60 Mesmerizing Merman Names (Mythical Water and Ocean Boy Names For a Male Mermaid).

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If you want to give a nod to your love for the ocean, love for adventure, or your love for the mystical, this list of Merman names, ranging from modern to mythical will give you plenty of inspiration.

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Most Mesmerizing Merman Names

A list of our favorite male water names and merman names.

1. Aegeus.

The Aegean Sea is where mermaid/merman lore was born! It’s only fitting to give your future water lover the name of Aegeus in keeping with the long-held Mediterranean tradition of looking to the sea for divine inspiration!

2. Ari.

Ari is a cool merman name for a boy because of the way it plays off of the famous Ariel!

3. Blue.

Calling to mind the crystalline waves that all mermen call home, Blue is a cool nod to sea mythology.

4. Douglas.

Here’s a way to hide a merman name in plain sight under a seemingly ordinary title! Douglas is actually a name of Gaelic origin meaning “dark water.”

5. Firth.

This refined name fits a merman because Firth means “an arm of the sea.”

6. Havelock.

This powerful Norse name means “sea war.” It calls to mind the ethereal strength of a merman.

7. Hurley.

This Irish name that’s fit for a finned one means “sea tide.”

8. Ormond.

This sophisticated, strong name of French origin means “ship protector.”

9. Poseidon.

Why not choose the merman name of all merman names? Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea!

10. Seabrook.

A name connected to nature, Seabrook refers to a person from “the brook by the sea.”

11. Seaward.

This adorable name means “sea guardian.”

12. Shoney.

Merman names don’t get more direct than this one! Shoney means “sea god” in Gaelic culture!

13. Triton.

The son of Poseidon, Triton is a Greek god of the sea.

14. Troy.

The ultimate name to convey the power of a merman, Troy means “water solider.”

15. Wade.

Wade means “cross the water.” Its subtle water-themed flow makes it a great name for a merman!

16. Waverly.

While the fact that this name means “from the brushwood field” doesn’t exactly conjure up the power and might of the seven seas, it does call to mind the power of waves just enough to be considered an amazing merman name!

17. Zealand.

Zealand simply means “sea land.”

18. Zale.

Full of zeal, Zale is a Greek name that means “sea strength.”

Japanese Merman Names

These names are powerful and sharp and would make for really cool merman names. 

19. Katsumi. 

This is by far one of the coolest male water names, meaning “he who can win the sea” of Japanese origin. 

20. Roka. 

Meaning “the white crest of a wave,” Roka is a very nature-inspired merfolk name. 

21. Toru. 

Simply meaning “sea,” Toru is a strong and mysterious merman name. 

Hawaiian Merman Names

Whenever you hear a variation of “Kai” you’re likely hearing a water name from the islands which makes for unique mermaid boy names. 

22. Kaiholo. 

Means “moving sea” and sounds very strong among male water names in Hawaiian. 

23. Kye. 

A variation of Kai, simply meaning “the ocean” in Hawaiian. 

Nordic Mythical Water Names

Ancient Vikings were the rules of the oceans, and their titles lend themselves perfectly to powerful merfolk names. 

24. Strom.  

A very cool Swedish male water name meaning “river.” We love it for its association with the word storm, which makes this merman name sound dark, strong, and mysterious. 

25. Valdimar. 

Valdimar means “ruler of the ocean” through Icelandic origins, which sounds uniquely strong for a mermaid boy names. 

Native American Water Names for Boys

Native American names are perfect for nature and water lovers. 

26. Chelan. 

Chelan is a nature-inspired Native male water name meaning “deep water.” 

27. Tahoe. 

Tahoe means “big water” through Native American origins. 

Spanish and Latin American Mermaid Names for Boys and Girls

These mermaid and merman names are simple and unique for both boys and girls. 

28. Axenus. 

Can you get more unique than Axenus when it comes to merman names? The unique male water name means “from the Black Sea” through Latin American origins. (Although it’s also the name of a moth species.) 

29. Mar. 

If you want a cool female or male mermaid name, it doesn’t get any simpler than Mar which means “sea” in Spanish. 

30. Zulimar. 

If you want a female or male water name that’s a little more complex than “Mar,” go with Zulimar which roughly translates to “blue sea” in Spanish. 

Greek and Latin Merman Names

These ancient merman names are rooted in history and mythology. 

31. Marion. 

As a latin-based female name, Marion means “star of the sea.” However, it’s also a Hebrew boy’s name meaning “wanted child.” 

32. Neptune

Neptune was the Roman God of the sea. This powerful merman name carries history, mythology, and even a love for astronomy. 

33. Ponce. 

A cool merfolk name meaning “of the sea” through latin origins.  

34. Proteus. 

A mythical Greek name meaning “God of the sea.” We love it because it sounds a bit like “protector” which makes it one of our favorite merman names. 

French and German Merman Names

These merman names are both strong and mythical. 

35. Bardo. 

This German name means “water” which makes it an ultra-cool mermaid boy name. 

36. Lamar. 

This cool male water name has French origins meaning “of the sea.” 

37. Lockhart. 

What a charming name for a little man. Lockhart means “freshwater fish” through French and German origins and is a great addition to male mermaid names. 

Arabic and Indian Mythical Water Names for Boys

These boy names are cool and serene. 

38. Deniz. 

This cool Turkish name simply means “the sea.”  

39. Narayan. 

An ultra-serene Indian boy’s name meaning “moving water.”

40. Nen. 

Simple and strong Arabic male mermaid name meaning “ancient waters.” 

African Water Names

These cool-sounding African boy names are as strong and powerful as the ocean. 

41. Mariatu. 

This cool African merman name means “of the sea” as well as “bitter.”

42. Namazzi. 

An exotic African name meaning “water” would make for a strong and fast ocean protector.

Old English, British, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh Merman Names

These mermaid boy names have classic English, British, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh origins. 

43. Arran. 

An esteemed name like Arran is perfectly noble for your legendary boy. It means “He who established an island” through old English origins and was also the name of Moses’ brother in the Old Testament. (Talk about a water name!) 

44. Braden. 

Braden means “salmon” through its Irish roots. The meaning might be unusual but the name itself is strong and classic. 

45. Cain. 

A cool, clear and simple mermaid boy name meaning “clean clear water” through Welsh origins. 

46. Caldwell. 

Another great male water name, the English name Caldwell means “cold water source.” 

47. Colbert. 

The English name Colbert means “sea man.” And what could be more merfolk than that? 

48. Dylan. 

While Dylan makes us think of a famous rocker, this bad boy merman name actually means “son of the sea” through Welsh origins. 

49. Llyr. 

The classic Welsh male water name means “from the sea.” 

50. Kelsey. 

Kelsey is a really cool unisex namem meaning it could great for both girl and boy mermaids! The old English name means “from the island of ships” and will sound great in any situation. 

51. Merlin. 

The old English name means “by the sea” or “sea fortress” which makes for an awesome mermaid or merman name. 

52. Merrick. 

Merrick means the “ruler of the sea.” We love this old English name because it’s both strong and fun. 

53. Merv. 

This cute Irish merman name means “the one who loves the sea.” 

54. Morgan. 

The cool Welsh Morgan means “sea defender.” This is one of those merman names that carries strength and power while not being overbearing. 

55. Morogh. 

A Scottish twist on some of the male water names above, Morogh means “man of the sea.” We like it because it makes us think of tomorrow. 

56. Murdoch. 

The name Murdoch has been made famous by TV series and media personalities all over the world. This Irish name means “protector of the sea.” 

57. Ronan. 

This male water name is both brawny and cute. It means “little seal” through Irish origins and we love it as a merfolk name. 

58. Teddington. 

This stately-sounding English name means “where the tide ends.” 

59. Seaward. 

This English name literally means “sea guardian” and would be a perfect name for your water lover. 

60. Weller. 

This strong English name means “he who extracts salt from the sea.”

Merman Names – Final Word

Considering over 70% of Earth is made of water, we hope that these Merman names gave you lots of inspiration. (Of course, you could always install a huge aquarium in his room and call it a day!) Which of these was your favorite? We’d love to know!

Merman, Mermaids, Merfolk, and Mythical Water Names – FAQ

What is the name for a male mermaid?

A male mermaid is called a merman. “Mer” is actually a root word for “sea.”

What are mermaid babies called?

Mermaid babies are referred to as “merbabies” and people under the sea are called “merfolk.”

What is a cool name for a mermaid?

When it comes to cool names for a mermaid, there are a few options. We like Nixie and Adriana. Nixie refers to a German water sprite, while Adriana means “of the Adriatic sea.” When it comes to merman names, there are hundreds of options, but we love the name Havelock which means “sea war.”

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