15 Gifts for Baby Girl or Boy That You Won’t Be Able to Resist!

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If there’s a new little baby in your life, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to shower her with presents! 

Here’s a list of ultra-special gifts for baby girl or boy that are irresistible and will last them through their toddler years! 

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Best Gifts for Baby Girl or Boy:

In this list, you’ll find perfect gifts for baby in every size and price range. We’ve broken it down by:

Gifts for Stronger Bodies
Gifts for baby to snuggle with
Gifts for busy baby hands
Gifts for baby’s room décor
Books for babies

Gifts For Stronger Bodies

1. Baby Play Gym from LOVEVERY

A play gym is an ideal spot for your baby to hang out that’s just theirs. The sensory toys provide stimulation and motivation to reach and play. The soft surface is nice for tummy time or just sitting. Plus, we love the idea that this play gym can be covered to make a little tent! 

This play gym by Lovevery was designed with child development experts and crafted with safe and durable materials. 

Your baby will love hanging out here. 

The Play Gym by LOVEVERY ($140)

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2. Natural Wooden Play Gym with Macrame Toys

Wooden toys are a great addition to any toy collection. Not only are they durable and pleasing to the eye, but they can also be the perfect finishing touch for any modern nursey. This wooden play gym is on our list of gifts for baby girl or boy because of its naturally elegant and minimalistic look and feel. 

We love how simplistic yet engaging it is, especially for your growing baby. You can expect her to spend time fixated on the macrame toys, which are known to have a calming effect.

Play Gym with Macrame Toys by Poppyseed Play ($90)

Gifts For Baby To Snuggle With

3. Bashful Bunny

These extra-long floppy ears are just too cute to resist! Jellycat stuffies can be washed and dried, and will last forever. So go ahead and treat that baby girl or boy with this adorable gift. 

Bashful Bunny by Jellycat ($25)

4. LED Musical Stuffy

No toy box is complete without a cute stuffed animal to snuggle with! This musical lamb is a fitting choice if you’re looking for gifts for baby girl and boy that will engage the senses while providing much-needed entertainment too. Allow your baby to immerse herself in the soothing lullaby sound and find comfort in the glow-in-the-dark effect when she needs it most.

LED Musical Stuffed Husky and other animals by Hopearl (from $20)

Gifts For Busy Little Hands

5. Sensory Toys Subscription Box

Rather than scouring toy stores for the best developmental toys for babies, let the experts send them to you right when you need them. 

Play kits by Lovevery, like “the senser” let your baby learn to investigate the world around them. You enter your baby’s birthdate, and get a new, age-based play kit every other month. 

The senser play kit by LOVEVERY. ($80/box, arriving every 2 months.) 

6. Activity Chair

Babies love having a spot that’s just for them, and this activity chair will let them cit up unassisted. 

The chair comes with interactive toys that squeak, flap, and move, and will take your little one well into her toddler years. 

Activity Chair ($199)

7. Cindy the Bellflower Teether

We love gifts for baby girl and boy that are both functional and pleasing to the eye, which is why this spring-inspired teether is on our list of must-haves. Not only can it be used as a teether, but also a bath and sensory toy. This means that it will stay with your baby for years to come. 

We know that babies are always on the go, so you can tie this teether to a strap for baby to free up her hands when she wants to play. After all, you wouldn’t want her to lose this multifunctional gem now, would you? 

Cindy The Bellflower Teether by Oil & Carol ($22)

8. Dimpl Digits

These buttons are just so satisfying to little fingers! It’s a wonderful sensory gift that will keep them busy from baby to toddler years. We also love that it’s small and flat, and wipes clean – which makes the Dimpl the best on-the-go toy. 

Dimpl ($15-20)

9. Star Wand

A princess? A fairy? A little magician? There are so many things that you could be when wielding a wand! 

This star wand is a beautiful gift for a baby girl, that can serve as decor or a sensory toy in the early months and a cherished imagination companion throughout her childhood. 

Leave it unadorned while she’s still a baby, and let her decorate it when she gets older.

Star Wand ($11)


When we think of cute gifts for baby girl and boy, this one-of-a-kind unicorn teether toy immediately comes to mind. Its colorful nature makes it aesthetically pleasing and the perfect companion for trips in the stroller or those days when baby is in need of something soothing for those sore gums.

Link + Love Unicorn Activity Plush Silicone Teether Toy ($15)

Equally charming is the dinosaur-inspired teether toy, perfect for your growing baby. We love its earthy tones and playful design, complete with clinking rings for baby to hold onto when soothing those sore gums.

Link + Love Dino Activity Plush with Teether Toy ($20) by Itzy Ritzy

Gifts To Decorate Baby’s Room

12. Wooden Rainbow Stacker

Who doesn’t want to play with a rainbow! This sensory wooden toy will help your little one learn her colors and fit things together. It’s wonderful for learning, but it’s also lovely to look at as an adorable nursery decoration. 

Wooden rainbow stacker ($18)

13. Custom Name Puzzle

What’s more special than a puzzle bearing your little baby’s name. It serves as decor, a keepsake, and will help her learn letters as a sensory toy. 

It’s such a special and thoughtful gift for a baby girl or boy. 

Custom Name Puzzle (from $30)

14. Mountain Pass Stack Puzzle

Your little one is never too young to practice problem solving, and with this stack puzzle, she’ll be able to do just that! 

This is one of our favorite gifts for baby girl or boy because it also doubles as a decorative piece for the nursery, while also helping your baby improve hand-eye coordination and shape recognition when putting this puzzle together. This is a sure winner!

Mountain Pass Stack Puzzle by Tender Leaf Toys ($20)

15. Books – Best Gifts For Baby Girl or Boy!

Who wouldn’t want their kids to fall in love with science? And all it takes is a little spark! Which is why board books make great gifts for a baby girl or boy. 

Our family loves the Chris Ferrie “Baby University” books that introduce science in a very baby-friendly way. 

We also really like “This Little Scientist” for inviting girls and boys to learn about scientists and their accomplishments, covering different cultures and genders. 

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Gifts For Baby Girl or Boy – Final Thoughts

Are you looking for gifts for baby girl or baby boy? We’d love to hear from you and know what you thought of our list!

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