24 Essentials for a Minimalist Baby Registry

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Whether you’ve adopted the minimalist lifestyle, live in a small space, like the minimalist aesthetic, or just want to live light, your minimalist baby registry should be filled with essentials and things that bring you joy

How to create a minimalist baby registry.

The key is to be intentional and to choose items you actually love and you’ll actually use, and avoiding a bunch of repeats or things you might only use once. It’s also important to let people know of your minimalist intentions so that you don’t get a set of 128 wash cloths by someone just trying to help.

We broke the minimalist baby essentials into three categories: 

  • High-ticket items. What if everyone pitched in for something big (like a stroller) instead of a bunch of smaller items? That way your friends and family get to give you something you’ll love and enjoy, and know you’re thinking of them every day you use this baby essential. 
  • Simple joys and essentials. Even if you’re a full-blown minimalist, you’ll still need new things -from diaper pails to sleep sacks – for your little one. Might as well pick out the perfect baby essentials you’ll love seeing in the nursery. 
  • Consumables. While these are not quite as fun, they’re definitely functional! Consumables like baby lotions and bath products mean that you can fully appreciate someone’s gift and get back to your minimalist fundamentals when it’s gone. 

Where to create your baby registry?

Almost every store has its own registry offering special rewards for signing up with them. We recommend choosing just one store (maybe two) to make it easier for your loved ones.

We absolutely love the Modern Nursery and The Baby Cubby because it has everything you need, from strollers to furniture, to feeding essentials. Of course, there’s also the Amazon Baby Registry that literally has everything and has special offers like:

  • Allows you to add anything from any site!
  • Completion discount of 15%
  • Free welcome box!
  • Free 365-day returns
  • And easy group-gifting!

High-ticket items for your minimalist baby registry


Imagine the love your little one will feel knowing all of mommy’s friends pitched in to buy her a stroller. You’ll use that stroller every day for years, so choose a high-quality stroller you’ll love. 

We absolutely love the Thule Urban Glide 2 as an all-terrain jogging stroller as well as the Silver Cross Jet Compact stroller. 

The Thule Urban Glide 2 all-terrain stroller has air-filled wheels and suspension meaning you and your little ones can enjoy a smooth ride wherever you go. You’ll love it if you’re a tall parent too, because it has adjustable handles! It’s also car seat compatible, has reclining seats, and a weight capacity up to 75 lbs. (Way past when your baby will want to ride along!)

The Silver Cross Jet Compact stroller is super lightweight – only 13.6 lbs – yet can be used from birth to 55 lbs. It’s also car seat compatible and offers suspension for a smoother ride. 

If you want more options, we have reviewed 12 top strollers for every parent need. 

Car Seat (Or Travel System.)

A car seat is a baby essential, and if your friends and family would like to buy one for you – consider yourself blessed. 

Choose a car seat that fits with the stroller you want, or better yet – register for a travel system – A stroller and car seat that automatically go together. 

An easy choice is the UPPAbaby travel system that comes with the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat and the UPPAbaby Vista 2 bassinet stroller. 

This stroller is a parent favorite, given its smooth handling, the fact that it has reversible and reclining seats, and wait for it… you can expand it to multiple children


Even if you’re not a minimalist, you’ll love having your baby sleeping right next to you in a bassinet. We love the HALO BassiNest because you can push it so close that it overlaps with your bed. It also has a collapsible wall meaning you can soothe your baby with the touch of a hand without having to readjust. Just divine! 

Or, If you want the full co-sleeping experience, go with a “baby nest“. It lets you keep your baby right next to you in bed, but provides a bit of a bumper to keep you from rolling in or your baby from rolling over. 

Small Nursery Glider

Whether you have a small nursery or even just a baby corner in your room, a glider adds a nice touch. Call it your momma chair that no one else gets to touch. 

We love this Slim Nursery Glider by Delta Children, and this gorgeous Como Glider by Monte Design. 

Slim Nursery Glider by Delta Children ($199)

Como Glider by Monte Design.  ($1495)

We LOVE these small nursery gliders! 

If you want more glider options – from opulent to affordable – check out this list. 

Simple joys and minimalist baby essentials.

Gorgeous baby registry must-haves:

Diaper bag

Prepare to take your diaper bag EVERYWHERE, and choose one you absolutely LOVE. 

In true minimalist fashion, we love this diaper bag clutch by Itzy Ritzy. It fits all the essentials but won’t weigh you down. If you prefer a minimalist diaper bag backpack, we love this affordable option from Mommore. Its streamlined look is ultra-chic but it has enough room (and pockets) for everything!

If you want even more diaper bag options at every price point, including diaper backpacks, totes, and unisex diaper bags, check out our this list of best diaper bags

Keekaroo change pad

We absolutely LOVE the Keekaroo change pad. It’s cute, it wipes clean, and it’s soft for your baby. Plus, it doesn’t require any extra cloth covers – a minimalist’s dream! 

Ubbi diaper pail

Those stinky diapers need a place to go, so choose a diaper pail with a minimalist look and a minimalist function. The Ubbi doesn’t need any specialized bags (as opposed to most other diaper pails) and is awesome at trapping stink. 

Cute toys

Instead of having a giant bin of toys that you’ll just have to clean up every night, be intentional about choosing quality pieces both you and your baby will love for years. 

Cute clothing

Everyone wants to adorn your little one in something special. Might as well let them! Choose high-quality cotton pieces for your registry, and include clothing for multiple age categories. (Nothing worse than having 60 newborn-sized onesies!) 

Baby bath supplies

Bathtubs, bath toys, knee-pads oh my! You can’t really go wrong with choosing baby bath supplies, so register for something you LOVE. 


Books are definitely essential for a minimalist baby registry! It’s something you can’t overuse and people love to give. Add board books – to avoid early destruction – and enjoy them for years and years. 

Check out our children’s author series for babies’ and toddler book inspiration! 

Baby essentials you’ll need A LOT of.

Unless you love doing laundry, don’t be afraid to load up on these baby essentials:

Swaddle blankets.

Swaddled babies are just calmer. No doubt about it. Aside from muslin blankets, we also love the miracle wrap. It locks your baby in the swaddle a little better than a traditional swaddle blanket – meaning longer sleep for everyone. 

Sleep sacks.

Once your baby graduates from swaddles, it’s on to sleep sacks! A sleep sack (or a wearable blanket) is the safest way for your little one to sleep. Make sure to choose sleep sacks suited to your climate (whether it’s muslin, fleecy, or with sleeves) and register for multiple sizes! 

This organic cotton wearable blanket by Burt’s Bees is the perfect thickness for your baby and comes in tons of adorable patterns!


Diaper leaks and minor spit-up mean that you’ll be changing the sheets A LOT. Your little will be rubbing her face into these sheets, so be sure to register for organic cotton and wash it before using. 

Baby towels and washcloths.

Two baby towels should do the trick (in case your baby pees in one.) We love hooded towels to keep your baby extra cozy as you’re drying them off. 


These cute bibs will keep your baby’s precious clothes clear of spit up and drool. Don’t be afraid to stock up, as they become gross pretty quickly. 

Baby registry essentials you probably forgot.

Car Seat Mirror.

A car seat mirror is a baby essential for your peace of mind. You’ll have about 50 heart attacks the first time you drive alone with your baby. Getting a quick glimpse through a car seat rearview mirror will hopefully ease your worries. 

Stroller accessories.

Even with a cute diaper bag, rummaging for your phone can be annoying. A stroller organizer makes it nice to have everything in front of you while you’re focusing on walking and parenting at the same time. 

We LOVE this stroller caddy by Itzy Ritzy ($29)

Also, unless your stroller comes with one, a cup holder is a great addition for your stroller. Parenting is so much better with a coffee! 

Sound Machine.

“Asleep like a baby” is a bit of a misnomer. A lot of babies sleep much better with some white noise (like womb or ocean sounds) in the room. Even better if your sound machine comes with lullabies – it can entertain your little one when they wake up. 

Some bassinets come with “soothing sounds” so a separate sound machine is not always essential. We love this one though, because it plugs in and, unlike other models, has continuous sound. 


Your little one just spent nine months in a nice, wet environment. Dry air isn’t exactly baby-friendly, and having a stuffy nose makes it harder for your baby to sleep. So if you know your home is on the drier side, a cute humidifier like this one should do the trick. Bonus – it comes with a nightlight which will make caring for baby in the middle of the night a little better. 

Snot sucker.

Speaking of stuffed-up babies, a snot-sucker is a baby registry essential! This one by BabyFrida is better than the hand-held ones because it lets you really get those boogies out while your little one tries to fight you off. 

Consumable Essentials for Your Minimalist Baby Registry

Creams and Baby Hair Products

When it comes to baby products, a little goes a long way, so don’t be afraid to splurge on high-quality products for your baby. 

Choose simple, unscented creams and baby shampoos that are tear-free and with soothing ingredients like oatmeal. Even if your baby products are organic or natural, be sure to check that they have no irritating ingredients like alcohol. 

Start with a simple baby shampoo, baby lotion, and a diaper rash cream. 

Diapers and wipes

Diapers make up a pretty hefty expense for new parents, so getting some as a gift can be super-helpful. If you’re a cloth diapering mom, a new set of diapers can even go in the “high-ticket gifts” section. 

If you feel awkward asking guests to gift you diapers and wipes, you can ask the hosts to incorporate it into a game – like everyone who brings a pack enters a raffle, or having guests write funny messages on their little bottoms to lighten the mood while changing messy blowouts. We love these diaper essentials from the Honest Company and Seventh Generation for their commitment to creating green products.

Gift cards

There will be plenty of people who’d be more than happy to give you a gift card. Might as well make it known where you like to shop. 

Minimalist baby registry essentials – bottom line

Even a minimalist baby needs more than you’d think. What do you think of these baby essentials? Did we miss anything or did we go overboard? In any case, as long as you’re intentional, your baby will grow up feeling the love. Everything else is just for fun! 


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