3 Reasons I Only Gift Play Kits to New Moms, And Why You Should Totally Register 

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I remember my baby shower. I was so grateful to receive an array of firetrucks, stuffies, blankies, books of different sizes, and a lot of things that light up and make sounds. 

Then it dawned on me. How will I incorporate all these things into bonding with my little one and helping them grow and develop? Not only that, what do I do with the toys that my newborn is just not ready for? 

A few months later, I had a playdate with another new mom. I was mesmerized by her uncluttered play room with toys that didn’t seem too loud or too big. Not only that, both our little ones were super-engaged with the toys that were available. 

That mom got a LOVEVERY play kits subscription, and her little one got a new set of toys, books, and activities geared specifically for her developmental stage every 2 – 3 months. 

The toys aren’t random, each kit centers around a theme like promoting sensory exploration or speech and memory development, and it comes with age-appropriate books, as well as a parent guide to show what these “toys” do for your child’s development at that stage. 

I was sold. 

Now, the LOVEVERY play kits are my go-to gift for new parents, because I know they will be used and loved and they won’t clutter up the playroom with toys that kids are just not ready for. 

Here are a few other reasons I LOVE to give LOVEVERY

1. Less Is More 

The whole idea behind the LOVEVERY play kits is an emphasis on less clutter, more order, and fewer play things. The kit arrives every 2 months for babies and every 3 months for toddlers, and has the perfect number of toys, books, and activities to ignite focused play and learning. 

Whether they’re a baby, a toddler, or a preschooler, each play kit is specifically designed for your little one’s developmental stage. 

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get. 

LOVEVERY Play Kits For Babies and Toddlers (0 – 24 Months)

These kits include:

  • The Looker Play Kit
  • The Charmer Play Kit
  • The Senser Play Kit
  • The Inspector Play Kit
  • The Explorer Play Kit
  • The Thinker Play Kit
  • The Babbler Play Kit
  • The Pioneer Play Kit
  • The Realist Play Kit
  • The Companion Play Kit


LOVEVERY Play Kits for Toddlers and Preschoolers (2-5 Years)

We love the evolving complexity of these Montessori-based toys. The fun and cute kits come every 3 months and include:

  • The Helper Play Kit
  • The Enthusiast Play Kit
  • The Investigator Play Kit
  • The Free Spirit Play Kit
  • The Observer Play Kit
  • The Storyteller Play Kit
  • The Problem Solver Play Kit
  • The Analyst Play Kit
  • The Connector Play Kit
  • The Examiner Play Kit
  • The Persister Play Kit
  • The Planner Play Kit


Quick LOVEVERY Play Kits Breakdown

LOVEVERY Play Kits (0 – 12 months) LOVEVERY Play Kits (12 – 24 months) LOVEVERY Play Kits (2 – 5 Years)
Price per kit80/kit $120/kit$120/kit
Shipping Included Yes Yes Yes 
Kit Frequency Every 2 months Every 3 months Every 3 months 

2. I’m Obsessed With Montessori And Research-Based Toys

The toys in LOVEVERY play kits are based around the Montessori approach. I personally love that these toys foster independent, real-world experiences for toddlers, and sensory-rich play for babies. 

They’re low-tech, meaning no flashing lights or yappy characters, which cultivates imaginative, focused, and uninterrupted play. 

It’s all about independence. 

The company also involves advisors, experts, and researchers in developing their LOVEVERY play kits and parent guides, so you know a lot of brain power went into creating these activities. 

3. LOVEVERY Play Kits Are Committed to Sustainability 

When you’re walking through the aisles of a toy store, it’s impossible not to wonder what exactly goes into making those toys, and what happens to them after? 

Do they use toxic materials or paints? 

Is their packaging recyclable (much less recycled?) 

Does manufacturing those toys carry a heavy burden on our planet? 

And does disposing these toys when my kid no longer cares for them create an even bigger impact? 

Choosing what goes into your home – especially for your little ones – can be a big responsibility, and it’s nice to know that some companies, like LOVEVERY, help you take that responsibility seriously. 

While their commitment to sustainability is quite splendid, I’m quite impressed by the little things, like: 

  • Using FSC-certified wood and organic textiles for their toys,
  • Using recycled paper for packaging, 
  • Replacing missing parts so that broken toys can be mended and passed on. 

As a mom who preaches about not being wasteful and being mindful of what you bring into your home, I’m grateful to buy toys that reflect that value. 

Final Word on My Love for LOVEVERY Play Kits

If you’re wondering what to give (or ask for,) you won’t go wrong with a LOVEVERY play kit subscription. 

They help the babies’ and toddlers’ development and learning, they’re actually fun, and they’ll keep the playroom neat, focused, and organized. 

What else could you ask for?

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