Monday fitness motivation for new moms – 8 experts share words of inspiration

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Last weekend I realized I needed a little Monday fitness motivation to get myself to move… But first let me back up. 

I have to admit I get a bit of “comparisonitis” once in a while, but I never thought I’d be comparing myself to… myself pre-baby. I’ve always been known as “the gym girl” even during pregnancy and even after baby #1. 

But the second time around – especially after gyms had to take a hiatus – getting into the swing of things was a little hard. 

And when you’re done, check out some tips on how to find the time for a workout when you’re a new mom


My routine. Old vs. New.

The old:

I used to be all about weights. I love being strong. I love having muscle. (And I love eating – which pairs well with powerlifting.) 

That meant that I went to the gym at least three times per week and parked myself at the squat rack. Squats, deadlifts, press, and bench, followed by a long, luxurious stretch. Cardio was an annoying means to an end – a little rowing to warm up before lifting. 

The new:

These days my workout regimen consists of a mile-long run with the two kids in a stroller (the Thule Coaster), followed by a bunch of squats while holding a toddler (as many as I can do before she gets bored) and a quick stretch. 

We also do online dance classes with Sam’s Cam Studio on YouTube which is super fun. A ten-minute long Elsa-themed dance routine might not seem like a good workout, but wait until your toddler makes you do it four times in a row! 

But even with a fun new routine, I have days when I’d rather do nothing at all. It’s so easy to make up an excuse than just put your shoes on and go. 

On those days, the days I need some Monday Fitness Motivation – I look to some of the most inspirational people in the fitness, health, and wellbeing space to give me (and you) some advice and quotes of encouragement. 

Start where you can and remember you’re in control

It’s true that when your new baby comes into your life, everything’s different. 

Some days seem to fly by, while others drag on.

The thought of your old workout routine might seem completely out of the question. And then your thought patterns turn into… excuses. (At least that’s true for me.) 

But while it’s true that things are not the same as they were before. There’s still a lot that’s in your control and there’s still a lot that you can do. 

Allison Jackson, an online fitness and nutrition coach (who also has an awesome blog and podcast as well as programs for moms like us) reminded me to start with what I have and remember that I’m in control. 

Things can feel crazy and out of control when you’re juggling your family life and trying to prioritize your self-care and fitness. 

Control what you can and let go of the rest. 

This means you can control what you put in your mouth and the movement you get. To help you get a hold on both, use the free app MyFitnessPal to track your food and use your phone, Fitbit or pedometer to track your steps.

Allison Jackson Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin

And Kate Willis, a functional medicine nurse specializing in wellness wants us to know that even if you don’t have time – you can always squeeze in a little workout if you set your mind to it. 

You don’t need lots of expensive equipment or even a lot of time, but do try to find ways to move throughout the day.  Take a walk with your baby, or run around playing tag with your kids.  You can do bodyweight exercises like push ups, tricep dips, squats or lunges when you are with your kids at the park or when you have 10 free minutes during nap time.  

Kate Willis Instagram

Dr. Sara Mikulsky, founder of New York-based Sara Mikulsky Wellness Physical Therapy reminds us that whatever you choose to do is a great start, because you’re taking care of yourself and teaching your kids to do the same. 

(And, as a physiotherapist, she also gave me a great tip to keep my healing body injury-free.) 

1..  When lifting your kids, make sure to bend with your hips and knees instead of bending over at the waist.  Treat it like a squat!  This will protect your back and strengthen your legs. 

2.  Be a positive role model and show your kids that you take care of yourself by exercising.  Take them on a walk or put them in the stroller and go for a jog! 

3. Doing an online exercise class with your kids can be fun and entertaining for everyone. Try a cardio dance class together and get everyone moving! 

Dr. Sara Mikulsky Facebook | Instagam 

Recall the joys you had before kids:

Sure, that little face lights up your world each and every day, but remember that you have other joys too. And remembering those joys may be the secret to getting your fitness mojo back. 

Christina Maldia Founder be, in the world yoga suggested I let my baby partake in my yoga session which honestly sounds like a lot of fun. (As a bonus, my toddler came up with Dinosaur yoga poses!)

Your life doesn’t end when your baby’s life begins. Get on the mat and do some yoga poses to help you stay connected with your true nature and strong body.  Let your baby giggle and climb on you and feel the wind in their hair as you take them from right leg lunge pose to left.

Christina Maldia Youtube | Instagram | Facebook 

And Mickayla of Mickayla Stoner Fitness  agrees!

You were someone before you were their mom and SHE STILL MATTERS

Mickayla Instagram Fitness | Instagram Recipes | Facebook 
Forget Cobra… this is the jungle-slide pose!

And finally, unwind and give yourself a little kindness

There may be some things I can’t do now that I could do before. That doesn’t matter. I have a new starting point and I can’t wait to find out what can come of it. 

Stop looking back to your “old self” and embrace the strength you have within in your “current self”  

Karissa Whitman Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Says Karissa Whitman – postpartum advocate and owner of the FitMommyStrong blog. 

And after your workout, after the kids are in bed, after everything slows down. You should too. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed during the day (or night) as a new mom, implement 10-15 minutes of quiet time into your routine so you can meditate, pray, or just be in the moment. Without the distractions of television, cell phones, and other noises, this will allow you to pause long enough to regain your composure, refresh yourself, and get more energy so you can continue your day with joy. 

Jada Glover Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook

Kind words from Jada Glover – a Certified Health Coach and Certified Lactation Counselor of Lactation Mamas

And lastly, just remember this: 

You set the standard. You are the woman they look at for wisdom, grace, heart and pure beauty. 

Says Ama of Livity Yoga. (Instagram)

How’s that for Monday Fitness Motivation?

I’d love to hear if these quotes have helped you get motivated to get your move on. 

And I want to give a big thank you to all our fitness, health, and wellness experts for sharing a Monday Fitness Motivation quote!


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