65 Hawaiian Girl Names – Powerful, Radiant, and Divine

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Words are powerful like the elements in Hawaiian culture. When a Hawaiian name is given to a child, the parents are conveying a story, a connection to the past and an expression of hope. That’s why Hawaiian girl names hold such heavy significance.

A Hawaiian name takes on a life of its own! In addition to impacting all who hear it, a name is believed to serve as an identity that influences a person’s life, health and happiness! Many parents “receive” Hawaiian girl names for their children through dreams and visions. Additionally, Hawaiian girl names are often chosen to honor family members.

You may find something very curious when you research Hawaiian girl names. Historically, Hawaiian parents have given their daughters “repulsive” Hawaiian girl names that describe illness and ailments to try to scare away “bad spirits. While the undesirable name is used during the first few years of life, Hawaiian parents eventually assign their children a permanent name that evokes beautiful thoughts instead.

Traditionally, Hawaiian names have been unisex. This has changed a bit in modern times with the popularity of Hawaiian girl names growing around the world. However, “flower” names are still used for both boys and girls!

Are you looking for a name as powerful and beautiful as a land born of volcanoes? Check out a list of Hawaiian girl names that call on the moon, sun, flowers, sea and more!

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Hawaiian Girl Names

1. Alamea. This lovely name means “whole” and “precious.” It speaks of the worthiness of a child.

2. Alaula. Means “light of dawn.”

3. Allyna. This vibrant name is derived from Alana. In fact, it’s a great choice if you want something with just a little more style if you’ve been considering Alana for your baby girl! Allyna actually has three different meanings assigned to it. The first meaning is “precious.” Next, Allyna is associated with “awakening.” Finally, this is one of the many Hawaiian names associated with “light.”

4. Aloha. While we know Aloha as a Hawaiian greeting meaning Hello and Goodbye, it’s also a beautiful name meaning “love,”

5. Alohi. Another lovely name meaning ‘brilliant.”

6. Anela. This lovely Hawaiian girl name means “angel.”

7. Anuenue. Paint a colorful life for your little one by giving her the name that means “rainbow” in Hawaiian culture! This lovely name calls to mind imagery of a colorful bow forming over a roaring waterfall on one of Hawaii’s untamed islands.

8. Aolani. Ethereal and whimsical, Aolani means “a heavenly cloud.”

9. Apikaila. A warm, sweet name with deep meaning, Apikaila means “my father is everything.” It is actually the Hawaiian version of Abigail.

10. Bizzy. While this adorable name for a little girl brings up images of your little darling buzzing around in the world, it’s actually one of the Hawaiian girl names with a strong significance. Bizzy means “pledged to God”.

11. Ele. The perfect name for a raven-haired little girl, Ele means “dark” in Hawaii. It is most commonly associated with deep, rich brown eyes.

12. Halia. Halia is what’s considered a “memorial” name. It translates to “memory of a loved one.” It can be paired with a middle name in honor of a family member to create a tie to the past while still giving your child a unique name.

13. Hanohano. A honorable name, Hanohano means “honored” and “dignified.” It is a name associated with glory, honor and prestige. In fact, you can use the nickname of “Honor” when you give your daughter this longer name.

14. Inoa. Inoa means “namesake.” Traditionally, this was reserved as a middle name for children who were given a first name in honor of a relative. However, this striking name is commonly used as a first name today!

15. Iolana. A name that will help your little one soar to limitless heights, Iolana means “to soar like the hawk.” In Hawaiian culture, the hawk is a symbol of royalty.

16. Kaili. Means departing spirit.

17. Kaia. It doesn’t get more classically Hawaiian than Kaia. This name means “the sea.” Kaia Gerber has made this a runway-ready name in recent years!

18. Kailani. Lovely and simple. Means “beach and sky. “

19. Kailua. A but of an upgrade to Kaia, this name actually means “two seas.”

20. Kalama. Ready for your girl to set the world on fire with her passion and intelligence? Give her this name! Kalama means “flaming torch.”

21. Kalea. A lovely Hawaiian girls’ name meaning prayers.

22. Kalena. This name will sound gorgeous in any context. It means “to radiate.”

23. Kamea. Singling out your little one as the light of your life, Kamea means “the one and only.”

24. Kanani. A lovely Hawaiian girl name meaning “beautiful.”

25. Kanoa. An earthy name meaning “the hollow of land.”

26. Kapua. A great name for your flower child, Kapua simply means “flower.” This one never goes out of style because it evokes thoughts of pure nature and beauty.

27. Keala. For parents who wish for a journey of seeking and enlightenment for their little one, Keala, or Ke’ala is the perfect name. This soulful name means “the pathway.”

28. Keiki. A youthful and fun name, Keiki means “child.”

29. Kiele. This is a great name if you’d like to name your little girl after a specific flower. While Kiele means “fragrant blossom” as a general term, it is used specifically to describe the gardenia flower!

30. Kina. Offering a great way to go global with a name while borrowing from the beauty of Hawaiian language, Kina means “China.” It’s a lovely way to put a spin on your baby girl’s name if you were already thinking of options like Gina or Tina.

31. Konane. Konane means “bright.” Perfect for the light of your life, it is used to describe imagery of glowing like the moonlight.

32. Laka. What a name to give to your girl! This gorgeous Hawaiian name means “the goddess of the Hula.”

33. Lani. Another lovely name meaning “heaven.”

34. Lei. A flower name referring to a path of Lei’s.

35. Leilani. In Hawaiian culture “Lei” names are associated with flowers because children are seen as flowers around the shoulders of their parents! Leilani means “a heavenly flower.” The nickname Lani is often used for girls who are given this name.

36. Luann. Luann means “enjoyment.” You might sometimes see it spelled as LouannLou-Ann or Louanne. You can also dress it up a bit by using Louanna instead.

37. Mahina. Mahina is it if you’re looking for a celestial name! Calling to mind a vision of the moon rising over volcanic islands in the Pacific, Mahina means “moon.”

38. Malia. Malia Obama put this name on the map as far as fresh Hawaiian girl names. However, Malia is a very popular Hawaiian name for many new parents that means “of the sea.”

39. Malie. A serene name meaning “calm.”

40. Malu. Another calm name meaning “peaceful.”

41. Mele. Rich with thoughts of musical notes, Mele can mean “song” or “poem.” This short, sweet name has become quite popular around the world in recent years!

42. Meyla. Add this one to your list of Hawaiian “flower names” for girls. Meyla means “plumeria.” You might sometimes see it spelled as Melia.

43. Moana. A gorgeous island name meaning “the ocean” or “of the sea.”

44. Mohala. A beautiful name that calls to mind the awakening of nature, Mohala means “petals unfolding.” Think of vibrant, fragrant flowers opening up to greet the sun along lush trails peppering the sides of volcanoes when you pick this name!

45. Na’au. A very Zen Hawaiian name meaning “heart and mind.”

46. Nalani. A divinely-sounding name meaning “heaven.”

47. Nani. This name proves that keeping it short and sweet can be beautiful. Yes, Nani means “beautiful.” Its wider meaning translates to “glory and beauty.”

48. Noe. Say “yes” to Noe! A short, snappy name that nobody will forget, Noe means “mist of heaven.” It is a shortened version of the Noelani. While some people prefer to use a nickname with the longer name, others prefer to just use the shorter version as a standalone stunner.

49. Oliana. Calling to mind one of the most treasured flowers in the world, Oliana means “oleander.”

50. Ona. This little name packs a powerful punch. Ona means “gracefulness.” It’s a great option if you’re looking for something that evokes all of the simplicity of a name like Anna while adding its own island-inspired twist.

51. Palila. A name that will give your baby girls wings to fly, Palila means “bird.” It is often associated with having a beautiful singing voice.

52. Pele. If you’re looking for a truly unique name for a girl with a personality as vibrant as the Ring of Fire, there’s Pele. Pele means “volcano goddess.”

53. Peni. While Peni is traditionally a name for a Hawaiian boy, it’s been getting lots of use among girl parents in recent years. Peni translates to “son of my right hand.” It is actually the Hawaiian form of “Benjamin.” However, parents looking for names that are similar to Penny and Penelope sometimes choose this exotic version.

54. Pikake. This name offers a fun way to intertwine some Hawaiian history into your naming strategy. Pikake means “peacock.” The reason why peacocks are so important in Hawaiian culture is because Princess Kaiulani loved this colorful bird! Pikake is also the name of a beautiful climbing shrub.

55. Pohaku. A simple name meaning “rock.”

56. Pua. Pua is another one of those “flower” names that’s popular in Hawaii. It is associated with “flower child.”

57. Pualani, A slightly more spirited version of Pua, this Hawaiian name means “heavenly flower.”

58. Pukalani. Means “heavenly gate.”

59. Pule. Are you looking for spiritual Hawaiian girl names? Pule is just perfect. This name literally means “prayer.” It is associated with incantations and blessings.

60. Ulani. A fun, vibrant name that is fun to say, Ulani means “cheerful.” This name is sure to bring your little one a life of bright smiles!

61. Uluwehi. A gorgeous name meaning “growing in beauty.”

62. Roselani. A name evoking the depth and beauty of a rose, Roselani means “red rose.” It is also sometimes translated to mean “heavenly rose.”

63. Talei. A beautiful name for your little jewel, Talei means “precious one.”

64. Wai Nani. A serene name meaning “beautiful water.”

65. Wena. Wena means “glow.” While this name is unique, it fits right in if you were contemplating a classic name like Gwen because of the way it rolls off the tongue so beautifully.

Hawaiian Girl Names – Final Word

We hope you were inspired by these beautiful Hawaiian Girl Names that are as unique and beautiful as the islands of Hawaii. Let us know what you think!

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