14 Gifts for 3 Year Olds They’ll Use For Hours-On-End

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Ah, the toddler years! When your little ones start to assert their independence and want to do things for themselves. The best gifts for 3 year olds, and toddlers in general, are ones that can hold their focus as they play and master new skills. 

The gifts on this list use kids’ hands, bodies, and minds as they build their creativity, motor skills, and a love for learning new things.

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Gifts That Build Motor Skills

1. Wobbel Board

Those 3-year-olds will be naturally drawn to the Wobbel board. It’s fun yet challenging, and will definitely keep them focused! 

This balance board builds strength, a sense of balance, and physical awareness in general. The only drawback is that you’ll want to use it yourself. 

Wobbel Board ($199)

2. Balance Bike

Remember struggling to learn to ride a bike? Frustrating, right? 

Well, you’d be amazed to know that toddlers who got to zoom around on a balance bike have no issues transitioning to the real thing. Some even get it on their first try! 

The balance bike gives them a sense of control and lets them master balance, speed, and steering. We love this one by Mima Zoom because it’s lightweight, has adjustable handlebars and seat, as well as puncture-proof tires. 

Balance Bike ($250)

3. Climber

When your 3-year-old sees this climber, they’ll instinctively know what to do! It will help them develop their little hands and feet as they find new ways of climbing up and down.

Want to raise confident, adventure-loving kids? Let them climb!

Birch Climber with Rock Wall (from $270)

4. Clicking Modular Set

If your toddlers love making things, they’ll love Clixo. The clicking, flexible pieces and spinners will definitely engage kids’ fine motor skills, focus, and their creativity. 

The Rainbow pack by Clixo ($59)

Gifts That Ignite Imagination

5. Toy Piano 

If your little toddler thinks she’s “too mature” for the old xylophone, let her upgrade! Pianos make the best fits for 3 year olds! 

You can go with a more classic look and feel that will engage your little one without overstimulating her, or you can go for the electronic version that has additional instrument sounds and background music. Plus it comes with a working microphone, how cute is that! 

Toy Piano by Amy and Benton ($25)

Baby Grand Piano ($150)

6. Star Wand

If your 3-year-old’s imagination is out of this world, this star wand will make the best gift!

Let them be a princess, a fairy, a wizard, or a magician anytime they want with this simple wooden wand that will serve as sweet room décor when they’re not making magic.

Star Wand ($18)

7. Play Houses

If your kids are off in their own little world when they’re playing, help them set up a play world that’s “just right.” 

These little playhouses are so sweet and understated, they’ll be the perfect addition to a play town without stealing the show. 

Play houses and cars ($68)

8. Toy Tree and Décor Set

Fairy adventure? Woodland party? Dolls playing dress up? These toy trees will feel right at home in any imaginative scene!

They come in various color schemes, and make for lovely decor beyond the nursery. 

Toy Trees ($54)

9. Toy Stroller

This little “Strolley” can spark any child’s imagination! Kids love carting their prized possessions around or just playing pretend.

Strolley” toy stroller ($160)

Gifts That Inspire Learning

10. Abacus 

You’ll be amazed by your little 3-year-old’s math skills once they have an abacus! We love it for addition and subtraction, as well as keeping count of how many toys are on the shelf. The great thing about introducing these skills early in a fun and sensory way, you know your little one will absolutely shine at school! 

Abacus by Melissa and Doug ($12)

11. Musical Marble Tree

This wooden tree not only looks cool, playing with it is mesmerizing!

Drop a marble and watch what path it takes as it hits different musical notes on its way down. 

Musical Marble Tree ($99)

12. Learning Tower

A learning tower is a nice safe way to observe mom and dad in the kitchen, and it’s a gift for 3-year-olds that will make them feel like they help and contribute to the family.

Who can ask for more than that?

Little helper learning tower ($279)

13. Playkit Subscription 

Imagine getting a kit of toys that lets you to take ownership of your routines, builds emotional intelligence and independence.

Companies like Lovevery let you enter your child’s birthdate so you can get a playkit every 3 months that’s just right for their development stage. 

The Observer Playkit by Lovevery ($120 per kit, every 3 months as a subscription.)

14. Books. 

Board books are the best gifts for 3-year olds!

Our family loves books about planets that introduce science in a very kid-friendly way.  We also really like “This Little Scientist” for inviting our kids to learn about scientists and their accomplishments, covering different cultures and genders. 

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Best Gifts For 3 Year Olds – Final Words

Aren’t these gifts super-special? Whatever you choose, we’re sure it will be loved by that little toddler for years to come!

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