18 Merman Names for Your Legendary Little Guy

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If you want to give a nod to your love for the ocean, love for adventure, or your love for the mystical, this list of Merman names, ranging from modern to mythical will give you plenty of inspiration.

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Merman Names

Merman Names

1. Aegeus.

The Aegean Sea is where mermaid/merman lore was born! It’s only fitting to give your future water lover the name of Aegeus in keeping with the long-held Mediterranean tradition of looking to the sea for divine inspiration!

2. Ari.

Ari is a cool merman name for a boy because of the way it plays off of the famous Ariel!

3. Blue.

Calling to mind the crystalline waves that all mermen call home, Blue is a cool nod to sea mythology.

4. Douglas.

Here’s a way to hide a merman name in plain sight under a seemingly ordinary title! Douglas is actually a name of Gaelic origin meaning “dark water.”

5. Firth.

This refined name fits a merman because Firth means “an arm of the sea.”

6. Havelock.

This powerful Norse name means “sea war.” It calls to mind the ethereal strength of a merman.

7. Hurley.

This Irish name that’s fit for a finned one means “sea tide.”

8. Ormond.

This sophisticated, strong name of French origin means “ship protector.”

9. Poseidon.

Why not choose the merman name of all merman names? Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea!

10. Seabrook.

A name connected to nature, Seabrook refers to a person from “the brook by the sea.”

11. Seaward.

This adorable name means “sea guardian.”

12. Shoney.

Merman names don’t get more direct than this one! Shoney means “sea god” in Gaelic culture!

13. Triton.

The son of Poseidon, Triton is a Greek god of the sea.

14. Troy.

The ultimate name to convey the power of a merman, Troy means “water solider.”

15. Wade.

Wade means “cross the water.” Its subtle water-themed flow makes it a great name for a merman!

16. Waverly.

While the fact that this name means “from the brushwood field” doesn’t exactly conjure up the power and might of the seven seas, it does call to mind the power of waves just enough to be considered an amazing merman name!

17. Zealand.

Zealand simply means “sea land.”

18. Zale.

Full of zeal, Zale is a Greek name that means “sea strength.”

Merman Names – Final Word

We hope that these Merman names gave you lots of inspiration. Which of these was your favorite? We’d love to know!

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merman names
Merman Names

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