47 Flower Names for Boys and Girls – Cool, Crisp, and Little-Known

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Whether you’re looking for flower names for boys or girls, one thing’s for sure, that name will evoke positivity. This is arguably one of the main reasons why flower names are so popular, as well as the fact that they can be as unique and unorthodox as you want them to be. 

Nowadays, many parents may choose to either create their own names inspired by a certain flower or simply name their child after a particular flower or plant that resonates with them. Overall, flower names are growing in popularity and continue to be associated with natural beauty and innocence. 

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Flower Names For Boys

Flower names for boys may seem like a bit of a contradiction because boy names are typically associated with masculinity, while flowers are more delicate and softer. However, that is the very reason why flower names for boys exist – to add a sense of softness.

Aaron. Perceived as a rather manly flower name, it’s inspired by a shrub found in south-east Europe, Aaron’s beard.

Aciano. A popular manly flower name in Europe, this Spanish name is inspired by the aesthetically pleasing blue bottle flower.

Ash. Although inspired by the Ash tree, this is widely considered among names that mean flower.

Basil. One of the more popular male flower names, this Greek name is widely known because of the herb its derived from. It’s also associated with royalty.

Blodwyn. This unconventional name simply means “blessed flower.”

Bud. Often listed among cute flower names for boys, this also doubles as a term of endearment among male friends. This Gaelic name means “brother.”

Cedar. Although a unisex name of French origin, this is typically a manly flower name derived from the cedar tree.

Clem. Short and sweet, this name is inspired by a climbing vine of flowers.

Corey. Of Irish origin, this is a short form of “coreopsis” (alternatively known as tickseed). This highly popular name is derived from the long-lasting and cheery flower.

Cosmos. Considered among cute flower names for boys, this is a charming name derived from a herb that’s from the sunflower family.

Crisanto. Alternatively spelled Crisento or Cresento, this Spanish manly flower name simply means “golden flower.”

Flax. One of the shortest and cutest male flower names, this is an unconventional choice inspired by a pale blue flower.

Florentino. Of French origin, this beautiful male flower name simply means “in flower.”

Jarred. Alternatively spelled Jared, this Hebrew name means “rose.”

Leaf. Alternatively spelled Leif, this is a reference to tree leaves. This Scandinavian name means “heir” and is one of the shortest flower names for boys.

Lupin. Widely known to mean “wolf,” this is also listed among male flower names because of the lupin flower.

Mazus. One of the lesser-known names that mean flower, this name is derived from a creeping perennial herb.

Oakley. This also doubles as a second name and signifies great strength and wisdom.

Palmer. One of the more well-loved male flower names, this English name is associated with the palm tree and is rooted in Christianity and holy land. 

Reagan. Inspired by the Nancy Reagan rose, this popular boy name means “little ruler.”

Ren. Of French and Japanese origin, this manly flower name means “water lily” or “lotus.”

Rhodes. This German name simply means “where roses grow.”

Rowan. An English name derived from the rowan tree with red berries. Because of its meaning, this is one of the male flower names that are associated with redheads.

Sherwood. Simply means “luminous wood.”

Thorn. Despite the negative connotations that come with the word, this manly flower name can signify protection and resilience. It’s an English name derived from a thorn bush. 

William. This widely popular name is English and inspired by sweet william flowers.

Yarrow. One of the more unconventional flower names, this is derived from the yarrow plant, which is a herb that can also be used for medicinal purposes.

Flower and boy

Flower Names For Girls

Flowers are typically associated with femininity and softness, which is why they have inspired many cute flower names for girls over the years. Not only do they carry a sense of unmatched elegance and charm, but they are often also highly symbolic.

Abigail. Although this doesn’t directly fall under flower names, it can be used as an alternative to the name Abelia, which is a popular flower.

Ambretta. A rather unconventional name, it’s derived from an evergreen with yellow flowers.

Blossom. One of the more self-explanatory names that mean flower or are closely associated with flowers, this simply means :to bloom.”

Camellia. This charming Czech name means “Kamel’s flower.”

Daisy. This English name needs very little explanation. It’s derived from the daisy flower, but also means “day’s eye.”

Diantha. A Greek name meaning “divine flower” that’s linked to mythology.

Flora. Latin name simply meaning “flower.”

Hana. Of Spanish origin, this is one of the popular and cute flower names for girls. It can also mean “happiness.”

Holly. A popular name among girls who are born on Christmas or during the festive season, this is derived from a shrub with dark green leaves and red berries.

Iris. One of the shortest and cutest names that mean flower, this can also mean “rainbow” in Greek.

Jasmine. Arguably one of the most popular girl names that mean flower, this Persian and French name is reference to the fragrant white flower.

Liana. Of French origin, this name means “to climb like a vine.”

Marigold. Girls with this name are often affectionately known as Goldie. This popular English name is inspired by the yellow flower.

Nanala. Of Hawaiian origin, this cute girl name simply means “sunflower.” 

Petunia. This is a French name that’s known across the world. Known to have pink or white blossoms, it’s a fitting choice to signify beauty, elegance and femininity. 

Primrose. Simply means “first rose.”

Rhoda. Of Greek and Latin origin, this charming name means “rose.” 

Rosemary. One of the more popular names that mean flower, this is derived from the herb. This Latin name also means “dew of the sea.”

Sharon. Although this name doesn’t quite mean flower, it’s associated with a plain land or an area where roses grew in ancient Palestine. 
Zahra. One of the few Arabic flower names on this list, this is a short and sweet option for your little one.

Flower names for boys and girls

Flower Names For Boys And Girls

The love for flowers is only growing in popularity, so it makes sense to look for unique, crisp, and pretty flower names for your little guy or gal.

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