9 Custom Gifts For Grandma You Can Buy On ETSY

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If you want to make this Mother’s day extra special for Nana, here are some unique and thoughtful custom gifts for grandma she’ll be thrilled to open.

1. Cutting Board

In most families, nothing beats grandma’s cooking. So, this personalized cutting board is something she’ll appreciate to cheer her on while she prepares those mouth-watering meals. It may be difficult to choose just one, but you can have her top recipe engraved on the cutting board as well.

2. Throw Pillow

Throw pillow for Grandma (From $20 on Etsy)

I love this as a Mother’s Day gift for grandma. It doubles as a lounge accessory and a really sweet way for her to remember you. You could personalize it with all your names and choose colors that will complement her home décor. This one is a sure winner.

3. Bracelet

An ultra-sweet custom name bracelet (from $24 on Etsy)

This elegant bracelet is a beautiful reminder of those close to her heart. With the option to engrave names on the charms, this is a gift that grandma will want to take with her wherever she goes.

4. Necklace

Custom name necklace (from $24 on Etsy)

Grandma will surely fall in love with the charming necklace that can be personalized with up to 20 names! Available in silver, gold and rose gold, all three options are stunning and sure to turn heads every time she wears it.

5. Keychain

This is a really sweet keychain that includes all the grandkids’ names, so that nobody will feel left out. It’s a handmade item, meaning that it is that much more sentimental.

6. Family Tree Art

Family Tree Art (from $24 on Etsy)

This is a stunning decorative piece that is heartfelt and special. You can add a sweet message and include the names of all the people grandma loves, making it a sentimental gift that she’ll appreciate.

7. Picture Frame

Custom picture frame (from $26 on Etsy)

A picture frame is one of the most heartfelt ways to freeze those special moments in time. You could include a precious image and text to truly express your love for her. This handmade wooden picture frame will last for years.

8. Grandma T-shirts

Cute Grandma Shirt  Gift For Grandma  Grandma T-Shirt  image 1
Grandma T-shirt ($10 on Etsy)

One of these cool grandma T-shirts are youthful and fun. They’re a much-needed addition to her closet, especially for those relaxed days at the park or mall. You can be certain that grandma will think of you whenever she steps out in it.

Available in an assortment of colors and fonts, you can create one that she will love and cherish.

9. Doormat

Custom Doormat for Grandma (from $15 on Etsy)

One way of making sure that grandma thinks of you whenever she walks in, is by getting her a customized doormat. This is a sweet and heartfelt grandma Mother’s Day gift that everyone who visits her can appreciate. 


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