Best Foldable Learning Tower and How The Kitchen Helper Stool Keeps Me Sane For Mealtime (With 6 Reviews)

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It’s almost dinnertime, and instead of hearing my toddlers dumping legos in the other room and running back to ask what else they can play with, they’re right by my side helping me stir up some salad dressing at the kitchen counter asking what else they can do to help. And all it took was a foldable learning tower (aka a kitchen helper stool.) 

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What Is A Learning Tower?

A learning tower is a sturdy stool with an enclosure for your toddler to safely stand on while watching you cook. The enclosure gives them something to hold on to and keeps them from falling off or slipping. 

Learning towers are extremely popular for parents who’ve embraced Montessori learning, because it allows their little ones to experience the real world in an environment that’s designed just for them. 

A learning tower is also known as:

  • Kitchen helper
  • Montessori tower

Where are learning towers used?

The most common place you’ll use your learning tower is at the kitchen counter (that’s why it’s also known as a kitchen helper) however they’re also great by the bathroom sink or if you have a crafts counter. 

Is a kitchen helper stool better than a regular chair?

If you’ve ever seen your toddler climb up on a chair, you already know the answer. While regular chairs and stools do the job, they’re also terrifying with a toddler on top because they tend to slide and tip the second you look away. 

Learning towers and kitchen helper stools are much more stable, and they have an enclosure to keep your toddler from falling off. 

Learning Tower Features

Why you might want a foldable learning tower

So you’re already sold that you want your toddler right by your side at the kitchen counter. There’s only one problem – not everyone’s kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate an extra piece of furniture. Kitchen helper stools are pretty big, and storing it is quite the luxury. 

That’s why getting a foldable learning tower will solve that problem. There are models that neatly pack away leaving your kitchen floor clutter-free. 

4-Walls vs 3-Walls

Most learning towers feature 3 walls with one side being exposed so that youe toddler can climb up. This opened side generally has a bar along the top to keep your little one from falling out. 

Some parents prefer to have a wall on all 4 sides (also known as a front keeper and back keeper) to be extra-sure that their little one doesn’t step off by accident. 

Height adjustable

Your little ones will be using this kitchen helper stool for a long time so if you get a height-adjustable learning tower, they will find it a lot more comfortable. 

Color options

Since this is technically a “Montessori tower” and Montessori furniture is traditionally a natural wood, a light birch would make for a perfect pairing. That said, the learning towers on this list come in a variety of colors – from gentle neutrals to daring pops of color, so you have plenty to choose from. 

Best Learning Tower Summary

Best learning towerGuidecraft Kitchen Helper
Foldable learning tower – runner-upMillard Foldable Kitchen Helper Stool 
Most budget-friendlySPADI Adjustable Kitchen Learning Tower
Most minimalKidzWerks Children’s Tower
Best learning tower for twoSPADI Kitchen Step Stool for 2 
Foldable learning tower for twoGuidecraft Kitchen Helper – Double 

6 Best Foldable Learning Tower Reviews

1. Guidecraft Kitchen Helper

Our Best Learning Tower Top Pick!

The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper stool is a game-changer! It has sturdy construction, an anti-slip mat, and splayed feet – so you know your toddler is safe and secure. There’s no way they’re tipping or slipping. 

The learning tower folds pretty compactly – an amazing feature for smaller spaces – which means that you won’t have another piece of furniture claiming precious kitchen floor space. 

The Guidecraft foldable learning towers are also the only ones that are enclosed on all four sides, which will give you a lot more peace of mind. 

Guidecraft Kitchen Helpers can be bought on Amazon or directly through the Guidecraft website – with the only drawback that they’re frequently on backorder. Which is why we have the other options! 

Price range$200
Color optionsNatural wood, white, gray, red
Adjustable height?Yes, 15 and 18 inches

2. Millard Foldable Kitchen Helper Stool

The Millard foldable learning tower is the perfect alternative to the Guidecraft kitchen helper. With the only difference being that it’s not height-adjustable, and there is one wall that’s exposed (although it still has a railing to keep your toddler from accidentally stepping off. 

This learning tower is also super-secure and super-convenient, because it has the splayed feed and it’s foldable. 

Price range$140-$150
Color optionsLight gray
Adjustable height?No

More Kitchen Helper Stools

3. SPADI Adjustable Kitchen Learning Tower

Most budget-friendly Montessori tower

The SPADI learning towers give you the biggest bang for your buck. They’re simple and budget-friendly, but still sturdy and safe, featuring adjustable height variations. 

Price range$100
Color optionsNatural wood, White, Gray, Coffee
Adjustable height?Yes, with three height variations

4. KidzWerks Children’s Tower

Most minimal learning tower

We love the KidzWerks learning tower for its simple, minimal design and for the fact that it will grow with your toddler. 

This learning tower is very sturdy, and only takes about 15 minutes to put together. Easy-peasy. 

Price range$165
Color optionsNatural wood, White, Gray, Navy
Adjustable height?Yes – 12”, 16”, and 20”

Learning Tower for Two Kids

If you have two little ones, you won’t want to have them fighting about who gets to help. Save yourself the headache and buy a double learning tower. 

5. SPADI Kitchen Step Stool for 2

The SPADI learning tower is super-sturdy, and has a natural wood finish that’s perfect for a double Montessori tower. 

We absolutely love that the height is adjustable for each kid, because they’ll each have different needs. 

Price range$130
Color optionsNatural wood
Adjustable height?Yes – with 3 levels for each kid

6. Guidecraft Kitchen Helper – Double

Coming full circle back to the Guidecraft Kitchen Helper – but this time for two kids. 

Like the single version, this learning tower is amazingly safe and sturdy. It has a keeper on both the front and the back – meaning you won’t have to worry about your toddler stepping off, and it comes with an anti-slip mat so you’ll know that they’re safe and secure. 

The drawback is that although this learning tower is height-adjustable, your two kids will be standing on the same level – not ideal unless you have twins. Your two kids are also not separated like they are with the SPADI learning tower above, meaning you might have to hear “Mommy, he’s touching me!” 

The Guidecraft kitchen helpers are frequently on backorder, but they can be found on Amazon or directly through their website

Price range$250
Color optionsNatural wood
Adjustable height?Yes – 15” to 18” but not independently. 

Final words on the best learning tower and kitchen helper

A learning tower (or Montessori tower) can bring huge benefits for both you and your toddler. Our favorite option is the Guidecraft Kitchen Helper because it’s foldable, height-adjustable, and enclosed on all 4 sides. However, it’s not always in-stock, and may not fit everyone’s needs, so whatever you choose from this list – rest assured that it’s still the best learning tower.

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