How Many Bibs Do I Need? The Astounding Number Will Surprise You

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Take it from a mom who didn’t think her baby needed bibs, you need many bibs. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to how many bibs do I need? 

Bibs will be your savior in protecting baby’s clothing. Who would have thought that such a tiny piece of fabric could make such a big difference. Don’t make the mistake I did. Stock up on bibs and don’t worry about it. 

Do newborns need bibs?

Oh yeah. Newborns need bibs. Your precious baby may be adorable, but they’re also a constant source of drool, spit up, and boogers. So you have a few choices, you can keep a bunch of tiny washcloths and burp cloths on hand, you can let your baby’s clothes get wet and change them, or you can use the corner of a soft bib to give baby a gentle wipe and get on with your day. 

I think we can agree on the best option here. Just use the bib. 

It’s important to note that there are drool bibs and feeding bibs. We’ll get to the differences later, but to answer the question when do babies need bibs the answer is as soon as they start wearing clothes. 

How many bibs do I need?

For some reason, with my first baby I didn’t think I needed any bibs. Looking back, she got pretty gross. Cute, but gross. There were always burp cloths around, and all of her clothes were slightly dirty. What was I thinking! 

The funny part – when it came to starting solids, I got cloth bibs for her (drool bibs) which just meant they were instantly stained. Lessons learned, lessons learned. 

With my second baby, I was given a 5-pack of drool bibs. I have to say, that’s still not enough. We tried to stretch each bib to the end of the day, but by the end of the day they were soaked with drool, spit up, and boogers. I wish I just got more. 

If you’re wondering how many bibs do I need, it mostly comes down to laundry. Because if you’re not changing bibs, you’re changing shirts. If you want to stretch the time between laundry days, we’d say you need many many bibs. 

How many bibs do I need for newborn?

Your newborn should have at least 10 cloth drool bibs, and 15 would be ideal. You will likely be changing them multiple times a day, so unless you want to do frequent laundry, it’s better to just stock up on bibs. 

And if you’re not changing bibs, you’re changing shirts. 

How many feeding bibs do I need?

Feeding bibs are a whole different ball game. If you choose an easy-to-clean bib, you’ll really only need one. Some bibs take a while to dry, so 2 bibs would be better. 

Drool bib vs feeding bib

A drool bib is usually small piece of soft cloth that you can easily use to wipe your little baby’s face. They’re generally machine-washable, have a Velcro or a snap closure – which is safest, and come in a variety of colors and designs.  Your baby’s little outfits might even come with a bib. 

Your baby will likely wear this bib throughout the day, but should be removed for naps and at night. 

We particularly like scarf bibs and bandana bibs, because they’ll make your baby’s outfit even more adorable. Like a little cowboy or cowgirl. 

Feeding bibs are used to protect your baby’s clothes from the huge mess they’ll make when they start eating. This will be at around 6-months of age. There’s no point in using cloth drool bibs, because they’re not big enough, and will likely get stained by your baby’s food. 

The best feeding bibs:

  • Have a big lip to catch spills. Because otherwise that mess just lands on your baby’s lap. 
  • Are easy to clean. Silicone and plastic bibs just wipe clean and are ready to use again. Cloth bibs will need time to dry, which may mean it’s not available when your baby wants to eat again. 
  • As a bonus – have sleeves. A sleeved bib is the ultimate luxury for parents. Imagine how clean your baby will be. However there are downsides. The first is that it takes longer to dry. The second is your baby will inevitably find a way to get messy anyway. And the third is that your baby just might refuse to wear bibs with sleeves. What can a momma do! 

Our favorite bibs

Cloth drool bibs

If you’re still wondering how many bibs you need, go with 10-15. Luckily bibs come packs!

Organic Muslin Scarf Bibs

This set of “infinite scarf” bibs will definitely add a touch of style to your baby’s outfits.

They’re made from organic muslin (a nice touch, considering it will be touching your baby’s little face) and come in a variety of ultra-stylish colors.

It’s also a 10-pack, so one pack is all you need.


Diaper Squad Organic Cotton Bandana Bibs

We love the bandana style bibs, which is such a cute twist on the traditional baby look.

They’re made from soft and absorbent organic cotton with a fleecy side. We love the gender-neutral color options.

These little bandana bibs come in a 10-pack too!

Feeding bibs

If you choose a good feeding bib, you really only need one or two.

Ava+Oliver Silicone Bib Set

This set of silicone bibs with a lip will keep your baby nice and clean as they discover the joys of eating solids.

We love that the silicone is easy to clean – which means that you won’t have to wait for the bib to dry.

The 2-pack is a nice touch as well. While you really only need one, it will be nice to switch it up or have a bib on hand for a playdate.

Also, there are 22 color options, with or without an image (in case you’re not crazy about “Baby got snacks!”

Tiny Twinkle Mess-Proof Bib With Sleeves

This full-sleeve bib will be a life-saver. (Okay, a clothes-saver.) And with 14 different patterns, you’ll find something your baby will love to wear.

It’s made of a waterproof fabric, making it nice and soft and comes in a variety of sizes.

TL;DR – How many bibs do I need?

10-15 drool bibs for your newborn, and 1-2 feeding bibs for when they start solids. 

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Baby and Newborn Bibs FAQ:

How much do bibs cost? 

Bibs range in price. Drool bibs usually come in packs, and it’s typical for a 10-pack to cost around $20 or more. Quality silicone feeding bibs can cost up to $20, but you may be able to snag one for under $5 on discount. 

Do newborns need bibs? 

Yes, newborns need bibs! They drool, spit up, and have runny noses. You’re better off using a corner of a soft bib than looking for washcloths around the house. And if you’re not changing bibs, you’re changing shirts. 

How many bibs should I put on my registry? 

For your registry, put 10-15 drool bibs and 1-2 high quality feeding bibs – made of silicone, with a large lip, and with sleeves as a bonus. 

When do babies need bibs?

Babies need bibs as soon as they need clothes. Which is right from birth. Newborns need drool bibs for drool, snot, and spit up. When babies start eating solids – around six months of age – they’ll need feeding bibs that are easy to clean and care for. 

How long do babies need bibs for? 

If it’s a feeding big, your baby will need it into their toddler years. For newborns, usually babies need bibs for at least six months. 

When should you buy bibs?

You should buy bibs before your baby is born because you’ll need them right away. Newborns need 10-15 drool bibs for drool, spit up, and boogers. You should buy feeding bibs before your baby is six months old, so that the bib is ready to go when your baby is ready to start eating. 

How many bibs do I need?
How many bibs do I need?


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