbeing of other children too, making this first Mother’s Day gift one with purpose and meaning too.

16. Meal Service

Sign up for a meal service that brings all the ingredients for healthy and delicious meals right to your door weekly. This is a thoughtful way of making sure that she gets all the necessary nutrients to get through the day.

It’s no secret that as a mom, you may end up dedicating most (if not all) of your time to your baby. This meal service will bring convenience and make her personal meal preparation that much easier. This is sure to make her feel appreciated. 

17. Scalp Massager and Luxurious Hair Care

A scalp massager is a perfect gift for a new mom (under $10)

Help her maintain her gorgeous new-mom hair with these best products. This scalp massager and luxurious hair care make for the perfect first Mother’s Day gift so that she can feel beautiful throughout the day, especially if she has to make an unexpected but quick stop at the grocery store.

18. Luxurious Bathrobe and Sheet Masks

Keep her looking and feeling her best with this thoughtful first Mother’s Day gift. What I love the most about these sheet masks is that they’re so effortless, you can just apply one on and carry on with your day. It’s a bit like getting a facial while on the go. They’re hydrating and moisturizing, and will keep her skin looking great at all times.

Another popular first Mother’s Day gift idea is a luxurious bathrobe. It’s comfortable, warm and soft. In terms of coziness? Well, let’s just say it’s right up there with those bathrobes you get as a spa or luxury hotel.

19. Luxury Bouquet

Nothing says “Thank you” quite like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. When it comes to flowers, there are certainly plenty of options at every price point, but what about something glamorous that will elevate her home for months? 

Surprise her with a bouquet from Glam Fleur that lasts at least 12 months!

20. Personalized Postcard

Personalized items are always among some of the best first Mother’s Day gift ideas. This one, in particular, is a cool service where you can send in a photo and have a post card hand-drawn and mailed to you.

This is the ideal opportunity to capture and highlight an important or memorable moment of her and baby, which is something she will cherish forever.

Special thanks to author: Sannie Nkosi is the founder of Four-Leaf Consulting. After a few years in journalism, she ditched the newsroom to write about things that really matter (like family, finances and travel). On a regular day, you can find her creating content, listening to podcasts, or engaging with small business owners.

FAQs on First Mothers Day Gift Ideas

What should I do for my wife’s first Mother’s Day?

Don’t be afraid to go all out for your wife’s first mother’s day. Give her a sweet present like a custom bracelet or necklace that you’ll find on this list. You could also plan a nice dinner in and let her have a home spa day afterwards.
Other meaningful mother’s day gift ideas could include:
– Bassinet stroller
– Luxury diaper bag
– Custom family prints
– Baby hand casting
– Personalized letter
– Custom picture frame

What should I get my daughter for her first Mother’s Day?

If you’re wondering what to get your daughter for her first mother’s day, go with something sweet and simple. Be careful to not outdo her hubby with a big gift, but giving her something for herself is nice. If she’s not ready to have a night away from the baby, have a nice dinner in and let her enjoy a home spa day complete with sheet masks and a French terry bathrobe.
Some other mother’s day gift ideas could include:
– Custom mug
– Custom necklace or bracelet
– Picture frame
– Baby hand casting
– Massager

What do you get someone for their first mothers day?

If you want to give someone a gift for their first mother’s day, be careful to not outdo her own family members. If you want to give a meaningful gift, you could give her:
– Custom mug
– High-end diaper bag
– Custom picture frame
– Baby hand casting kit
– Luxury bouquet
– Bathrobe, massager, and sheet masks


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