122 Monumental Mayan Names And Meanings

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Mayan names are widely perceived as lyrical and unique, which may be your reason for pursuing one. Below is an extensive list of Mayan names for boys and girls that are worth considering for your little one.

Mayan naming tradition dictated that at birth, a child be taken to an elder and named based on their arrival date according to the Mayan calendar. Nowadays, most parents are inclined to name a child based on the meaning of the chosen Mayan name.

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Short Mayan Names

There are several reasons why you might be pursuing a short Mayan name for your little one. Often, short names are preferred because of how easy they are to remember and how they roll off the tongue. 

Below is a list of short Mayan girl names and short Mayan boy names for you to consider.

Short Mayan Girl Names

Abi. A Mayan name that’s popular in various parts of the world because of how English-sounding it is, it means “my father’s delight.”

Asiri. Nothing could be sweeter than this Mayan name for your precious girl; meaning “beautiful smile.”

Eek. This Mayan name for girls just rolls of the tongue. If you’re interested in something that is easy to pronounce and remember, this may be it. Simply means “star.”

Ikal. Of Mayan origin, this name simply means “spirit.”

Itza. A name from the Mayan sacred book, it simply means “princess.”

Itzy. If you’re looking for a Mayan name that’s easy to remember, this may just be it. Regarded as the shortened form of two names, Yucatec and Itzayana.

Kin. This Mayan name is suitable for either a girl or boy; meaning “sun star.”

Litza. A Mayan name that describes your ray of sunshine, this simply means “the star.”

Malli. Short, sweet and easy to remember, this Mayan name means “flowers of the garden.”

Maiu. This sweet-sounding Mayan name is indicative of a new start, meaning “spring.”

Naab. Inspired by the Mayan goddess of rivers and lagoons, this sweet name is perfect for your little water-loving baby girl.

Naay. This Mayan girl’s name simply means “dream.”

Nare. A Mayan name that’s as sweet and charming as your baby girl; meaning “the one who receives.”

Nicté. This sweet and beautiful Mayan name simply means “mayflower.”

Noil. This Mayan name simply means “greatness.”

Sami. One of the more English-sounding Mayan names, this charming name means “the lucky one.”

Saya. You may consider this Mayan name if you want to raise a busy and hardworking girl; meaning “the woman who is always standing.”

Taki. This Mayan name simply means “rhythm” or “music.”

Xail. This Mayan girl’s name is indicative of light and prosperity, meaning “sun.”

Yamil. A sweet Mayan name that means “love.”

Yat. If you have a feisty baby girl, this may be just the perfect Mayan name for her; simply means “fire flame.”

Zulia. A beautiful Mayan name that means “river that spills.” A fitting choice for your baby that’s overflowing with love.

Short Mayan Boy Names

Ajaw. This memorable Mayan name is a fitting pick for your little leader; simply means “king.”

Alom. This short and sweet Mayan boy name means “lord of the sky.”

Bej. Cute and easy to remember, this Mayan name simply means “path.”

Bembe. This is a fitting Mayan name for your little miracle, simply means “son of prophecy.”

Chaac. An adorable Mayan name suitable for your water-loving baby. Derived from the Mayan god of rain. This Mayan name is alternatively spelled Chac.

Chan. This short and sweet Mayan boy name also doubles as a Mayan surname; meaning “small.”

Chéel. The perfect Mayan name for the little man that’s bringing light and color into your world; meaning “rainbow.”

Eloy. Derived from Eulogios, this Mayan name means “one who is a renowned warrior.”

Ian. Easy to remember, this Mayan boy name means “God is gracious.”

Kaax. Inspired by the Mayan god of the forest and wildlife, this is a fitting choice for your nature-loving bundle of joy.

Kan. Derived from the Mayan astrological sign, Kani, this memorable boy name signifies intensity and strength. Suitable for your little brave heart.

Kante. This nature-inspired Mayan name means “tree.”

Kin. Short, sweet and of Mayan origin, this is ideal for your little ray of sunshine; meaning “sun.”

Noil. Of Mayan origin, this cute name simply means “greatness.”

Sak. “Pure in heart.”

Taavi. This is a fitting description of your bundle of joy. This Mayan name simply means “adorned one.”

Yaak. The perfect Mayan name for your feisty little one; simply means “flame of fire.”

Yaax. Color-inspired names are always a hit. This is a short and cute Mayan name that means “green.”

Popular Mayan names have typically stood the test of time. Whether they were derived from historic Mayan figures or became popular among parents of a certain generation, one thing’s for sure – they’re pretty hard to get wrong after hearing them time and time again.

Below is a list of popular Mayan girl names and popular Mayan boy names for you to consider.

Aklla. There couldn’t be a more fitting name for your precious girl than this one; a Mayan name that means “the chosen one.”

Alitzel. Given the meaning of this Mayan name, it’s no wonder that it’s so popular! A charming name that simply means “the smiling girl.”

Amaru. This Mayan name is ideal for a baby girl born in the evening; meaning “the night.”

Atziri. This Mayan name simply means “moonflower.”

Chakte. This is an ancient Mayan title that was used to indicate the main character or someone of importance. A perfect way to signify how you perceive your precious girl.

Jenkail. This distinctly Mayan name means “the flowering of corn.” It signifies growth and blooming for your baby.

Itotia. Meaning “dance,” this is a great Mayan name for a bubbly and active baby girl.

Maczil. Babies are a miracle, and this Mayan name communicates exactly that. Simply means “the miraculous thing.”

Maya. A name that’s popular across the globe, this is a great pick if you want your baby girl to remain true to her roots. This Mayan name means “good mother.”

Mayal. Meaning “perfumed” or “soft aroma,” this Mayan name oozes femininity and is a great choice for your sweet baby girl.

Rigoberto. This is a Mayan name popularised by writer and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Rigoberto Menchú, who evidently lived up to its meaning – “bright fame.”

Sayab. Signifying a new beginning and season in your life, this charming Mayan name simply means “spring.”

Zamńa. This sweet and cool-sounding Mayan name means “God is knowledge.” It’s a fitting choice for a wise and religious family.

Aapo. This Mayan name is fast becoming popular; simply means “father of many nations.”

Eadric. Alternatively spelled Eadrich, this popular Mayan name means “wealthy monarch.”

Fabio. One of the more well-known Mayan names, this one simply means “farmer.”

Hadwin. This is one of the Mayan names that was popular in the 80s and has regained popularity in recent times as well; meaning “strong friend.”

Hagan. A popular choice for a first-born son, this Mayan name means “highest son.”

Hugo. This Mayan name is widely used across the globe, and simply means “intelligent.”

Humberto. Said to be of both Spanish and Mayan roots, this name is ideal for your little bright spark. Simply means “bright” and “intelligent.”

Tadeas. Simply means “gift of God.”

Rare Mayan Names

Although Mayan names are widely perceived as rather unconventional and distinctly Mayan, some parents have taken it a step further and made their baby truly one-of-a-kind. Opting for a rare Mayan name will ensure that you baby boy or girl stands out from the crowd.

Below is a list of rare Mayan girl names and rare Mayan boy names for you to consider.

Rare Mayan Girl Names

Akna. This sweet Mayan name is derived from the goddess of fertility and childbirth, it can also mean “our mother.”

Chamaltuux. A rare and sweet Mayan name particularly for a baby girl with dimples. Meaning “the one with the sunken dimple.”

Chami. One of the more modern Mayan names, this one means “little.”

Chimalmat. A rather unconventional Mayan name, this means “mother of giants.”

Colel. A Mayan name that’s suitable for your hardworking baby, this one means “goddess of bees.”

Itzel. A relatively unusual Mayan name, it simply means “rainbow goddess.”

Patli. This beautiful Mayan name means “medicine.”

Rare Mayan Boy Names

Abund. One of the more self-explanatory Mayan names, this precious name means “living in abundance.”

Babajide. “Father is coming home.”

Bacabs. Possibly one of the most unconventional Mayan names, it’s inspired by Mayan mythology and relates to the four gods who support the sky.

Itzamna. Perfect for your little ray of sunshine, this Mayan name is inspired by the god of the sun. Itzamna was also the name of the main and most powerful Mayan gods.

Gabor. This sweet and unique Mayan name is suitable for your little brave heart; simply means “God’s bravest man.”

Horado. If you’re looking to raise a prompt baby boy, this might be just the name for him. This sweet Mayan name means “timekeeper.”

Ixpiyacoc. This unique Mayan name derived from a Mayan god who helped birth humanity.

Sachihiro. This Mayan name is derived from two words, “sachi” and “hiro,” which mean happiness and vast, respectively.

Tecumbalam. When it comes to distinct and complex Mayan names, this is undeniably one of them. Inspired by Mayan mythology, it’s reference to a great bird from legends.

Yaxkin. Inspired by an ancient Mayan zodiac sign, this name signifies a new beginning and means “new sun” or “sun god.”Yunuen. Simply means “half-moon.”

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Mayan Names

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