8 Unique and Custom Gifts For Mom

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Let this be the year you give your mom an awesomely unique present. These custom gifts for mom are so special, yet still practical – she’ll cherish them and will feel cherished herself.

1. Mother Wall Art

Beautiful Mother wall art with custom number of children (from $58 on Etsy)

This Mother’s Day gift idea is great because you can personalize it to include the number of children she has. Not only is it visually appealing, but it’s also an oh-so-special and sentimental piece. She can use it as a decorative piece that brings life to any room in her home.

This hand-crafted wall art is a classic piece that adds a rustic charm that she’ll surely love. If this is a Mother’s day gift for your wife, it’s the perfect way to express your gratitude to her for raising your family.

2. Necklace with Kids’ Names

Custom name necklace (from $27 on Etsy)

What I love the most about this Mother’s day gift idea is how minimalist and yet very sweet it is. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece that is timeless and elegant, meaning that it will be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and for any occasion.

The personalization means that she can keep a piece of the kids close to her wherever she may be. Bonus points for this Mother’s Day gift because it’s handmade, making it that much more sentimental.

3. Cute Planters

A plant mom will love this planter ($32 on Etsy)

Include a special message on these cute planters to express your appreciation to her for being the nurturer that she is. These will bring life to any space that they’re displayed in, and are sure to be a Mother’s Day gift that doubles up as a statement decorative piece.

4. Bracelet

An ultra-sweet custom name bracelet (from $24 on Etsy)

This elegant bracelet is a beautiful reminder of those close to her heart. With the option to engrave names on the charms, this is a gift your mom that she will want to take with her wherever she goes.

5. Wood Picture Prints

Custom Wood Picture Prints (from $12 on Etsy)

These Wood Picture Prints are a special way to freeze some memorable moments in time. This is a Mother’s Day gift that she will appreciate because of how sentimental and sweet it is. 

You can personalize it even more by adding a heartfelt message with the text option and creative fonts. Picture prints have been around for years, and they won’t die out anytime soon. So, it’s safe to assume that this is a Mother’s Day gift that will be relevant for years.

6. Custom Mug

This is one of those Mother’s Day gift ideas that have stood the test of time. A good cup of coffee in the morning is how mothers start their day and fuel up. You can rest assured that this is a Mother’s Day gift that she will definitely use.

A customized mug is even more special because it’s a way of saying, “I had this especially made for you to show my appreciation.” It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, but it’ll definitely put a smile on her face.

7. Live Edge Bathtub Caddy

8. Personalized Bath Robe


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