35 Unique Hippie Names for Boys and Girls

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Here’s a list of hippie names (for boys or girls) that inspire joy and magic, as well as a love for our Mother Earth. While our world is getting increasingly more complex, you may be inspired to give your little one a name that’s earthy yet cosmic, organic yet mythical, airy yet deep

The best part – while these hippie names are light and airy, they still carry a weight that’s appropriate for whichever path your bundle of joy will choose. Whether mainstream or counterculture, this list checks all the boxes.

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Hippie Boy Names

These unique male hippie names for boys are earthy, peaceful, and strong.


Native to the Pacific Northwest, the red alder tree is a type of birch. Giving a child this name reminds them to secure strong roots to grow tall and proud.


This is a very bohemian, whimsical name that actually rolls off the tongue with lots of strength and power. The Sanskrit word for “enlightenment,” Bodhi is one of those hippie names for boys that’s short, sweet and spiritual.


The longest river in India behind the Ganges, the Chambal River flows through the center of the country. It is best known for being a pollution-free river that serves as home to river dolphins, storks and many more majestic species.


The long-legged, long-necked crane is featured in Greek, Roman and Japanese mythology. These birds are known for their beautiful water landings. In ancient times, crane dances illustrated a celebration of life.


Fiore is the Italian word for “flower.” In Italy, it is commonly seen as both a boy’s name and surname. It’s one of the best hippie names for boys if you want to merge elegance and nature.


Raise a child with a spirit as open and free as the Netherlands highlands with this name. Dutch for “green,” Groen pays homage to the natural beauty of the planet.


A hippie name blending faith and nature, Hyssop is a deeply symbolic moniker. The hyssop plant is a small, bushy plant belonging to the mint family. It is popularly used in herbal medicine. Additionally, its roots go back to ancient Jewish purification rituals. It is mentioned by David in Psalm 51:7.


Jord is a strong Swedish name with ties to the soil. It is actually the Swedish word for “earth.” In some cases, parents prefer to formalize the name a bit by using Jorden.


A nod to Bob Marley, this is an adorable boy name that transitions nicely into a serious adult name. Your child will love telling the story behind the reggae roots of his name.


Calling all peace warriors! Paz is a strong name for a boy because it means “peace” in Spanish. It works especially well when paired with a longer, more formal middle name.


Steeped in mythology, Phoenix is a name that signifies rebirth and triumph. In Greek and Egyptian mythology, the phoenix is a bird that rises from the ashes renewed to begin another life cycle. The name also calls to mind the rusted desert landscape of Phoenix, Arizona.


Calling to mind the life force of rushing water, Rio is Spanish for “river.”


A free-spirited name with a sci-fi twist, Terran is a title that’s strong and mystical. Terran is derived from the Latin word “terra” that means earth. In many sci-fi movies and novels, the word “terran” refers to inhabitants of the Earth.


Calling to mind long afternoons of dirtying up your hands in the sun without a care in the world, Wilder is a name that captures the freedom of childhood. Wilder is derived from an English surname that means “untamed.”


Zelen is a name of Croatian origin that means “green.” It also has a specific connation that means “one who is innocent.” In this way, the name pays homage to the pure, unspoiled beauty of nature.

Hippie Girl Names

These unique and beautiful hippie names for girls practically dance in the moonlight.


If you’re looking for hippie names that inspire joy, there’s no better option than this Italian name that means “happy”, “cheerful”, and “lively”. Just be careful, it will be hard to get mad at your little Allegra when she sneaks extra dessert as a toddler or breaks her curfew as a teen. 


This Latin name meaning “Goddess of dawn” certainly has a nature-loving essence while also carrying a sense of nobility. 


This intricate name actually means “most beautiful” in Greek but makes us think of an enchanting ruler. 


This cosmic name may have a Slavic sharpness, but it means “Star of Venus” which is totally out of this world. 


This beautiful name means “little Goddess” in Hindi and Sanskrit. (But hopefully it won’t go to her head too much!) 


This enchanting name is actually an English form of the Irish Eithne which means “kernel” or “grain” but it sounds more like a name fit for a fairy causing mischief in the forest. 


Speaking of fairies, that’s what this Middle English name means. (Or you can even go full-fairy French with Faie.) This sweet name is not only magical, it’s also sweet. 


Can you think of a more hippie name than Florence? This name is both classic and powerful, meaning “blossoming” through Latin and French roots. A cute alternative would be Flora, a name that holds its own weight being the Roman Goddess of Spring.


While you may know an iris to be a flower, it also means “rainbow” in Greek. In fact, this light and airy name adorned the Greek goddess of rainbows, and would be the perfect hippie name for your little one! 


This name means “black” and it carries a touch of traditional magic. It’s an English version of the Irish Ciara


Larisa is popular in Eastern Europe, but comes from an ancient city in Greece (and is the name of a Greek Saint.) It’s a light and airy name that’s hard to forget. 


A name of Latin origin meaning “moon” is now common in many languages. Your little Luna will certainly add a touch of magic to your life. How ethereal! 


This elegant name not only carries a beautiful simplicity, it has multiple beautiful meanings of different origins. From “brave and confident” in Maori, to “great mother” and “water” in Greek mythology, to “illusion or magic” in Sanskrit, this name will feel at home in any place. There are also many variations, including Maya, Maja, Maiya, Maija, and more. 


This wonderful name is sure to turn heads. This is a Hindu girls’ name, meaning “home” and it’s also a Russian boys’ name meaning “the winner” through Greek origins. Classic, yet original! 


A radiant name meaning “bright and pure” through Greek and Latin origins. In Greek mythology, Titan Phoebe was associated with the moon, giving this beautifully hippie name even more mythical meaning. 


This earthy name is perfect for the nature-loving hippie and the Southern Belle alike. It means “treeless plain” although there’s nothing plain about it. 


If you’re inspired by your love for Mother Earth, why not bring a bit of that inspiration to your growing family? Terra, literally translates to Earth in Spanish, and is a beautiful name that’s both whimsical and serious.


How idyllic! This name means “to blossom” through Greek origins, and was actually a name of a Muse in Greek mythology – a goddess of comedy and idyllic poetry! 


The willow makes you think of strength, grace, and flexibility. And its name comes from the Old English word welig. Your little one will surely go with the flow with a name like that. 


This unique-sounding name is surprisingly popular. That’s because it’s derived from Zeus, but is also the name of a saint. Either way, this hippie name lends itself to both grace and power. 

Unique Hippie Names for Boys and Girls

If you want your little one to carry a touch of magic along with a love for Mother Earth, we hope these hippie names left you inspired. 

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Hippie Names FAQ:

What are some good hippie names?

When it comes to good hippie names, we love Calista, Willow, and Thalia for girls as they are rooted in ancient mythology and earth’s beauty. For boys, we think that Phoenix and Bodhi make for strong, and unique male hippie names.

What are some hippie girl names?

Beautiful hippie girl names are influenced by nature: earth, water, and the skies. We love Luna – meaning moon or Terra – meaning earth, although we have an extensive list of unique hippie names for girls as well.

What is a boho name?

A boho name means “bohemian” and is generally fun and free-spirited. We love the names Allegra, Larisa, or Zenaida as beautiful boho girls’ names. For boys, we like Rio and Paz, although we have an extensive list of other unique boho names.

What are some hippie boy names?

Hippie boy names generally inspire a love for nature and peace. We love the name Zelen – which means “green” in Croatian, as well as the male hippie name Wilder – which means “untamed” although we have an extensive list of unique hippie names as well.


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