53 Greek Names For Boys And Girls – Cool & Classic

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Many would agree that there’s an undeniable charm and appeal about Greek names. From their rich history and mythology influences, to their reflection of Greek culture – both past and present – Greek names remain relevant and popular to this day. For years, Greek names have piqued the interest of many, particularly those who may be in search of a meaningful and sentimental name for their little one.

Below is a list of Greek names and their meanings.

Greek names PINTEREST
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Alexander: This authoritative Greek name is often shortened to Alex and means “to defend.”

Andrew: Simply means “strong” and “manly.”

Christopher: Well-loved across the world, this Greek and Latin name means “bearer of Christ.”

Cyril: This name simply means “lordly” and is associated with authority and leadership.

Damian: Ideal for an obedient and peaceful little one, this Greek boy name means” tame” or “subdued.”

George: This is one of the most widely known and used Greek names across the globe. This industrious name meaning “farmworker” or “earthworker” is ideal for a hardworking little boy.

Lazarus: Widely associated with the Bible, this Greek name aptly means “God is my helper.”

Leon: The Greek variation of Leo, this name means “lion” and is associated with strength, power and authority.

Peter: Meaning “rock,” many might not immediately think of this name as Greek because of its worldwide usage and popularity in the US.

Phillip: Suitable for an animal lover, this name means “lover of horses.” 

Theodore: Simply means “gift of God.”

Adonia: The female variation of the Greek boy name, Adonis, this name simply means “beautiful.”

Anastasia: There are several spelling variations of this name, depending on where you are in the world, but its meaning remains unchanged – “resurrection.” This name signifies rebirth and new life.

Anna: This name of Latin and Greek origin is a great way to prophecy over your little one’s life; meaning “favor.”

Chloe: Meaning “blooming,” this beautiful Greek girl name is ideal for your precious baby.

Iris: Inspired by the Greek goddess of the rainbow, this sweet name is often given to jolly little girls who add a little bit of color to the world!

Katie: A name popularized by many Hollywood stars, this one simply means “pure.”

Penelope: This name is popular the world over and is associated with a diligent and hardworking girl. Meaning “a weaver of thread.”

Phoebe: The perfect name for your perfect baby girl and ray of sunshine, this one means “bright” and “pure.”

Ophelia: Meaning “helpful” and “wise.”

Sophia: A fitting choice for your wise little girl, this well-loved Greek girl name simply means “wisdom.”

Zoe: Unknown to many, this cute name is of Greek origin and means “life.”

Short Greek names for boys

Apollo: This Greek mythology names “destroyer,” however, it has become associated with strength and authority over the years.

Dion: Short and sweet, this charming name simply means “child of heaven and earth.”

Haris: A name associated with “kindness,” this one is perfect for the little peacemaker.

Luke: Shortened form of Lucas, this name has been popularized by many historical figures, including a Greek physician. Simply means “man from Lucania.”

Orion: Meaning “boundary” or “limit,” this is yet another Greek mythology name. It is often associated with the galaxy and stars. 

Ozias: If you’re looking for something Greek and uncommon, this is a pretty good bet. Alternatively spelled Osias, this name means “salvation.”

Short Greek names for girls

Aria: Simply means “song.”

Arina: If you’re looking to raise a sweet and peaceful baby, then you might give her this name to live up to. Derived from the name of the Greek goddess of peace.

Beta: Meaning “oath of God.”

Cora: This elegant and feminine name means “maiden.”

Demi: This short and sweet Greek name simply means “half,” and can be chosen for a petite baby or a girl that’s small in stature or height.  

Eleni: This Greek girl name’s meaning is as sweet as it sounds! Meaning “sun ray,” there’s no better name for the light of your world than this one!

Ella: Meaning “beautiful.”

Hera: This is one of the most powerful and authoritative female names from Greek mythology. Inspired by the Queen of the gods, your little one will surely make an impact with this name.

Peta: Widely perceived as the female variant of Peter, this Greek girl name carries the same meaning – “rock.”

Thea: Widely known as the female variant of Theodore, this charming name means “goddess.”

Uncommon Greek names for boys

Efthimios. This boy name means “in good spirits” or “generous,” and is often given to happy babies or those with a naturally merry temperament. 

Nektarios: This nature-inspired Greek boy name is derived from the word “nectar,” which is known as the drink of the gods.

Thanos: Meaning “immortal.”

Zephyr: This unique Greek boy name is sure to make your little one stand out from the rest. This nature-inspired name means “west wind.”

Uncommon Greek names for girls

Aikaterini: This is an unconventional Greek girl name that you wouldn’t ordinarily come across, meaning “pure.”

Amalthea: A name taken from Greek and Roman mythology, This is ideal for a “loving and nourishing” little girl.

Domna: One of the lesser-known Greek names, this one means “lord” or “master,” creating a sense of great authority and impact.

Kostantina: One of the most unique and memorable Greek girl names, this name means “steadfast.”

Lysandra: Charming and rare, this name means “liberator” and is suitable for a girl who is compassionate and just.

Zephyra: The female variant of Zephyr, which also means “west wind.”

Unisex Greek names

Alex: Shortened form of Alexander or Alexandra, which means “to defend.”

Angel: This Greek and English name means “messenger” and has Biblical undertones.

Adreyan: The unisex variation of the Greek girl name, Adriana, and the Greek boy name, Adrian, which means “rich” or “wealthy.”

Karis: Fitting for either a boy or a girl, this cute name means “grace” or “charm.”

Nic: Shortened form of either Nicholas or Nicola, derived from the Greek word, nike, which means “triumph of the people.”

More Unisex names and nicknames

Greek names for boys and girls
Greek Names For Boys and Girls

Greek Names For Boys and Girls – Final Word

While the charm and beauty of Greece can only be experienced in-person, you can make a small promise to your little one to fully embrace that old Mediterranean world by gifting them an beautiful and classic Greek name.

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