92 German Names For Boys and Girls- From Classic To Cool And Modern

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German names – not only are they strong, unique, and unexpected, each one carries a great significance. German names are a reflection of German culture, history and tradition. In some cases, the names given to a baby are passed down from generation to generation, giving them even greater meaning within a family.

While the pronunciation of certain German names may prove challenging for some, that doesn’t take away from the beauty and meaning behind them. Whatever the reason for your interest in German names, below is a list that might contain just the right name for your little one!

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Short German names for boys

Armin: Meaning “guardian.”

Arndt: Can be used as either a first or second name, this is the German variation of the name Arnold. This animal-inspired name means “eagle.”

Axel: A cute and charming name meaning “father of peace.”

Bjorn: Short and sweet, this name simply means “bear.”

Bruno: A name popularized by singer, Bruno Mars; meaning “armor.”

Claus: Meaning “victory.”

Dirk: “The people’s ruler.”

Emil: If you’re raising an ambitious little boy, this is the perfect name! Simply means “to excel.”

Hans: Simply means “God is gracious.”

Jörg: German form of George, this industrious name means “farmer.”

Karl: Meaning “free man.”

Nils: “Victory of the people.”

Otto: Simply means “wealthy.”

Theo: Meaning “gift of God.”

Uwe: This unconventional German boy name signifies strength and protection; simply means “sword.”

Short German names for girls

Ada: Simply means “noble.”

Anja: A sweet and charming name for your little girl, this one means “grace.”

Anke: The German form of Anna, this beautiful name means “God has favored me.”

Elke: “Noble and kind.”

Eva: This name has multiple roots and origins, other than German; simply means “life.” Alternatively spelled “Ava.”

Greta: A gem-inspired name that simply means “pearl.”

Holle: A sweet name for your baby girl that means “gracious.”

Ida: Short and cute, this is an ideal name for a hardworking girl; meaning “industrious.”

Irma: Simply means “universal.”

Lina: “Tender.”

Lotte: Short and charming, this beautiful name means “free.”

Maud: Ideal for a little fighter or braveheart, this sweet name means “powerful battler.”

Mila: Meaning “favoured.”

Ruta: A fitting representative of what your little one means to you. This charming name means “compassionate friend.”

Silke: The German variation of Cecilia, this beautiful name means “to bind” or “join together.”

Alvin: Simply means “friend.”

Andreas: The German variation of Andrew, this name means “man.”

Anton: Popular even outside of German regions, this name means “priceless.”

Artur: The German variation of Arthur, this animal-inspired name means “bear-like” and signifies great power.

August: A suitable name for a little one born in the month of August, this unisex name means “magnificent.”

Bastian: The German and shortened version of Sebastian, meaning “revered.” 

Benedict: Simply means “blessed.”

Bernhard: The German variation of Bernard, this name means “strong as a bear.”

Christian: Popular across the globe, this name with Biblical roots simply means “Christ-like.”

Conrad: Simply means “brave counsel.”

Felix: Meaning “happy” and “fortunate.”

Frank: Popular across the globe, this German boy name means “free spirit.”

Friedrich: The German variation of Frederick, this name means “peaceful ruler.”

Gerhard: The German variation of Gerald, this name means “ruler with a spear.”

Henry: Simply means “ruler of the home.”

Jakob: The German form of Jacob, meaning “superior power.”

Matteo: Meaning “gift of God.”

Niklas: German form of Nicolas, this name means “one who leads others to victory.”

Tobias: Simply means “God is good.”

Wilhelm: The German form of William, this classic name means “resolute protector.”

Adelheid: Simply means “noble.”

Andrea: The German, feminine form of Andrew, this name means “strong.”

Bernadette: A classic German girl name suitable for your little braveheart; simply means “brave as a bear.”

Catrin: This charming name is classic and has stood the test of time, meaning “pure.” 

Freya: Simple means “noblewoman.”

Frieda: The feminine form of Frederick, this beautiful name is ideal for your little peacemaker. Simply means “peaceful.”

Gisela: Distinctly German, this pretty girl name means “pledge.” This is a great pick for your honest and obedient little one.

Helga: A name popular even in English-speaking regions, it means “sacred.”

Hilda: The shortened form of Brunhilda, this classic name is suitable for your brave little girl. Meaning “battle woman.”

Ingrid: Meaning “beautiful.”

Margarethe: The German form of Margaret, this gem-inspired name means “pearl.”

Melanie: A name that is well-loved across the world meaning “dark.” A fitting choice for a dark-haired little girl.

Paula: Simply means “humble.”

Rebecca: Popular across the glove, this traditional and classic name means “to bind” or “bring together in unity.” A fitting representation of what a baby girl can do for a family. 

Regina: this name is as regal as it sounds, meaning “queen.”

Tamara: A nature-inspired name that means “palm tree.”

Tanja: The German variation of Tanya, this sweet and mystical name means “fairy queen.”

Rare German names for boys

Adelbert: Popularized by German poet, Adelbert von Chamisso. Often shortened to “Bert,” this name means “noble” and “bright.” 

Alaric: Not too popular outside of German regions, this authoritative name means “powerful leader.”

Berengar: This unique name of German origin means “bear and spear,” indicating strength and power.

Elmar: The shortened form of an ancient German name, Edelmar, this cute name means “famous blade.”

Emmerich: This can pass as either a German first name or second name, meaning “ruler of the home.”

Ferdinand: This unconventional German boy name means “bold voyager.”

Manfred: Simply means “man of peace.”

Yannick: Meaning “God is gracious.”

Rare German names for girls

Edeltraud: One of the most authentic German girl names on the list, this classic choice simply means “of noble attitude.”

Hannelore: This name is sure to make your little one memorable; meaning “grace” and “God is my light.”

Lieselotte: Often shortened to Liesel, this beautiful name means “God’s promise” and “womanly.”

Lorelei: A mythological German girl name meaning “alluring.”

Sibyle: This unconventional name means “oracle.”Sigfrida: Meaning “peaceful victory.”

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