A Promise To Myself: No More Piles. 

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Last week my little five year old asked me “What’s a resolution?” as we were gearing up to celebrate the New Year. Hard question. 

I guess a resolution is a promise you make to yourself. A commitment for a change – small or large. 

Hers were adorable: practice jumping, exercise, and eat less chips. (Mind you, we rarely eat chips.) And while she was piling on more and more resolutions, we took a moment to explain that more is NOT better. The more you try to commit to, the harder it is to keep your commitment. 

And breaking commitments does not feel good. Especially if they’re commitments to yourself. 

And of course, a lesson for my little one is a perfect lesson for myself. Instead of a laundry list of resolutions, like exercise, cook healthier, be more present, blah blah blah blah blah, I made just one. 

No more piles.

Lately, I’ve been letting things pile up. You know, the things that haven’t been dealt with. The pile of papers, the pile of books, the pile of toys after Christmas that don’t have a spot on the shelf yet. 

If you can’t relate to this problem, I have to admit that I envy you a little, but then I’m sure you can relate to how crazy constant piles could drive you. Little piles that have been cast aside until later – and only remembered at the most inconvenient of times. 

And of course, what’s on the outside is on the inside. The mental clutter – the little piles I tell myself I’ll get around to: from the unanswered texts to the unfinished projects. All of these little piles – these little shoulds drag me away from the present moment and keep me from experiencing it fully. 

So this year’s commitment, resolution, and promise to myself – NO MORE PILES! Start with the physical, then the mental, and then see what happens next. 

New Year Resolution

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