KIWICO vs LOVEVERY: Best Montessori and STEM Toys for 0-5 years

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While planning for your little one’s special delivery, you may have come across some adorable subscription boxes that will bring sweet little Montessori or STEM toys to your doorstep. What you probably didn’t expect, is the array of options available to you, and the tough decision that would be involved. 

Today we’ll focus on just two: KIWICO vs LOVEVERY for each stage of development to help you decide. 

LOVEVERY vs KIWICO – Quick Overview

Montessori-based toysSTEM-geared toys
Higher-pricedMore budget-friendly
Kit delivery every 2-3 monthsCrate delivery every 1-2 months 
Average price of $80-$120 per kitAverage price of $15-$40 per kit
Available for individual purchaseAvailable for individual purchase 
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Are Toy Subscriptions Like LOVEVERY and KIWICO Worth It?

It depends. Both LOVEVERY and KIWICO promote learning through play, and send toys based on your little one’s age and development. It’s not random. 

These two subscription boxes are great because you don’t really need to buy other toys because your little one will get a fresh set of toys and activities every couple of months. However, if you do tend to buy additional toys, the full effect may wear off. Not to mention the impact on your budget (and your storage space.) 

So subscription boxes are very well worth it if:

  • You don’t plan on buying other toys regularly, and
  • You will spend a lot of time at home, needing toys that entertain while promoting learning and skill development. 

Montessori Toys

There are a few parts to the Montessori learning philosophy, but when it comes to toys – the aim is to let kids be fully immersed while they play with something that’s just their size mimicking adults and learning at the same time.  

Montessori toys are usually more neutral in color made of natural materials to allow kids to use their imaginations in full. 

LOVEVERY Play Kits fall under the Montessori Toys category. 


Some toys are specifically designed to prime kids for a love and curiosity towards science, math, electronics, and technology. At the preschool age, these toys usually involve learning to count, simple math, comparison, and cause and effect. 

KIWICO crates are more geared towards STEM, although many of the LOVEVERY toys promote the same skills and interests. 

Best For 0 – 24 months

When it comes to the infant and young toddler age group, I actually prefer the KIWICO Panda Crate. 

While I love the look and feel of the LOVEVERY play kits, we got more use out of the Panda Crate toys which made me feel like I got my money’s worth.  (The fact that they’re all centered around pandas is also super cute!)

I loved the lacing beads toy, the shape puzzle, and especially the coin puzzle. They were the perfect, no-pressure way to start promoting fine motor skills. 

I also felt like the toys were just right for skill development. Not too hard and not easy. 

For example, when it comes to puzzles and stacking toys, matching two or three shapes is just right for growing hands. Anything more is just frustrating, and KIWICO got it just right. 

Also, while I appreciate that infants are stimulated by highly-contrasted black and white pictures, I didn’t feel the need for an excess of black and white themed toys that you get from LOVEVERY.  

(Although, I have to admit that the Slide and Seek Ball Run Toy in the LOVEVERY Babbler Play Kit is pretty irresistible.)

Ultimately, while I wouldn’t turn down the LOVEVERY play kits, the KIWICO Panda Crate felt more worth it. 

KIWICO Panda Crate (0-24 months)

The KIWICO Panda crates promote motor skills development and early STEM. The crates come every 2 months, and are broken up into themes like:

  • Bond With Me
  • Sense With Me
  • Explore With Me
  • Count With Me
  • Solve With Me

With various toys to promote your little one’s development stage.

LOVEVERY Play Kits (0-24 months)

The LOVEVERY play kits are designed with your baby’s development in mind. They come every 2 months for the first year, and every 3 months after that. These kits include:

  • The Looker Play Kit
  • The Charmer Play Kit
  • The Senser Play Kit
  • The Inspector Play Kit
  • The Explorer Play Kit
  • The Thinker Play Kit
  • The Babbler Play Kit
  • The Pioneer Play Kit
  • The Realist Play Kit
  • The Companion Play Kit

KIWICO vs LOVEVERY (0-24 months)

KIWICO Panda CrateLOVEVERY Play Kits
Price $30-40 per crate depending on subscription plan$80/kit for 0-12
$120/kit for 12-24
Price per month$15-$20$40
Shipping cost included? NoYes
Crate or kit frequencyEvery 2 months Every 2 months for 0-12; 
Every 3 months for 12-24

Best For 2 – 4 years

When it comes to growing toddlers and preschoolers, I’m actually leaning more towards the LOVEVERY Play Kits. I prefer the evolving complexity of these Montessori toys, and I feel like my kids get more play out of them. 

While I like a lot of the toys and activities in the KIWICO Koala Crate, I felt that they were a bit more parent-led. I also felt like my kids only wanted to play with it once – which felt wasteful. 

The LOVEVERY toys and activities could be shared between kids and are really great for kids with a huge imagination. I loved the balance scale in the Enthusiast Play Kit (I’m a major math nerd) and the dot catcher in the Helper Play Kit which was perfect for fine motor skills as well as social skills like taking turns. 

LOVEVERY Play Kits (2-5 years)

We love the evolving complexity of these Montessori-based toys. The fun and cute kits come every 3 months and include:

  • The Helper Play Kit
  • The Enthusiast Play Kit
  • The Investigator Play Kit
  • The Free Spirit Play Kit
  • The Observer Play Kit
  • The Storyteller Play Kit
  • The Problem Solver Play Kit
  • The Analyst Play Kit
  • The Connector Play Kit
  • The Examiner Play Kit
  • The Persister Play Kit
  • The Planner Play Kit

KIWICO Koala Crate (2-4 years)

Each month, you’ll get a crate that inspires learning and curiosity through play in both nature and STEM centered around a theme. Some of the themes are:

  • Ocean Games – which involves skills like sorting and matching.
  • Doctor’s Visit – that will let your toddlers give you a checkup and make you all better.
  • Rainbows – hands-on activities that will let your kids both discover and create.
  • Camping – which allows for pretend adventure and play.

LOVEVERY vs KIWICO (2-4 years)

KIWICO Koala CrateLOVEVERY Play Kits
Price $15-$20 per crate depending on subscription model$120/kit
Price per month$15-$20$40
Shipping cost included? NoYes
Crate or kit frequencyEvery monthEvery 3 months

4 years+

While the LOVEVERY play kits stop after 5 years, KIWICO has plenty of crates that extend into high school. These crates are more centered around STEM curiosity and would be a sweet way to continue a tradition that combines learning and play.  They offer:

  • The Panda Crate (0-24 months)
  • The Koala Crate (2-4 years)
  • The Kiwi Crate (5-8 years) – science and nature themed projects and activities learning about topics like trees, flight, and more.
  • The Atlas Crate (6-11 years) – connects kids to cultures, customs, and geography.
  • The Yummy Crate (6-14 years) – science through food and cooking.
  • The Doodle Crate (9-16 years) – creative hands-on projects and crafts, like hand-made soap.
  • The Tinker Crate (9-14 years) – build and learn little toys, games, and even robots!
  • The Maker Crate (14+) – create beautiful crafts you can actually use.
  • The Eureka Create (12+) – cool engineering projects, like building a desk lamp or a ukulele!

However, past the 4 year mark, I actually prefer MEL SCIENCE which does an amazing job of promoting specific scientific concepts to kids. 


0-24 monthsKIWICO Panda Crate
2-5 yearsLOVEVERY Play Kits
4 Years + MEL Science

While this is a very brief overview and personal preference, both of these subscription boxes are very much worth it if they fit into your budget and lifestyle. We hope you enjoy those precious first weeks, months, and years as your little ones play, learn, pretend play, and explore.

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kiwico vs lovevery


Is LOVEVERY Montessori-based?

Yes, LOVEVERY is a Montessori-based toy and activity subscription box. The toys allow kids to “mimic” what adults do all while learning through play. They also try to use natural materials and more neutral colors to promote kids’ imagination. The play kits come every 2 months for the first year, and every 3 months beyond that.

What is Panda Crate?

Panda crate is toy subscription box by KIWICO that brings age-specific toys and activities right when you need them. The Panda crate is for babies 0-24 months old, after which you can sign up for other crates. You get toys like stacking cups, tummy-time mirror, and shape puzzles at the right stage of development.


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