The best gifts for grandparents are books to read together – interview with Special Day Way author

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One of the best gifts for grandparents is real quality time with family. And there’s no better way to bond than over a book. 

We caught up with children’s author Artem Lomaz who feels the same way. So he wrote a book to honor his grandparents. He shares why we should all remember to spend time with these wonderful people in our lives and what inspired him to create one of the best gifts for grandparents. 

I love children’s books about grandparents because they help cement that special bond. And what’s even more special is that Artem is donating all proceeds from this book to a children’s hospital to honor his pediatrician grandmother. 

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Here’s what else he has to say: 

Tell us a little bit about your book:

Special Day Way is a children’s book all about celebrating grandparents! A simple, kid-friendly story, filled with heart-warming illustrations, takes the reader through various grandparents celebrating, and spending time with their grandchildren, at different stages of their lives. An excellent reminder for all of us to cherish the time that we have with our elders and to celebrate every single interaction; from milestone birthdays to the simplest weekend moments.

Available at at Barnes and Noble, on Amazon, and on Amazon in Canada

Who were you before becoming an author?

I had a wonderful relationship with my grandparents, and particularly my grandma. I’m actually a wedding entertainer, and at weddings I would see constant reminders of grandparents that have beautiful relationships with their grandkids. Once my grandma completed her journey of life, I wanted to do something to honor her, as well as give kids something that they could read to and/or with their grandparents. 

What inspired you to write children’s books about grandparents?

My absurdly amazing grandparents and particularly my relationship with my grandmother inspired me to write this book. I’ve also never been a huge fan of how seniors are often portrayed in children’s media (cartoons, movies, etc.). Growing up I always wondered why seniors and grandparents were portrayed in such a negative way, and I knew that I wanted to change that. So the stars aligned when I came up with the idea for this book, and since my grandmother was a pediatrician, I wanted to assist a pediatric cause – thus the proceeds from book sales will be donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children.  

What was your favorite part of writing?

My favorite part of writing this book was just keeping the end-goal in mind, which was to create a book that grandparents could read with their grandkids. I had a vision of a child reading it to their grandparent, a grandparent reading it to their grandchild, or even a parent gifting it to their parents, to share with their (current or event future) grandchildren. That vision definitely kept me motivated and made the process fun. It’s also told in rhymes, so finding rhyming words and making sure syllable counts matched; all of cadence details were a fun challenge. 

What do you hope will be the main takeaway for kids and parents?

I think that everyone will love the message, as well as the illustrations. Matt Keown, the illustrator, created some beautiful imagery and really brought my vision to life. I think kids and parents alike will love the notion of celebrating grandparents and seniors, and I truly hope that’s the main takeaway as well. Grandparents/seniors can be really amazing and have experienced so much that I hope it encourages more kids to spend time with them, listen to their stories, etc. 

Is there a part in the book that everyone seems to love?

Everyone seems to love the reveal as to why the book is titled the way that it is. Once everyone realizes what “Special Day Way” is, they get a kick out of it. Everyone also love the illustrations – again, Matt Keown really delivered with the artwork. 

What kind of reactions have you received?

The reactions that I’ve received have been very positive! Some have shared with me that it reminds them of their grandparents, which makes me feel great. I’ve had others tell me that their toddlers are obsessed with the book; even those that can’t read yet are loving the illustrations. I’ve received photos of grandparents reading it with their grandchildren and grandparents posting on social media about recommending it as a gift. It’s all very heartwarming, and sales have been great as well, which is very important, as proceeds from sales are headed to Shriners Hospitals for Children. 

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Author Artem Lomaz honoring his grandparents – the inspiration behind his book

Is there a message you want all kids/parents to know?

The message that I’d like for kids to know is that if you are fortunate enough to have good grandparents, cherish that time with them. Call them as often as you can, visit them, go on walks, take them shopping, whatever you can do to share time together, and try to soak up some of their knowledge as well. The message that I’d like for parents to know is that the way you treat your parents is how your kids will likely treat you when you’re older. I personally had a wonderful example watching my mother interact with my grandparents, as they truly were great friends. I have that relationship with my grandparents, and my mother, so it all’s all (pardon the pun) related. Celebrate your grandparents, as well as seniors in general. Seniors are much more impressive than they are often portrayed – take the time to get to know some! 

What’s next for you?

I’d love to sell as many copies of “Special Day Way” as possible so that I can send a huge check to Shriners Hospitals for Children. After that, time will tell; as my grandmother Sofia taught me, if you value quality, surround yourself with positivity, and just be nice to others, life isn’t all that hard. 

Thank you so much to Artem Lomaz for reminding us to keep that special bond with the people who matter most. 

Special Day Way can be bought at Barnes and Noble, on Amazon, and on Amazon in Canada

This is one of the best gifts for grandparents because…

You can help Artem bring his vision of bringing a huge check to Shriners Hospital for Children to life by making this one of your gifts for grandparents (as all proceeds will be donated there to honor his grandmother Sofia.

Thank you again. 


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